A Late Shift: Are Jay and Dave ready to come back?

Could Jay, Conan and Kimmel be headed back to their desks? Maybe. The producers of all the major latenight shows are have backchannel conversations about resuming production. Nothing's likely to happen until after Thanksgiving.

Variety.com has the full story here.

–Josef Adalian

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  1. ObserverInFitsOfLaughter says:

    Wow. Don’t you love it when BBS conversations degenerate into specific entities snapping back and forth at each other with decreasing relevance to the actual topic to which they are presumably responding? God Bless America, Land of the Bitch-Slapping Backbiters and Myopic Moralizers.
    P.S.: I of course make trillions of dollars in a nonspecified yet lucrative profession, which obviously proves my intellectual superiority over y’all. Everyone knows that it’s not the contents of your brain but of your bank account that determine how smart you are!
    P.P.S.: Please, please rail and rant at me–it will truely make my day!
    P.P.P.S.: Better yet, dismiss me with some witty observation about my abysmal ineptitude and helpless naivete, or ignore me entirely. Silence speaks louder than words!
    What? I can’t hear you!

  2. real middle class says:

    I’m sorry “Middle Class”, but you don’t really represent the Middle Class of this country, more like the antiquated diluted Conservative Christian hegemony that thinks they speak for this country.
    Sure, anyone who who doesn’t agree with your view of religion is “morally deviant.” Are you still living in the Victorian Era? Frankly, I find letting people die of Parkinson’s disease, sending people off to their deaths in Iraq, denying people welfare so that the CEOs can make more money, and lobbying against the use of live-saving HPV vaccine because you don’t want your kids having sex.
    I’m happy for you that you have a kid and that you’re a dad (I’m a little young for fatherhood), I’m also happy for you that you have found religion and God’s (or rather your version of God, personally I’m Jewish so Jesus doesn’t do much for me) works out for you, but don’t try to pretend that gives you a right to know what’s best for this country more than anyone else.
    And stop making logically diluted uses of the transitive property. Just because Jay and Dave make fun of Bush’s policies and Bush has the support of the Conservative Christian Right does not make Jay and Dave members of Satan’s army.

  3. Cynthia Robinson's Best Friend. says:

    You tell them Cynthia!
    So, proud of you for speaking truth to power.
    And hey, while I’ve got you here, while you were typing on the computer in the manager’s office, you left your hairnet near the fry cooker and it started a little grease fire.
    It got put out, so no biggie.
    See you on smokers break!
    Cynthia Robinson’s best Friend.

  4. Cynthia Robinson says:

    PS JEN
    I am in the business. I will not embarass you with what position I hold or which studio I work for. I will tell you that I make 7 figures a year. So I highly doubt I am ignorant. You are mad that someone has disagreed with you. I bet you are a left wing nutjob too. Anymore koolaid for the LIBS?

  5. Cynthia Robinson says:

    You misguided poor human being. I wish it was mandatory for all AMERICANS to get a BA at the least. Ingorance is so rampant in the US. You have no idea what you are even talking about. I bet you can write a mean story though right? hehe Please calm down , my kids think I am the greatest mom ever. I am proud of it. I have a 19 yr old in Med school who will never be a teamster in a union. She is too smart for that org. Pitiful people who are greedy, my main point. They need every little penny owed to them.
    Night Night little Jen

  6. jen says:

    oh cindy, you pathetic woman. Nothing better to do huh? You should keep your anger and jealously in check. Your kids must be so proud of mommy! Once again, I am amazed at the ignorance of the general public who know nothing about the entertainment business and make stupid comments. Try to at least educate yourself on the issues before making yourself look like such a loser….it makes me laugh

  7. Cynthia Robinson says:

    MIddle Class I agree. THESE UNIONS THINK THEY HAVE SO MUCH CLOUT!! They make me sick. They are greedy writer’s always wanting more for their so called work. They are lucky to have such a cush job. I am tired of hearing hollywood’s bitching. I for one am picketing the movie theater’s for the entire year of 2008! Just as a backlash for this damn strike. They will pay. Write all they want. I will not rent or pay to see their lame Bush bashing BS. I have started a campaign with 265 friends to stop going to movies every weekend in SOuthern California and it will catch on, You may have your unions behind you but NOT THE PUBLIC> I feel like you basturds don’t care about all the thousands of families hurting because of your greed. You want more and more money. Stop it and f-ing grow up. Unless you are a Coppola then your work sucks anyway. They movies hollywood has put out in the past years are sad. get over yourselves and let good men go back to work. Thanks for ruining my kids CHRISTMAS. CREEPS

  8. nonentertainment says:

    Great news! A few thousand disgruntled strikers shouldn’t be able to take our Leno/Dave off the air for there personal enrichment.

  9. Plinko says:

    I really hope this story about Jay Dave and Conan is not true. If they scabbed it, it would prolong the strike for months. I would picket the hell out of them

  10. Middle Class says:

    All I can say is – maybe you all will go broke and people will start writing/making movies for sale on the web. You guys haven’t put out anything besides rambling political crap that makes the US look bad for years.
    I, as a father, am not willing to pay one red cent to see the moral deviant, anti religion, Bush bashing crap that has been written.
    Get a clue, your limelight years where you could control the average man’s mind has come and gone. From overpricing your product, to voicing and making the most anti-US decisions you are now relegated to the beer bellied, old man that leers at the little girls at the park.
    At one time, actors and writers had class. You have used up most of your clout.. Nothing to see here – move on..

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