'Star Wars' game sequel a hit

LucasArts’ “Lego Star Wars II” blasted off big at videogame stores, selling more than 1.1 million units in just one week.

That makes the game a hit out of the gate, as breaking the million unit mark is generally considered solid perf in the vidgame biz.

Original “Lego Star Wars,” published by Eidos with a license from LucasArts, sold some 3.8 million units. Based on first-week sales, sequel, which LucasArts published itself, should beat that big number.

That should give it a shot at being one of the bestselling games of the year and a very good shot at being the bestselling game of the year based on a movie license.

“Lego Star Wars” franchise is a lighthearted take on the “Star Wars” universe where characters and environments are made out of Lego bricks. It’s the first ever E-rated game from LucasArts, but in addition to kids, game seems to be appealing to older gamers nostalgic for the movies and toys of their youth.

LucasArts noted that “Lego Stars Wars II” did a big chunk of its business in pre-sales, racking up the company’s most pre-orders ever.

Previous pre-sales record holder, “Star Wars Battlefront II,” went on to sell about 5 million units worldwide and become the publisher’s bestselling game ever. With the lucrative holiday season still to come, “Lego Star Wars II” has a decent shot at beating that mark.

“Star Wars” is one of the most successful licensed properties in the vidgame world. Last year’s top-selling game based on a film property was “Battlefront II.”

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