An AMPTP open letter to the entertainment industry

Not much new here, but the AMPTP does single out three of the six WGA proposals that, according to the AMPTP, have to be taken off the table for negotiations to resume.

Those are areas are jurisdiction over reality and animation, as well as sympathy strikes.

Translation: Take this away and we'll negotiate on new media.

So far, the WGA has shown little interest in this approach — partly because it has indicated that the AMPTP's mew-media offers aren't close to being acceptable.

Full release after the jump.

— Dave McNary

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  1. Bill says:

    Thanks, notinterestedanytmore! 10,000 hardworking, flesh and blood writers super-appreciate snide comments like “good-luck finding jobs.” You’re a peach!

  2. notinterestedanymore says:

    I hope the strike goes on for several years so that everyone feels the pain and hopefully maybe families will learn to live without tv and movies. good luck finding jobs….

  3. Nick Jenkins says:

    Interestingly, someone has compiled a list of non-signatory production companies. In other words, non-union writers can submit their scripts to these companies during the strike. This could be the only upside to the strike, for unestablished writers:

  4. A viewer says:

    They should take 3-6 issues off the table in exchange for a promise of movement on new media? Isn’t that what the AMPTP promised if they took DVDs off the table? Since the AMPTP offered nothing in exchage for the DVDs, I can imagine that the WGA doesn’t really think they can trust this promse.

  5. nope says:

    let’s play Monopoly instead

  6. Animation Writer says:

    The AMPTP says the Guild wants “to deprive those [animation] writers of their free choice to elect union coverage under the voting system administered by the National Labor Relations Board”.
    If there was a fair vote to choose which union’s jurisdiction animation writers would fall under, the vote would go to the WGA in a landslide. If the studios agreed — in writing — to abide by the results of a vote, the WGA would take that off the table in a heartbeat. But everyone know that the studios would never let that happen.
    If the studios want to prove us wrong, they should submit the framework for a vote and be legally bound to the outcome. Otherwise, they should stop acting like they are looking out for our best interests.

  7. seriously? says:

    Seems odd they would keep pounding the one word that David Young used in week one of the strike “havoc” when the AMPTP has really been the one creating havoc by refusing to negotiate until the WGA negotiates with itself. Everyone knows the WGA isn’t on strike over reality, animation or even sympathy striking. We’re on strike for fair pay on re-use of our work, which means fair accounting (distributor’s gross, not producer’ gross), fair compensation (a small percentage of revenue on new media) and fair coverage (produced work for the internet should be union work).
    In truth, not getting these things would mean the end of our union, and that’s the real havoc the AMPTP is looking to create. They know they can’t crush the DGA and SAG (too many big players) but they can try to get rid of us.
    All these open letters never address the core issue: why isn’t he AMPTP back at the table. If they truly don’t want these items in a new contract, negotiate them out. I am shocked no one in power hasn’t pointed this out. Come back to the table, sit in a room and hammer out a deal. Last time I checked, the WGA was doing everything in it’s power to get the AMPTP back to the table. Why does the AMPTP frame them as the bad guys for trying?

  8. nope says:

    we already played this game with the DVD issue.

  9. b!X says:

    “Sympathy Strikes”
    In other words, the AMPTP reserves the right as corporations to gang up on unions, but unions as labor organizations must be denied the right to gang up on the AMPTP.

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