Pix in the pipeline

Producer: Estudios Picasso/Origen/Universal Studios Networks Espana
A $28 million adventure pic with Viggo Mortensen playing 16th-century mercenary Alatriste. Potential home turf tentpole, initiating major territory sales abroad.
Sales: TF1

Ants in the Mouth
Producer: Drive/Messidor/ICAIC
A plush, dark, revisionist film noir, set in 1958 Cuba. Upscale market sales likely.
Sales: Pi

The Art of Losing
Producer: Tornasol
Unseemly above-par noir from Colombian auteur Sergio Cabrera (“Ilona Arrives With the Rain”). Working on useful pre-sales.
Sales: Latido

Azur and Asmar
Producer: NordOuest/Intuition/Zahori/Lucky Red
Tale of two separated foster brothers. From Michel Ocelot (“Kirikou and the Sorceress”); much-awaited Euro toon pic.
Sales: Wild Bunch

The Birth of a Passion — The Origins of Football
Producer: Wanda/Transglobe
Docu covering soccer’s early development.
Sales: Wanda/Transglobe

The Birthday
Producer: Arcadia/Infinity
English-lingo ’80s horror shtick homage from tyro Eugenio Mira. It has been trimmed by 20 minutes from its Berlin debut. Corey Feldman turns in a bravura teeth-grating nerd perf.
Sales: Arcadia/Infinity

Producer: Castelao
Woman terrorized by her own ghost. Chiller debut of Nacho Cerda. Selling very nicely.
Sales: Filmax

The Calentito
Producer: Telespan/Estudios Picasso
Glam rock crowd-pleaser. A standout at April’s Malaga Spanish Film Festival.
Sales: Telespan

Producer: Morena/Vaca/Oberon/Slate/Hepp
Rusting cargo ship thriller. Intriguing move into upscale genre waters from Ken Loach’s regular scribe Paul Laverty. With Peter Mullan, Daniel Bruehl. Brit docu-maker Clive Gordon helms.
Sales: Wild Bunch

Celia’s Lives
Producer: Oberon/Altavista
Antonio Chavarrias’ next pic, this one about a girl’s murder in a working-class neighborhood. Expect another acerbic dissection of Catalonia’s underbelly.
Sales: Oberon

Producer: Lotus/Vaca
F/x-laden sci-fi thriller from Isidro Ortiz (“Fausto 5.0”), with Goya Toledo (“Amores perros”).
Sales: Vaca

The Contestant
Producer: Lazonafilms/Continental
Gameshow winner goes through hell. Look for a fast-paced pic, with quick-fire cuts; this is the debut from shorts maestro Rodrigo Cortes.
Sales: Lazonafilms

Dogma: The Other View
Producer: Atlantico
Docu account of Dogma movement.
Sales: Atlantico

Producer: Lolafilms
Jowly ’80s rockers regroup. Likely cockle-warming popcorn hit.
Sales: Lolafilms

Family Law
Producer: Wanda/BD Cine
After Berlin Silver Bear double winner “The Lost Embrace,” Daniels Burman and Hendler reteam for Freudian family comedy. Strong arthouse contender.
Sales: Wanda

The Feast of the Goat
Producer: Lolafilms/Future
Luis Llosa’s English-lingo take on Mario Vargas Llosa’s definitive novel about the horrors of Rafael Trujillo’s dictatorship. Stars Isabella Rossellini.
Sales: IAC

Ferpect Crime
Producer: Sogecine/Panico
Department store laffer marking Alex de la Iglesia’s return to hallmark black comedy and Hitchcock pastiche for good home B.O. and steady sales.
Sales: Sogepaq

Producer: Castelao/Just
Post-“Darkness,” chillmaster Jaume Balaguero returns with a hospital ghoul tale, toplining Calista Flockhart. A low-lying fruit for significant Cannes pickings.
Sales: Filmax

Fragil, True Love Is a Fairy Tale
Producer: Fragil Zinema/Gasteiko Zinema
Snarky fairy tale from maverick Juanma Bajo Ulloa follows strapping
Basque Heidi melting before a Hollywood star.
Sales: Pi

The Gaze of Violet
Producer: Mundo Ficcion/Violeta
Thirtysomething woman’s dalliance with sexual freedom.
Sales: El Dorado

The Great Match
Producer: Wanda Films
Mongol nomads, Tuareg camel riders, Greenland Eskimos and Amazon
Indians all want to see the 2004 World Cup final. Fresh take on globalism.
Sales: Wanda

The Gronholm Method
Producer: Alquimia/Tornasol/Cattleya/Arena
High-profile Argentinian director Marcelo Pineyro (“Kamchatka”)
satirizes job interview tests.
Debuting at Cannes Market.
Sales: Latido

Habana Blues
Producer: Maestranza/ICAIC/Pyramide
Cuban musos struggle for international success against the political odds in Benito Zambrano’s vibrant Un Certain Regard closer. It has racked up some 600,000 Spanish admissions.
Sales: Flach Pyramide

Producer: Tornasol/Continental
Addict’s mother takes on Galician drug barons. A straight-arrow social-conscious artpic.
Sales: Latido

Holy Shroud, the Crusader
Producer: Castelao
Famed knight the Crusader is entrusted to bring the Holy Shroud to Rome. “Adultescent” entertainment.
Sales: Filmax

Honor de Cavalleria (Quixotic)
Producer: Andregraun/Notro
Free adaptation of the Don Quixote tale.
Sales: Notro

H6: Diary of a Serial Killer
Producer: KanZaman
Fame-craving psycho killer “purifies” victims in a motel room.
Sales: KanZaman

Producer: Morena/Wild Bunch/Jaleo/Dacsa & Estrategia
Carlos Saura’s next Spanish dance film, fusing modern, traditional, operetta (Isaac Albeniz’s “Iberia”) and flamenco.
Sales: Wild Bunch

Idiot Love
Producer: Els Films de la Rambla
Steamy, verbose tale of obsessive passion from vet Barcelona auteur Ventura Pons (“Amic/Amat,” “Food of Love”).
Sales: Latido

Isi & Disi II
Producer: Lolafilms
Scumbag headbangers Isi and Disi take to the road. Strong B.O. likely.
Sales: Lolafilms

It’s Not You, It’s Me
Producer: Filmanova/Rizoma
There’s a cliche that all Argentinians are secret psychologists and it receives confirmation in affable failed-romance comedy. Big domestic B.O.
Sales: Notro

A King in Havana
Producer: Iroko/Continental/Imagia Freelance/Cubaname
Lowly Cuban impersonates Madrid Mafioso. Simpatico mainstream immigrant caper with Latino market play.
Sales: Latido

KM 31
Producer: Castelao
Twin-sister telepathy chiller from Mexican Rigoberto Castaneda.
Sales: Filmax

The Kovak Box
Producer: Castelao
Bestselling novelist is trapped in his own fictional world in this thriller.
Sales: Filmax

Leon and Olvido
Producer: Xamalu/El Paso
A tale of conflict between a brother with Down syndrome and his sister. Karlovy Vary director (Xavier Sanchez Bermudez) and actress (Marta Larralde) winner.
Sales: El Retiro

Live-in Maid
Producer: Filmanova/Aquafilms/Libido
Satire of Argentina’s economic slide as maid leaves employer in Jorge Gaggero’s Sundance World Cinema Special Jury Prize winner.
Sales: Notro

The Longest Penalty in the World
Producer: Tornasol/Ensueno
Spain’s spring sleeper: sometimes uproarious local soccer team comedy. Remake potential.
Sales: Latido

The Magicians
Producer: Oberon
Resonant docu about a children’s adventure film made during the Spanish Civil War.
Sales: Art Mood

Midsummer Dream
Producer: Dygra/Appia
Continued from page page A4
A key Spanish CGI animation project from the toon pioneers behind “The Living Forest.” Quaint and classy. Sixty-one country sales so far.
Sales: Lumina

Producer: KanZaman/Minotaur/Carousel/CMW/Telema/Buskin/Code 99
Jonathan English’s Minotaur-myth horror film.
Sales: Meltemi

Producer: Monfort/Polar/Onyx Films/K2
Juan Solanas’ Un Certain Regard adoption drama. With Carole Bouquet.
Sales: TF1

Producer: Zebra Producciones/Iconica/Sintra Films/Future Films (U.K.)
Emerging auteur Antonio Hernandez (“City Without Limits”) helms tricky genre-hopping revenge thriller. Fest exposure likely.
Sales: Latido

The Orphanage
Producer: Rodar & Rodar/Tequila Gang
A ghost tale, or chronicle of a man’s descent into madness. Or maybe both.
Sales: Rodar y Rodar

The Outcome
Producer: Atlantico
A director, femme producer and gay writer dish each other’s dirt. The last official Dogma film, and the final entry in a trilogy from Juan Pinzas.
Sales: Atlantico

Warner Bros.
Screwball comedy and social barbs as Spain celebrates its first multiple gay wedding, with mothers in tow. Healthy AFM biz.
Sales: Fortissimo

Producer: Wanda/IndigoMedia/
City-set cross-cutter from highly regarded helmer Sigfrid Monleon (“The Dutchman’s Island”).
Sales: Wanda

Producer: Tesela/Aristarain
Quietly affecting rites-of-passage tale of one young man’s life in turbulent ’60s and ’70s Argentina, as he recalls in old age.
Sales: Sogepaq

Rosario Tijeras
Producer: Rosario Forever/Dulce Compania/Maestranza/Tafay 2000
“Nikita” Medellin-style, turning on devil-may-care prostitute-killer Rosario Tijeras.
Sales: n/a

Producer: Mediapro
Daniel Bruehl (“Good Bye, Lenin!”) toplines in actioner-bio of anarchist, womanizer and small-time bank robber Salvador Puig Antich, the last Spaniard to be garroted under Franco.
Sales: Mediapro

School’s out 2005
Producer: Morena/Acontraluz
Classily turned-out gross-out comedy from “Slam” helmer Miguel Marti.
Sales: Morena

Searching for Love
Producer: Rodar & Rodar
Middle-age Carmen Maura seeks to revive teenage passions in mainstream romancer.
Sales: El Dorado

The Secret Life of Words
Producer: El Deseo/Mediapro
Produced by the Almodovar brother, this English-lingo oil-rig drama toplines Sarah Polley and Tim Robbins. Helmed by emerging international auteur Isabel Coixet (“My Life Without Me”). Major fest offering.
Sales: Focus

Semen: A Love Sample
Producer: BocaBoca/Future
Irregular, but stylish, often near-comicbook-artificial insemination farce.
Sales: Pi

La Semana que viene (Sin falta!)
Producer: Maestranza/Linea Sur/Zahori
Garage owner tries to dig himself out of debt.
Sales: Maestranza

Producer: Costabrava
Neurotic crises among Catalonia’s
Continued from page page A8
culture vultures, wittily autopsied in character-based drama by femme helmer Marta Balletbo-Coll.
Sales: KWA

Producer: Tornasol/Cruzdelsur Zona Audiovisual/Video Filmes/Patagonik
Political skeletons tumble from family closets in deft drama debut from Julia Solomonoff.
Sales: Latido

The Sky Turns
Producer: Jose Maria Lara/Alokatu
A Rotterdam, Buenos Aires and Paris winner that chronicles a crumbling village. A lyrical, thoughtfully lensed meditation on art, time, history and death.
Sales: Wanda

Something to Remember Me By
Producer: Continental
Tightly buttoned, trigenerational family drama.
Sales: Latido

Sound of the Sea
Producer: Continental/Desembarco
Billed as “The Triplets of Belleville” meets “The Big Blue,” a deep-sea toon feature.
Sales: Latido

Spirit of the Forest
Producer: Dygra
Sequel to Dygra’s European breakout toon “The Animated Forest.” A charming woodland franchise garnering healthy initial pre-sales.
Sales: Lumina

Producer: Alquimia/Mandarin
Light-fingered lowlife takes on master grifter. Production values and name cast — Victoria Abril, Fernando Luppi — clinched good sales at Berlin, including TLA’s U.S. pickup.
Sales: Latido

Talking With the Wind
Producer: Ficcion/Intuition/Carlo D’Ursi/The Licensing
Dirt-poor Galician seamen period drama from hot helmer David Carreras (“Hypnos”).
Sales: Intuition/Licensing Team

Producer: ABS /Kasander Film Company/Delux
Venice-set art world crime thriller with Scott Williams, Rutger Hauer and Malcolm McDowell.
Sales: Beyond

Producer: Lolafilms/Future/Artedis
Paz Vega takes on Spanish protofeminist and hallucinatory mystic Teresa of Avila. Screenwriter Ray Loriga directs this high-profile project.
Sales: Lolafilms

Things That Make Life Worth Living
Producer: BocaBoca
Romantic comedy about a grizzled alcoholic and uptight widow. Modest but moving.
Sales: Pi

Tirante El Blanco
Producer: Carolina/Talent/DeAPlaneta/Future/Mikado
Caspar Zafer plays gadabout knight Tirante, hell-bent on breaking the Turks’ siege of Constantinople and breaking in Emperor’s daughter. A Byzantine comedy from Vicente Aranda aimed at international.
Sales: Arclight

Tuna and Chocolate
Producer: Maestranza
Engaging Ealing-style comedy set on Andalusian coast.
Sales: KWA

20 Centimeters
Producer: Aligator/Estudios Picasso/Jet
The “Rocky Horror Show” meets Doris Day with gender problems: a transsexual comedy-cum-musical from Ramon Salazar (“Stones”). Specialty circuits beckon.
Sales: Sogepaq

The Two Sides of the Bed
Producer: Telespan
Sequel to musical farce megahit “The Other Side of the Bed.” Boffo prospects.
Sales: Telespan

The Uncertain Guest
Producer: Rodar & Rodar
An architect believes another man is living in his house in this well-received psycho-thriller from first-timer Guillem Morales.
Sales: Pi

Producer: Messidor/Tornasol
Toplining a finely calibrated Leonor Watling, a witty detective laffer set among Freud buffs in 1913 Barcelona from Spain’s sharpest social chronicler. Mopping up sales.
Sales: LatidoVolando voy
Producer: Bailando en la Luna/Sogecine/MediaPro/Estudios Picasso
Delinquent quits Madrid’s mean streets, finding final redemption. From respected helmer Miguel Albadalejo (“Bear Cub”).
Sales: Sogepaq

Producer: El Deseo
Pedro Almodovar’s next pic. A return to the early neorealist social comedy with Penelope Cruz adn Carmen Maura. One of the world’s most significant new art/crossover pics.
Sales: Focus Features

The Wind (El Viento)
Producer: Tesela/Retratos
Federico Luppi is a Patagonian villager visiting his big-city granddaughter in Eduardo Mignogna’s heart-string-pulling drama.
Sales: KWA

Working Class
Producer: Producciones Cinematograficas del Mediterraneo
Worthy expose of media manipulation in a sensationalist unemployment docu.
Sales: El Dorado

Producer: ZIP
Postadolescent disaffection finds explosive release in raw, emotionally authentic three-parter from a debutante helming tandem, Ramon Termes and Carles Torras, to watch.
Sales: KWA

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