Wilmer Valderrama

What will people goof on about this decade, the way they do about the ’70s?

“The big huge cars we drive. I would say probably the gas guzzler cars will be gone in the future. Ugg boots are pretty ugly too, so they probably will be laughing about those.”

What should be brought back from that era? Retired?

“Nothing because it’s already back. Certainly the colors from that era shouldn’t come back. The things that I would have wanted are brought back, like platform shoes because I’m short. I think the sense of family was a little stronger in the ’70s, which I would like to see again.”

What have you learned about the ’70s by being on the show? (She was in her 20s in the ’70s.)

“I grew up in a very small town in New England. My dad got laid off in the ’70s and everyone else’s dad did too. I thought I was the only one with a family like that but through the show I realized I wasn’t.”

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