Holding out to ‘The Last’

Movie 'Mogul' meets the press

A correction was made to this article on June 20, 2005.

Variety‘s Gotham Screening Series pulled off quite a coup with “The Last Mogul.”

At the DGA on Wednesday, helmer Barry Avrich told the aud that he’s turned down requests from every major studio in town — save Universal’s Ron Meyer — to screen the film, simply saying: “It opens on June 24.”

Avrich said its not a matter of principal; but one of fiscal responsibility. “Suddenly Hollywood woke up and wanted to see the film … for free,” he said. “I can’t give the house away.”

Joined by producer David Brown for a postscreening Q&A, Avrich outlined some of the difficulties of getting the film made: being followed, threatened, having to sneak on the lot and attempting to wrangle interviews from Hollywood folks still wary of speaking about the legendary Lew Wasserman: “They live in a town called You Never Know … .”

Brown, who produced pictures such as “Jaws” and “The Sting” for Wasserman, explained the benefits of working with him: “There were no layers of nonauthority. There weren’t any little people saying no to you, who could never say yes.”

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