Touchstone TV pacts with McFarlane Toys to create product line

Honey, they shrunk the Hurley.

Disney/ABC’s Touchstone TV has partnered with McFarlane Toys to create a line of action figures based on characters from the hit skein “Lost.”

The toys will be released this fall, timed to “Lost’s” third-season premiere. First batch of six-inch figures include Jack (Matthew Fox), Kate (Evangeline Lilly), Hurley (Jorge Garcia), Locke (Terry O’Quinn), Charlie (Dominic Monaghan) and Shannon (Maggie Grace).

Each toy will include a full-scale prop that jibes with the character. Kate’s figure will include the toy lead plane the character chased down in season one; Hurley will come with a lottery ticket.

And for the “Lost” fan who has time to spare — when not chasing down the latest wild Dharma Initiative/Hanso Foundation piece of speculation floating through the blogosphere — McFarlane will sell deluxe boxed sets that include dioramas of “Lost” locations (think the hatch or the beach) and also re-create famous scenes from the show.

For Jack, that means showing the character moments after the plane crashed; with Locke, it’s when he first found the hatch. And Hurley is depicted creating his stranded island golf course (from season one).

“As long as we have him saying ‘dude,’ then we’re capturing who the character is,” said McFarlane Toys CEO Todd McFarlane.

Future lines of “Lost” figures will include characters such as Sawyer and Mr. Eko.

McFarlane, whose recent toy tie-ins have included “Napoleon Dynamite,” “Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride” and “The Simpsons,” traveled to “Lost’s” Hawaii set earlier this year to take body scans of the show’s stars.

He said Monaghan, Garcia and Daniel Dae Kim were particularly excited to be immortalized as toys.

“The younger guys get it,” McFarlane said. “Hurley, his face scanned the best. There’s a lot going on there. When he smiles, a lot happens to his face.”

McFarlane said few TV shows work as action figures — monsters and animated characters usually work better. But the sci-fi elements behind “Lost” — not to mention its large ensemble cast — make “Lost” a rare candidate for turning into toys.

“This is right up the alley of people who are already buying our products,” he said.

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