Veltroni speaks up for Italo version of 'Chicken'

Rome mayor Walter Veltroni isn’t afraid of using a little fowl language.

Disney enlisted the pol to dub Mayor Turkey Lurkey for the Italo version of “Chicken Little” — Don Knotts voices the role in the original — to give the toon extra pluck in the region.

Pic opened last week on 600 Italo screens — about a fourth of the country’s total.

“It seemed like a logical choice,” says Buena Vista Italy’s creative director Roberto Morville. “I think folks will get a kick out of it.”

Veltroni — a leftist known to be a film buff — put in a few hours to deliver his lines and earn an E10,000 ($12,000) paycheck, which he donated to charity. He’s the latest in a long list of local notables recruited to give Hollywood toons a boost.

“Madagascar,” among this year’s top Italo earners, was dubbed entirely by trashy TV entertainers with youth appeal. “Shark Tale” utilized a pop singer and a TV talk-show host among its mostly non-pro voice cast.

And a couple of years ago right-winger Ignazio La Russa gave his gravelly voice to the menacing Garth Motherloving on “The Simpsons” TV series. Next up, Silvio Berlusconi?

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