10 Actors to Watch

What makes your show different?

“My character is much more multidimensional than the average procedural character. You don’t just see her as a prosecutor, but as a mom and a wife when she goes home. And whereas most procedurals are set in urban areas, this revolves around Indianapolis, near a more rural setting.”

What previous role are you most proud of?

“I guess I would have to say my first big job in L.A. was on a soap opera (“The Bold and the Beautiful”). I was there a little over three years and managed to win three Emmys. I was pretty proud of that.”

What shows influenced you in becoming an actor? Why?

“I would have to say when I was a kid I always made my parents take me to musicals and plays back in Montreal. I was so inspired by how they made me feel by the end, that I could be so drawn into something. These actors could have such an effect on me at the end. I wanted to emulate them. I found it very inspiring.”

Comedy or drama: Which is harder?

“That’s a toss-up, but I would say comedy. Comedy is not only challenging, it also requires a lot of concentration. It’s much more musical. To me, it really resembles music in the way it has a rhythm. It’s almost formulaic. That can be very tricky. Drama can be more instinctive. You can do a dramatic scene and go with the flow, follow your gut instinct. Comedy requires a lot more effort in finding the proper rhythm.”

Whose career would you like to emulate?

“I so admire people who take chances. I would say people like Meryl Streep, Julianne Moore and Renee Zellweger. People who put themselves out there and don’t always stick to the same formula, who challenge themselves.”

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