Legit fans can pay to be extras in new 'Producers' pic

Remember the shot of all those still, silent, open-mouthed faces reacting to “Springtime for Hitler” in the original version of “The Producers“?

Well, fans of the B’way spoof can be one of those faces in the new musical film version — for a price.

On March 14, Gotham’s elite will show up to the St. James Theater in tuxedos and formal dresses, having paid anywhere from $250 (non-profit rate) to $10,000 (for a row of 12 seats) for the privilege of pretending to watch Mel Brooks‘ famously garish Nazi-themed production number all day long.

The money raised goes to FoodChange, a charity that helps feed the hungry in New York.

Project came about because FoodChange exec director Richard Murphy knows Carla Sanger, prexy-CEO of the after-school program L.A.’s Best and wife of Jonathan Sanger, one of the pic’s producers.

The challenge for the production team will be dealing with wealthy extras used to a bit more pampering than those in, say, “Hotel Rwanda.”

Exiting the shoot early is forbidden for continuity reasons, and PAs barring the doors may have their hands full: Blue-haired theatergoers can barely stay in their seats for the closing bows of a play, let alone a blank stage.

Also, as Murphy notes, since the film takes place in 1959, “botox is not allowed.”

Fans willing to open their wallets — and plant their backsides — may sign up at www.producersmovieevent.org

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