When it’s good to be over par

Aim for a hole in one with golf instructor Gregg McHatton

I figure I hit a really good shot once every 10 years.

If people couldn’t hit a good shot by accident, golf would die this instant.

My goal is to get my students to be Leonardo Da Vincis — both artists and scientists.

‘The Golfing Machine’ by Homer Kelley identified 24 components present in all golf swings. You wind up with 1,512,500,000,000 possible ways to swing a golf club.

Ben Hogan had the best golf swing I ever saw.

If I were to give Tiger Woods a lesson, I’d try to get him to soften up his swing a bit.

A well-executed golf swing is the fountain of youth.

Southern California is the best golf region in the world. In Florida, golfers have to worry about alligators

crawling on the course.

In golf, the swing goes from zero to 100 miles an hour in 2/10 of a second. Focus narrows from a 500-yard hole down into a cup barely more than two inches wide.

Why golf’s so tough: We have the biggest playing field and the smallest target.

What I dislike most about teaching: Significant improvement often takes so long.

McHatton’s rates are $80 per hour, $45 per half hour; he can be booked at (661) 755-8495. Instructional DVDs are available at opdirect.com and theswingcode.com.

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