A look at upcoming films

“28 Weeks Later” (DNA, Fox Atomic, Figment, Sogecine, Koan) Follow-up by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo (“Intacto”) to Danny Boyle’s “28 Days Later.” Fox.

“Al calor de las brasas” (Telespan 2000) Businessman lodges with lovely old codger. Or so he thinks.

“Animal Crisis” (Abrakam Estudio, Continental, Dream) Hyena leads animal-kingdom revolt. Hilarious, hip, political satire. Latido.

“Asterix at the Olympic Games” (Pathe Intl., La Petite Reine, TriPictures, Sorolla) Third French mega-franchise outing now shooting. Pathe.

“Bajo las estrellas” (Fernando Trueba) Drama debut by standout short-film helmer Felix Viscarret.

“The Borgias” (Ensueno) Treachery, wars and wayward sex of the famed Renaissance dynasty spice up broadcaster Antena 3’s flagship production. Filmax.

“Caminando” (Galba) A story of self-discovery in Spain’s flamenco world, helmed by writer-choreographer Daryl Matthews (“Dance With Me”). Rolls in March. Galba.

“Chaotic Ana” (Sogecine, Alicia Produce) Countdown to Ana’s murder; expect helmer Julio Medem’s signatures: jolting sequences, feminism, intricate themes. Big fest-bound pic now in post. Sogepaq.

“Chico and Rita” (Fernando Trueba, Magic Light) Producer-helmer Trueba’s first animated feature, set in the rip-roaring New York jazz era in 1948. Sensual, with predictably great songs and graphic design by top Valencian artist Javier Mariscal.

“The Contestant” (Lazona, Continental) Rodrigo Cortes’ acid, frenetically cut put-down of big business. Latido.

“Dementia” (DeAPlaneta) Barren and bonkers woman kidnaps pregnant sis. From workmanlike Fernando Camara. DeAPlaneta.

“De Profundis” (Continental, Desembarco) Miguelanxo Prado’s hand-painted toon. Edward Hopper meets the Cantabrian Sea.

“Donkey Xote” (Filmax, Lumiq) Comic “Quixote” kids toon. Strong sales. Filmax.

“Don’t Ask Me to Kiss You Because I Will” (Rodar y Rodar) Hot Barcelona playwright Albert Espinosa adapts his stage hit. Rolls 2007.

“Dos Espanas” (Elias Querejeta, Ensueno) Re-creation of events and famous declarations in Spain’s Civil War. A high-profile analysis.

“Dot.com” (Fado, Alta, Zanzibar, Ipso Facto, Video) Shades of “Local Hero”: Portuguese hamlet takes on multinational over Web site domain. Latido.

“En la ciudad de Sylvia” (Eddie Saeta, Chateau Rouge) A young man seeks out a girl in Strasbourg, meeting another … and another in the allusive, almost dialogue-less pic from Jose Luis Guerin, Spain’s most popular radical filmmaker (“Work in Progress”).

“Fados” (Fado, Du Video, Zebra) Carlos Saura’s Portuguese dance pic with high-profile dancers; Eduardo Serra is d.p. Pre-production. Latido.

“Fort Apache” (Mediapro, Alta) Second-chance drama about a jaundiced teacher re-energized by Maghrebi student. Post.

“Gal” (Mundo Ficcion, Maijuin) Terrorist thriller in which dogged journos unmask anti-ETA hit squad.

“Garbo, The Man Who Saved the World” (Ikiru, Colose, Centuria) High-end docu thriller about double agent who duped Hitler. Edmon Roch directs. Ikiru.

“Goya’s Ghosts” (Xuxa) Milos Forman reteams with producer Saul Zaentz on a historical meller starring Javier Bardem as a dastardly Inquisition priest and Natalie Portman as the Goya model he imprisons and tortures. Hanway.

“Guantanamero” (Arritmia, Monfort, Sorolla, Suki) Guantanamo inmate (Rupert Evans) escapes, has love affair with Cuban dancer (Natalia Verbeke). Or so it seems. English-language pic from standout young helmer Vicente Penarrocha. Peace Arch.

“The Heart of the Earth” (Manufacturas Audiovisuales, Abra, Heart of the Earth Prods., Future Film, Costa do Castelo) A $15 million, 1880s-set drama. Catalina Sandino Moreno, Sienna Guillory and Hugh Dancy form a love triangle, but trouble brews in the local mine. IAC.

“The Inner Life of Martin Frost” (Clap, Tornasol, Alma) Paul Auster-helmed allegory on literary creation. Post.

“Lolita’s Club” (Lola) Roadside club-set drama toplining Eduardo Noriega from Vincente Aranda (“Tirante el Blanco”). Lola.

“Un lugar en el cine” (Un Lugar en el Cine, Alokatu) Reflections on Pasolini and on film, from Victor Erice and Theo Angelopolous.

“El Lunar” (Notro, Salto de Eje, Basque, Life & Pictures, Jaleo, Digital K) Political shenanigans as identical twins face off for the Spanish presidency. Notro.

“Madrigal” (Wanda, ICAIC) A 15-year romance recounted by Cuban auteur Fernando Perez (“Suite Havana”). Post. Wanda.

“Manolete” (Iberoamericana, Quinta) Gangling Spanish bullfighter Manolete (Adrien Brody) meets feisty thesp (Penelope Cruz). High-end, star-crossed romancer from screenwriter-turned-director Menno Meyjes (“Max”). IAC.

“Mataharis” (La Iguana, Sogecine) Female private eyes struggle with their private lives. Helmed by top Spanish femme director Iciar Bollain (“Take My Eyes”). Post.


“El menor de los males” (Voz Audiovisual) Psychological thriller from versatile Antonio Hernandez (“Oculto”). Shooting.

“Miguel and William” (Zebra, Miguel & William, Future) Cervantes and Shakespeare woo the same Spanish beauty. With Elena Anaya, Will Kemp, Juan Luis Galiardo. Bows in February.

“Moon in the Bottle” (Sogecine, Ikiru, Moon) Solitary dreamers in an ensemble drama. Debut pic from helmer Grojo. Sogepaq.

“The Mud Boy” (Adivina, Filmax, Iroko, Pol-ka) Serial killer suspenser from first-timer Jorge Algora. Post. Filmax.

“Una mujer invisible” (Tornasol, Milo, Continental) Fortysomething woman rebels against her seeming social invisibility in this relationship parable from Gerardo Herrero. Shooting. Latido.

“The Naval Chart” (Origen) Femme fatale lures washed-up sailor on deep-sea treasure hunt. Imanol Uribe adapts novel by Arturo Perez Reverte (“The Ninth Gate”). Shooting.

“Nobody’s Perfect” (Diagonal TV, Pentagrama, Mediapro) Rip-roaring — and finally sobering — disabled friends’ stag night. Potent cast, director (Joaquin Oristrell) and screenwriter (Albert Espinosa). Bows Oct. 6. Latido.

“Nobody Said It Was Easy” (MPC, Rizoma, Zarlek, Film Suez, Primer Plano) Neurotic misfit romantic comedy from Argentine comic talent Juan Taratuto (“It’s Not You, It’s Me”). Post.

“Noctambula” (Morena, Jaleo, Oberon, Pensa & Rocca) Potent political chiller as family is haunted in Argentina by Junta-murdered victims. Post.

“The Orphanage” (Rodar y Rodar, Estudios Picasso) Brooding neo-Gothic ghost story with Belen Rueda (“The Sea Inside”). B.O. and sales potential. Post. Wild Bunch.

“Oxford Crimes” (Tornasol) Serial killer taunts august Oxford tutor in logic. Next big English-lingo pic from Alex de la Iglesia. Casting.

“The Sandman” (Iroko, Siete Sillas, Adivina, Imagia Freelance) Psychiatric-ward-set romancer toplining Maria Valverde (“Melissa P.”). Shooting.

“Santos” (Drive, Aldea, Sobras) Put-upon waiter knows he’s Superman. More bathetic humor from budding Chilean gross-out director Nicolas Lopez (“Promedio Rojo”).

“Savage Grace” (Monfort, Celluloid Dreams, Killer Films, A Contraluz, Videntia) Julianne Moore starrer was a hot seller at Berlin. Celluloid Dreams.

“La Soledad” (Fresdeval, Wanda, In Vitro) Contempo femme drama from Jaime Rosales (Cannes Fipresci winner for “The Hours of the Day”). Post. Match Factory.

“Spirit of the Forest” (Dygra) Sequel to Dygra’s European breakout toon pic “The Living Forest.” Dygra.

“Suicide Club” (Tornasol) Roberto Santiago’s dark comedy follow-up to “The Longest Penalty…,” again with Spanish megastar Fernando Tejero. Shooting. Latido.

“Summer Rain” (Green Moon, Sogecine, Future) Antonio Banderas directing from the heart — and with first-hand knowledge — a ’70s coming-of-age tale set in his hometown, Malaga. Likely early ’07 fest material. Sogepaq.

“Teresa” (Iberoamericana, Future, Artedis) Paz Vega limns 16th-century Spanish proto-feminist and hallucinating mystic Teresa of Avila. Respected screenwriter Ray Loriga directs. Lolafilms.

“Thieves” (Maestranza, Pentagrama, Estudios Picasso) First-timer Jaime Marques teams with high-profile stars Juanjo Ballesta (“7 Virgins”) and Maria Valverde in troubled-teen drama. Opens in February.

“Thirteen Roses” (Enrique Cerezo, Pedro Costa, Filmexport) True-life execution of 13 young women by Franco’s regime. Shooting.

“Time Crimes” (Los karbo vantas) Frenetic time-travel thriller features debut of Nacho Vigalondo, Oscar-nommed for live-action short “7:35 in the Morning.” Post.

“The Totenwackers” (Arcadia, Future, Filmanova) Children’s ghost adventure romp, toplining Geraldine Chaplin, from Ibon Cormenzana (“Jaizkibel”).

“Trans-siberian” (Castelao) Brad Anderson helms dark thriller about murder on the Trans-Siberian Express. Filmax.

“La vida abismal” (Els Films de la Rambla) Gambling thriller from Catalan auteur Ventura Pons. RTVE/Latido.

“We All Love Gloria Cole” (Pastora Delgado, Films de Ultramort) Hot Colombian thesp Flora Martinez (“Rosario Tijeras”) toplines Manuel Lombardero’s bar-set, low-life youth drama. One to track. Pastora Delgado.

“Yo soy la Juani!” (Media, El Virgili) Trashy teen dreams of Hollywood. Bigas Luna directs. Potential standout.

“Zone” (Morena, Estrategia, Buenaventura, Vaca) Residents of rich Mexico City ‘burb hunt human intruders. Intriguing upscale social thriller. Post. Wild Bunch.

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