Michael J. Fox on stem cells

On the other side of the political aisle, a new ad debuted in Missouri featuring Michael J. Fox, praising Democratic Senatorial candidate Claire McCaskill for her support of stem cell research. Clearly afflicted with Parkinson’s disease, Fox goes on to say that her Republican opponent, Sen. Jim Talent,  not only is against stem cell research but wants to "criminalize the science" that "gives hope for a cure."

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  1. harry meger says:

    1st Annual Private Stem Cell Research Telethon on You Tube
    Hi, My name is Harry. I am writing with regard for your help or participation in an upcoming event for private Stem Cell Research on You Tube. I am paraplegic . I was injured five years ago in a major dirt bike accident and was lucky to survive. Since that day, I’ve always told myself that I would never give up on trying to walk again. I am currently a student in the automotive field in pursuit of becoming an import specialist. I do so through the use of a manual standing wheelchair. I have gained some feeling and slight movement since my injury due to daily physical therapy. But I know at near five years after my spinal cord injury, my need for medical intervention through stem cells research to recover is as much a need in combination of physical therapy as it is for all with injury and disease.
    The Bush Administration is against any federal funding for embryonic stem cell research. The term ESC can be misleading to those in favor of adult stem cells but express ethical concerns with embryonic research. Many fear the term cloning as well. As an example, what many don’t understand is a method called SCNT – Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer, a type of research many would say or not deny as a combination of ASC and ESC. Basically SCNT involves an enucleated (nucleus removed) donor egg, combined with a patient’s adult stem cell containing their DNA. In one method, the two are electrically shocked, forming a type pre-embryo that would through it’s growth- in a petri-dish- offer organ to tissue (heart, spinal cord, insulin producing, etc.) stem cells. This type research is considered by many opponents as embryonic. But that does not mean that SCNT, stem cell and/or regenerative therapies can not be accomplished through private donations and private research.
    The Process:
    In SCNT the nucleus, which contains the organism’s DNA, of a somatic cell (a body cell other than a sperm or egg cell) is removed and the rest of the cell discarded. At the same time, the nucleus of an egg cell is removed. The nucleus of the somatic cell is then inserted into the enucleated egg cell. After being inserted into the egg, the somatic cell nucleus is reprogrammed by the host cell. The egg, now containing the nucleus of a somatic cell, is stimulated with an electric shock and will begin to divide. After many mitotic divisions in culture, this single cell forms a blastocyst (an early stage embryo with about 100 cells) with almost identical DNA to the original organism.
    The Texas Stem Cell Research Association (a non-profit) is planning its first You Tube telethon fundraiser in the US for people afflicted by any and all diseases that could possibly be cured through stem cell research and therapy (this includes diabetes, parkinson’s, stroke victims, heart patients, etc)..
    This will be a Jerry Lewis type of telethon. We are looking for celebrities who would be willing to do a video stating their endorsement of SCNT/stem cell research on our You Tube site. We have recruited U.S. stem cell researchers who are willing to provide private stem cell research that cannot be done under their NIH federal grants.
    90% of all funds raised through our You Tube Stem Cell Research Telethon site will go directly to private embryonic/scnt researchers. We are a pro-cure movement by all people afflicted by various diseases. No government or drug company influences will be included in our telethon.
    Millions of people that are living every day with disabling diseases or injuries that want a fresh start in life again. Many of us want to lead a normal healthy life like everyone else. Would you please help us by volunteering to take a short video of yourself expressing your support for private stem cell research to help improve our quality of life. Please let us know if you can help us at your earliest convenience. Our email address is stemcell1111@yahoo.com.
    Thanks in Advance,

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