Meal delivery: A refuge for selective eaters

There’s plenty of reasons to sign up for meal delivery: No time to cook; can’t afford a chef. You’re on a diet. You don’t like to think about food. Here’s another: It’s a refuge for picky eaters.

“Some people will only eat chicken if it’s cut into cubes,” says Sunfare founder and CEO John Stewart. “Or they can’t have certain foods touching.” 

Fresh Dining has clients who only like certain colors of peppers; Zone Delivery must deal with grown-ups who won’t eat their vegetables. Sky Meals’ Richard Katz recalls an athlete who insisted every ingredient be measured to the milligram.

“I have two clients who won’t eat vegetables, just meat and noodles every time,” says Laura Hodges of Splash in the Pan.

Rawvolution’s Matt Amsden has another approach to fulfilling special orders: He doesn’t.

“At the beginning, I tried,” he says. “But I found requests became more and more varied and frequent. It got to be outside the realm of what kept the prices low.” 

We asked five delivery services for no wheat, rice, pasta, gluten, sugar or pork. Everyone gave service with a smile — but some sparkled more brightly than others. Unless noted, prices include three meals and two snacks per day as well as delivery. Ratings are on a five-star basis.

Meal delivery: A refuge for selective eaterso

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