WGA building new bridges

HOLLYWOOD — The Writers Guild Foundation wiped away the dust Saturday– inside what used to be a musty bank branch office at the WGA West headquarters — and unveiled a new library, thanks to $2 million in contributions from prominent writers.

Audrey Wilder, widow of Billy, got the ball rolling with a $500,000 offering, and said, “Billy would have been pissed” had she given that much money to any Hollywood org other than one for writers.

Among the features at the facility — dubbed the Shavelson-Webb Library after Mel Shavelson and library founder James Webb — are reading rooms for Billy Wilder, John Wells and Garry Marshall and a Grant Tinker reading table.

At a reception Thursday, Tinker noted he was particularly struck by having a 35-foot-long table named after him, noting, “This is like a lot of the things you do — it’s really permanent.”

Asked whether he’d spent a lot of time at such tables, Tinker replied: “No, I just flew around keeping track of the writers.”

Asked to provide some comedy at Thursday’s event, Marshall broke up the room by proclaiming “Hello, rich people!”

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