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Josh Radnor, ‘How I Met Your Mother’

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What makes your show different?

“Craig Thomas (co-creator) told me, ‘Carter Bays (co-creator) and I don’t watch sitcoms. We watch movies. We watch “Six Feet Under.” ‘ I think they wanted to bring an energy and a feel of movies to the sitcom form. From watching so much film, TV viewers are sophisticated and don’t want to watch just five scenes in a living room. It’s quick and innovatively told and fresh and young and funny and sweet and genuinely romantic.”

What previous role are you most proud of?

“I did a ‘Six Feet Under’ that I’m really proud of. I played this hippie that died in 1972. And I just did a Jon Robin Baitz play (in Los Angeles) called ‘The Paris Letter.’ ”

What shows influenced you in becoming an actor? Why?

“I remember watching every ‘Family Ties’ that ran. It was set in my hometown of Columbus, Ohio. I think I learned a lot from Michael J. Fox.”

Comedy or drama: Which is harder?

“That depends on the day and the role. Things that are well written in either carry you, and it feels effortless. Lots of times in comedy it’s like duck-paddling, seriously trying to make it look funny. This writing is really sharp. It depends on my mood.’

Whose career would you like to emulate?

“I did ‘The Graduate’ on Broadway, so Dustin Hoffman is someone I’ve always admired greatly. I really like him. I’m a big Paul Newman fan. and Gene Hackman I love. “

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