Hot Spanish titles at Cannes.

(Description, followed by sales agent)

  • “The Abandoned” (Castelao)
    Woman terrorized by her own ghost. Chiller debut of Nacho Cerda. Selling very nicely. Sales: Filmax.

  • “Alatriste” (Estudios Picasso/Origen/Universal Studios Networks Espana)
    A $28 million scabbard and pike adventure pic with Viggo Mortensen playing 16th century mercenary Alatriste. Potential home turf B.O. Sales: TF1

  • “Azur and Asmar” (Nord-Ouest/Intuition/S2 Intl./Lucky Red)
    Tale of two separated foster brothers from Michel Ocelot (“Kirikou and the Sorceress”); much-awaited Euro toon pic. Sales: Wild Bunch

  • “The Backwoods” (Monfort/Castelao/Holy Cow/Videntia Frames/Divine)
    Gary Oldman stars in Basque country-set horror debut from Koldo Serra. bows in Cannes market. Sales: Filmax

  • “The Bicycle” (Indigo Media/Wanda Vision/Fenix)
    Subdued multigenerational drama from Siegfried Monleon (“The Dutchman’s Island”), featuring three yarns connected by a bicycle. Sales: Wanda

  • “Blessed by Fire” (Universidad Nacional de General San Martin/Mediapro)
    The horrors of the Falklands/Malvinas War are delivered from the Argentinean perspective in Tristan Bauer’s good-looking feature debut. Sales: Latido

  • “Blinkers” (Morena/Estudios Picasso)
    Southern Spain road movie from Morena’s Happy Hour label, which is making a healthy living with raunchy, semi-gross-out pics. Sales: Morena.

  • “Camaron” (Monoria/Filmanova Invest)
    Homage to the life and troubled times of the late flamenco legend, featuring a Goya-winning perf from Oscar Jaenada. Sales: Filmax

  • “Cargo” (Morena/Vaca/Oberon/Slate/Hepp)
    Rusting cargo ship thriller reps intriguing move into upscale genre waters from Ken Loach-scribe Paul Laverty. With Peter Mullan, Daniel Bruehl. Brit docu-maker Clive Gordon helms. Sales: Wild Bunch

  • “Celia’s Lives” (Oberon/Altavista)
    Antonio Chavarrias’ next, about a girl’s murder in a working-class district. Expect another acerbic dissection of Catalonia’s underbelly. Sales: Oberon

  • “The Contestant” (Lazonafilms/Continental)
    Gameshow winner goes through hell. Fast-paced, quick-fire cut debut from short-film maestro Rodrigo Cortes. Sales: Lazonafilms

  • “The Crime of the Bride” (Telespan)
    Docudrama meshes Spanish dance and actress’ background research on Federico Lorca’s “Blood Wedding.” Sales: KWA

  • “Crossing Borders” (Drive/Adivina)
    Spanish mechanic abandons poky, backward 1960s Spain for spic-and-span Switzerland. Nicely observant, gently engaging. Sales: Pi

  • “Dementia” (DeAPlaneta)
    Barren and bonkers woman kidnaps pregnant sis. Third pic from Fernando Camara. Sales: DeAPlaneta.

    “De profundis” (Continental/Desembarco)
    Extraordinary seascape and ocean depths toon feature from Miguelanxo Prado. Nearing completion. Sales: Latido.

  • “Dias de cine” (Telespan/Estudios Picasso)
    Spoof on 1970s agitprop filmmaking from David Serrano (“Football Days”). Sales: Telespan.

    “Fados” (Zebra/Fado/Duvideo)
    Carlos Saura Portuguese dance pic. High-profile dancers; Eduardo Serra lenses. In pre-production. Sales: Zebra

  • “Family Law” (BDCine/Wanda Vision/Classic/Paradis)
    Argentinean helmer and 2004 Berlin Silver Bear winner Daniel Burman closes his fatherhood trilogy with a witty and affecting item starring Daniel Hendler. Sales: Celluloid Dreams.

  • “The Feast of the Goat” (Lolafilms/Future Films)
    Mario Vargas Llosa’s brooding novel about evil Dominican dictator Trujillo, given a tightly-plotted makeover by his cousin Luis. Isabella Rossellini stars. Sales: IAC

  • “Garbo” (Ikiru)
    High-end docu thriller about the double agent who duped Hitler. Sales: Ikiru

  • “Goya’s Ghosts” (Xuxa)
    Milos Forman reteams with producer Saul Zaentz on a historical meller, this one set in Spain 1792-1812. Stars Javier Bardem as a perfectly dastardly Inquisition priest, Natalie Portman as the Goya model he imprisons, tortures and rapes. Oscar bound? Sales: HanWay

  • “The Great Match” (Wanda/Greenlight Media)
    Soccer fans from distant lands embark on surreal quests in multinational drama from former docu helmer Gerardo Olivares. Sales: Match Factory

  • “Guantanamero” (Arritmia/Monfort/Sorolla/Suki)
    Guantanamo inmate (Rupert Evans) escapes, engages in love affair with Cuban dancer (Natalia Verbeke). Or so it seems in English-language pic from young helmer Vicente Penarrocha. Sales: Peace Arch

  • “Hamaca Paraguaya” (Lita Stantic/Wanda/Slot Machine/Fortuna/Silencio)
    Elderly couple awaits the return of their son from war in Paraguayan Paz Encina’s vaunted debut. Sales: Lita Stantic.

  • “Heartlift” (Aquelarre/Jaleo/Public Special Events/Terraplen/Aleph Media/Cinema Digital)

    Middle-aged plastic surgeon cut up by his love for a younger woman in an untypically light-hearted item from Argentinean auteur Subiela. Sales: Latido

  • “The Heart of the Earth” (Manufacturas Audiovisuales/Abra/Heart of the Earth Productions/Future Film/Costa do Castelo)
    A $15 million, 1880s period pic. Catalina Sandino Moreno, Sienna Guillory and Hugh Dancy love triangle, but trouble brews down the local mine. Sales: IAC

  • “Heaven’s Doors” (Prod’Action)
    Whiplash-cut and blanched three-part deb from twentysomething Madrid-based Spanish-Moroccan Noury brothers that played to acclaim in Berlin Panorama. Sales: Latido

  • “H6: Diary of a Serial Killer” (KanZaman)
    Fame-craving psycho-killer “purifies” victims in a mildewed pension. Sales potential. Sales: KWA

  • “Honor of the Knights” (Andregraun/Notro)
    Film-within-a-film adaptation of the “Quixote” tale from Albert Serra; in Directors Fortnight. Sales: Notro

  • “Hotel Tivoli” (Filmanova/Zentropa/Animatografo 2/Aquafilms)
    Whimsical rom-com from Anton Reixa. Bows in second half 2006. Sales: Trust.

  • “It’s Not You, It’s Me” (Filmanova Invest/Rizoma)
    Woody Allen-esque emotional ironies given an engaging Argentinean twist in Juan Taratuto comedy. Terrific B.O. in Argentina. Sales: Notro/El Dorado

  • “Kingdom of Conspiracy” (Mascara)
    Long-mooted Philip II palace skullduggery thriller from Antonio del Real. In pre-production. Sales: DeAPlaneta

  • “The Kovak Box” (Castelao/Estudios Picasso)
    Best-selling novelist (Timothy Hutton) is trapped in his own fictional world. Sales: Filmax

  • “Lady Knitwit” (Flamenco/DeAPlaneta)
    Spirited 16th century rom-com adapting dramatist Lope de Vega. DeAPlaneta

  • “The Last Bandoneon” (ASP/Malkina)
    Penniless Buenos Aires tango accordionist goes on a quest for the ideal instrument in Alejandro Saderman’s charming Argentine “Buena Vista Social Club” riposte. Sales: KWA.

  • “Live-in Maid” (Filmanova/Aquafilms/Libido)
    Satire on Argentina’s economic downslide as maid ankles employer in Jorge Gaggero’s Sundance World Cinema Special Jury Prize-winner. Sales: Notro/El Dorado

  • “Love in Self-Defense” (NBC Universal Global Networks/Mediapro)
    Forty-something emotional wrecks with big stories to hide face-off in Rafa Russo’s subtledebut. Sales: Pi

  • “Madeinusa” (Oberon/Wanda/Vela)
    Old and new clash in rural Peru as a stranger rides into town in Claudia Llosa’s debut. Strong buzz at fests. Sales: Match Factory

  • “Madrigal” (Wanda/ICAIC)
    A 15-year romance recounted by Cuban auteur Fernando Perez (“Suite Havana”). Sales: Wanda

  • “The Magicians” (Oberon)
    Resonant docu on a children’s adventure film made in the Spanish Civil War. Sales: Oberon

  • “Manolete” (Iberoamericana/Quinta)
    Gangling Spanish bullfighter Manolete (Adrian Brody) meets feisty (Penelope Cruz). High-end star-crossed English-language period romancer from screenwriter-turned-director Menno Meyjes (“The Martian Child”). Sales: IAC

  • “The Method” (Alquimia/Tornasol/Arena/Cattleya)
    Mid-management types are submitted to peculiar professional challenges in Argentinean Marcelo Pineyro’s business satire. Sales: Latido

  • “Midsummer Dream” (Dygra/Appia)
    A key Spanish CGI animation project from the toon pioneers behind “The Living Forest.” Quaint and classy. Sales: Lumina

  • “Miguel & William” (Zebra/Miguel & William P.C./Future)
    Cervantes and Shakespeare woo the same Spanish beauty-come-muse. With Elena Anaya, Will Kemp, Juan Luis Galiardo. Shooting. Sales: Zebra

  • “Moscow Zero” (Valentia/Visionview)
    Scientists discover Moscow subway misfits and netherworld ghouls. Vincent Gallo, Val Kilmer topline; Luna (“Yo puta”) directs. Sales: Valentia

  • “Mute” (Vaca)
    Terror debut of Francisco Javier Gutierrez, who made standout short “Brazil,” a horror short. Sales: Vaca

  • “My Name Is Not Johnny” (Attitude/Morena/Globo/Intuition)
    Bloody bio of Rio drug lord Joao Guilherme Estrella. Pre-prod. Sales: Intuition

  • “La niebla en las palmeras” (Brothers & Sisters)
    A mockumentary turning on Santiago Bergson, an imaginary Spanish scientist, photographer and French resistance fighter. Sales: Brothers & Sisters

  • “Pan’s Labyrinth” (Estudios Picasso/Tequila Gang)
    A horror fairy tale, says director Guillermo del Toro, about Spain’s nightmarish post-War period, and a young girl’s nightmares, which might be for real. Del Toro in auteur genre mode: special effects, punch and point. Sales: Wild Bunch

  • “Promedio Rojo: A High School Guide to Survival” (Aldea/Sobras/Amiguetes)
    Chilean dork fest as fatso hero battles for high school babe. Sales: Pi

  • “The Railroad All-Stars” (Telespan/Sin Un Duro)
    Guatemalan hookers form a soccer team in aid of women’s rights in Chema Rodriguez’s bouncy Berlin Panorama Audience Award winner. Sales: Media Luna

  • “Rosario tijeras” (Rio Negro/United Angels/Tafay/Maestranza/Dulce Compania/Moonshot/La Femme Endormie)
    Medellin 1989: Raped as teen, Rosario turns into a gun-toting, coke-tooting prostitute/killer. Bizarre local details and lead Flora Martinez are standouts. Sales: Lumina

  • “Rough Winds” (Tornasol/Continental/Maestranza)
    Man seeks new start on Spain’s southern coast. Atmospheric best pic winner at Malaga Spanish Film Fest. Sales: Latido

  • “Round Two” (Aiete/Ariane/Sogecine)
    Second-rate boxer tempted into crime. Applauded Daniel Cebrian deb. Sales: Sogepaq

  • “Salvador” (Mediapro)
    Manuel Huerga’s true-life tearjerker about bungling bank-robber Salvador Puig Antich, put to the garrote by Franco’s regime. Sales: Mediapro

  • “Spirit of the Forest” (Dygra)
    Sequel to Dygra’s European-breakout toon hit “The Animated Forest.” A charming woodland franchise garnering healthy initial pre-sales. Sales: Dygra

  • “Suicide Club” (Tornasol)
    Roberto Santiago’s dark comedy follow-up to “The Longest Penalty in the World,” again with Spanish star Fernando Tejero. Sales: Latido

  • “Teresa” (Iberoamericana/Future/Artedis)
    Paz Vega limns 16th-century Spanish proto-feminist and hallucinating mystic Teresa of Avila. Reputed screenwriter Ray Loriga directs. A high-profile project. Sales: Lolafilms

  • “They Stole Hitler’s Dick” (Telespan)
    Way-out gross-out as ex-Nazi scientist-fruitcake attempt to clone Hitler. Sales: KWA

  • “Thieves” (Pentagrama/Maestranza/Estudios Picasso)
    High-profile teen star and box office draw Juanjo Ballesta (“7 Virgins”) stars in Jaime Marques’ gritty troubled childhood drama. Sales: Maestranza

  • “Tirante el blanco” (Carolina/Talent/DeAPlaneta/Future/Mikado)
    Casper Zafer plays gadabout knight Tirante who’s hell-bent on breaking the Turks’ siege of Constantinople and breaking in Emperor’s daughter. Sales: Arclight

  • “Trans-Siberian” (Castelao)
    Murder on the Trans- Siberian Express, as rendered by Brad Anderson. Sales: Filmax.

  • “The 2 Sides of the Bed” (Telespan)
    Musical sex farce sequel to “The Other Side of the Bed.” Boffo $9.6 gross million in Spain. Sales: Sogepaq

  • “Volver” (El Deseo)
    Pedro Almodovar’s Cannes competish contender, this women’s rural dramedy stars with Penelope Cruz and Carmen Maura. Meller maestro’s biggest hit ever in Spain. Sales: Focus

  • “We All Love Gloria Cole” (Pastora Delgado/Films de Ultramort)
    Colombian star Flora Martinez (“Rosario tijeras”) toplines Manuel Lombadero’s bar-set, low-life youth drama. Sales: Pastora Delgado

  • “Welcome Home” (Fernando Trueba)
    Trials and tribulations of twentysomething love wittily unpicked in David Trueba’s dramedy. Well-reviewed and one of Spain’s few homegrown B.O. hits this year. Sales: Sogepaq

  • “Without You” (La Productora/Bausan)
    Mother of two suddenly goes blind, and learns to face life and herself. Sensitive, if uneventful, psychological portrait from Ramon Masllorrens. Sales: Notro

  • Woody Allen summer 2007 (Mediapro)
    Allen’s next after his third London pic, based on a commitment with Spain’s Mediapro to shoot a film in Spain in 2007. Even sans script and cast, a project many buyers will be keeping tabs on. Sales: Mediapro

  • “Yo soy la juani!” (Media/El Virgili)
    Trashy teen actress dreams of Hollywood. Bigas Luna’s latest, pulsingly soundtracked, testosterone take on contempo society. Potential standout. Sales: Media
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