Mila Kunis

What will people goof on about this decade, the way they do about the ’70s?

“I don’t think there is much to goof about it. This decade is such a blend of decades. I guess if people do joke about anything it will probably be about Britney Spears.”

What should be brought back from that era? Retired?

“Nothing should be brought back. I think the music was great. That was the one good thing. The jeans are so high waisted and clothes are all so polyester. They had the right idea but the wrong material. People who say they love ’70s clothing don’t have to wear it everyday.”

What have you learned about the ’70s by being on the show?

“The war, the presidency, the female empowerment movement. I think I learned a lot more than I ever wanted to. If they taught ’70s history right now in school I would pass with flying colors.”

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