Canadian gov offers new anti-piracy bill

MPAA gives thumbs up to new measures

The Motion Picture Assn. of America has given the Canadian government a standing ovation for introducing a bill that will criminalize the camcording of films.

Bill was unveiled Friday in the House of Commons.

“We know that all it takes is one good camcord to trigger the mass reproduction and distribution of millions of illegal downloads and bootlegs in global street markets just hours after a film’s release,” said MPAA topper Dan Glickman. The introduction of this legislation “demonstrates the profound responsibility of legislators worldwide to protect their local film industries and economies from the damage caused by camcord piracy.”

According to the MPAA, Canada has been a mecca for illegal camcorders who last year accounted for some 20%-25% of all bootlegged Hollywood movies appearing online or on DVD. Org, which has lobbied Canadian officials for tougher antipiracy laws, expressed disappointment when the U.S. trade representative office recently released its list of “priority watch” countries for piracy and Canada was not on it.

The MPAA also said that camcording bootleggers in general do the most damage, citing their place “at the top of the piracy pyramid, supplying more than 90% of newly released movies that end up on the Internet and on the streets.”

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