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The lowdown on award-giving orgs

A correction was made to this listing on Oct. 27, 2005.

Backstory: Founded in 1927, the Academy recognizes outstanding achievements in filmmaking in above- and below-the-line categories.
Kudo: Academy Award was first given in 1929; it was nicknamed the Oscar in the ’30s. Up to 24 different categories will be awarded at the 2006 ceremony.
Membership: Org comprises 6,570 members. Branches include actors, art directors, cinematographers, directors, documentary, executives, editors, music, producers, public relations, short films and feature animation, sound, visual effects and writers.
Voters: 5,856 members have voting privileges and are allowed to cast ballots for up to five noms in their specific branch. Nominations for awards are screened by special screening committees and drawn from all branches.
Key dates: Nomination ballots will be mailed Dec. 30 and must be returned by Jan. 21. Noms are announced Jan. 31. Final ballots will be sent Feb. 8, and must be returned by Feb. 28. Academy Awards are presented March 5 at the Kodak Theater in Hollywood.
Topper: Sid Ganis, prexy
Contact: John Pavlik, director of communications; Leslie Unger, publicity coordinator, (310) 247-3000
Email: publicity@oscars.org
Web site: www.oscars.org

Backstory: Founded in 1950, org recognizes accomplishments in film and TV editing.
Kudo: First ACE Awards plaques were given in 1962, with the Eddie statuette first handed out in 1965, including the Golden Eddie award and two career achievement awards. Eddies will be given out in eight categories in 2006.
Membership: There are 462 total members, 320 active, of which 102 are life and 40 affiliated. Require 60 months of editing experience and an interview process to join. Branches comprise film and TV editors.
Voters: Total membership votes on film categories, with affiliated members excluded from TV categories. Lifetime achievement honors are determined by guild’s board of directors.
Key dates: Nomination ballots are sent Dec. 16 and are due by Jan. 10. Noms will be announced Jan. 13. Final ballots are sent Jan. 20 and are due Feb. 3. Award ceremony will be Feb. 19 at the Beverly Hilton.
Toppers: Tina Hirsch, president; Jenni McCormick, managing director
Contact: Jenni McCormick, (818) 777-2900
Email: amercinema@earthlink.net
Web site: www.ace-filmeditors.org

Backstory: AFI is dedicated to the advancement and preservation of the art of film, TV and other forms of the moving image. AFI trains the next generation of artists, provides leadership in the nationwide film and TV preservation effort, and explores new technologies in digital media arts.
Kudos: AFI Life Achievement Award was first given in 1973. The AFI Awards program names 10 AFI Movies of the Year, 10 AFI Television Programs of the Year and up to 10 AFI Moments of Significance.
Membership: There are 83 members on AFI’s board of trustees; 23 of them are also on the board of directors.
Voters: AFI honorees are selected by two separate juries, one for motion pictures and one for television. Ten members of each jury determine the 10 most outstanding film and TV works of the year. Plus, each jury selects up to 10 respective AFI Moments of Significance. Each jury consists of one chair, three film or TV artists, three critics and three scholars. The AFI career honoree is chosen by the members of the AFI board of trustees in executive session.
Key dates: AFI Awards will announce the results of jury deliberations Dec. 11. The creative ensembles of the 10 AFI Movies of the Year and the 10 AFI TV Programs of the Year will be honored at a luncheon Jan. 13. The 34th AFI Life Achievement Award recipient will be announced in November and feted in June.
This year: AFI Fest 2005 will be held Nov. 3-13 at ArcLight Hollywood. New season of AFI at ArcLight 100 Years … 100 Movies Screening Series begins in January.
Topper: Jean Picker Firstenberg, director and CEO
Contact: Alison Deknatel, director of communications, (323) 856-7896
Email: adeknatel@afi.com
Web site: www.afi.com

Backstory: Founded in 1919, org awards distinctions in film and TV cinematography.
Kudo: First ASC Awards were given in 1986.
Membership: There are 275 active members worldwide, plus 140 associate members. Cinematographers can join by invitation only, based on a candidate’s body of work.
Voters: Entire active membership votes, with recommendations for honorary awards made by a select committee and the board of governors making the final decision.
Key dates: Theatrical noms are announced Jan. 10 or 11. TV noms are announced Jan. 18 or 19. Final ballots for feature film are sent Jan. 17 and are due Feb. 14. Award ceremony will be Feb. 26 at the Century Plaza Hotel.
Topper: Richard Crudo, prexy
Contact: Patricia Armacost, (323) 969-4333
Web site: www.uemedia.com/cpc/cinematographer

Backstory: Founded in 1972 by voice talent June Foray, the Annie Awards honor the year’s finest animation across film, television, short subjects and videogames.
Kudo: Recognizes excellence in 22 categories including animated feature and a range of individual honors.
Membership: 2,900 members
Voters: All members are eligible to vote
Key dates: Deadline to receive entry forms was Oct. 7. All judging material is due Oct. 28. Final nominations will be announced Dec. 5. Award ceremony will be held Feb. 4 at the Alex Theater in Glendale.
Topper: Antran Manoogian, prexy
Contact: Gretchen Dixon, (562) 235-0991
Email: gdixonpr@aol.com
Web site: www.annieawards.com

Backstory: Founded in 1937 to honor craftsmen in art direction
Kudos: Recognizes excellence in production design. Awards have been handed out since 1997; seven categories of awards and two honorary awards will be given for 2005.
Membership: There are 1,600 active and inactive members. Branches are production designers, art directors, assistant art directors, and scenic title and graphic artists.
Voters: Competitive awards are voted on by the entire active membership. Special awards, including lifetime achievement and outstanding contributions to cinematic imagery, are determined by a committee and approved by the executive board.
Key dates: Nomination ballots will be mailed Dec. 15 and are due back Jan. 11. Nominees will be announced Jan. 13. Final ballots will be mailed out Jan. 13 and due back Feb. 9. Winners will be announced at an award banquet Feb. 11 at the Beverly Hilton.
This year: During the banquet five deceased legendary production designers will be inducted into the guild’s new hall of fame, which launched last year. This year also marks the 10th Excellence in Production Design Awards.
Topper: Thomas A. Walsh, chairman, Art Directors Guild Council
Contact: Scott Roth and Amy Jelenko, (818) 762-9995
Email: amy@artdirectors.org
Web site: www.artdirectors.org

Backstory: Founded in 1947, org promotes excellence in the film, TV and interactive entertainment industries in above- and below-the-line categories.
Kudo: The BAFTA film kudos were first given in 1949, when only three categories existed. BAFTAs will be presented in 21 categories for 2005, plus special awards including the Fellowship and the Orange Rising Star Award.
Membership: 5,500 current members
Voters: Voting members nominate and select winners in five categories (film, actor, actress, supporting actor and actress). In other areas, the membership votes on all stages of the procedure and produces nominations; from there, a jury of experts picks a winner.
Key dates: First round of voting starts Dec. 12 and closes Jan. 4. Second round of voting begins Jan. 6 and ends Jan. 12. Noms announced, and final round of voting begins, Jan. 18 and closes Feb. 6. BAFTA ceremony will take place Feb. 19.
Topper: Richard Attenborough
Contact: Louise Ewbank +44 (0) 20 7292 5857
Email: louisee@bafta.org
Web site: www.bafta.org

Backstory: Founded in 1995, BFCA is a critics collective awarding films for their cinematic achievement.
Kudo: Critics’ Choice Awards have been handed out since 1996. Awards in 17 categories will be given for 2005.
Membership: There are 194 BFCA members, made up of television, radio and online critics in the U.S. and Canada.
Voters: All members have voting rights in all categories.
Key dates: Ballots will be sent out Dec. 5 and must be returned by Dec. 9. Noms are announced Dec. 11. Final ballots are sent Jan. 3 and are due back by Jan. 6. The 11th annual Critics’ Choice Awards ceremony will take place Jan. 9 at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium.
Topper: Joey Berlin, president
This Year: The awards move to a new venue, the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium.
Contact: Joey Berlin, (310) 860-2665
Email: info@bfca.org
Web site: www.bfca.org

Backstory: Founded in 1936 as the Screen Directors Guild (it was changed to the DGA in 1960), org protects the economic and creative rights of directors and their teams, and awards their accomplishments.
Kudo: The DGA award for directorial achievement was first given in 1948. Nine kudos will be given out for 2005, not including special ones like the lifetime achievement award.
Membership: There are 13,000 current members.
Voters: Entire membership votes for feature film. For eight remaining kudos, a combination of members and blue-ribbon panel votes.
Key dates: Feature film ballots will be mailed Dec. 5 and are due back Jan. 4; nominations will be announced Jan. 5. Final ballots will be sent out to the general membership Jan. 9 and are due back Jan. 27. The DGA Awards dinner will be Jan. 28 at the Hyatt Century Plaza.
Topper: Michael Apted, president
Contact: Laraine Savelle, (310) 289-2038
Email: laraine@dga.org
Web site: www.dga.org

Backstory: Founded in 1943, org honors outstanding successes in the film and TV industries with the Golden Globes. Membership comprises journalists who report on the entertainment industry for foreign publications.
Kudo: Golden Globes were first given out in 1944. The HFPA will give out 25 Golden Globes Jan. 16.
Membership: There are 94 current members.
Voters: Nominees and finalists are selected by the HFPA’s active members.
Key dates: Ballots will be mailed Dec. 2 and are due back Dec. 10. Nominations will be announced Dec. 13. Final ballots will be sent Dec. 27 and are due back Jan. 11. Golden Globes will be Jan. 16 at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.
Topper: Philip Berk, prexy
Contact: Lisa Tyler, (310) 657-1731
Email: office@hfpa.org
Web site: www.hfpa.org

Backstory: The Ark Trust, founded in 1991, merged with the Humane Society in August to form the HSUS Hollywood Office. Org gives out awards to honor the news media and entertainment industry for putting the spotlight on animal issues.
Kudo: The Genesis Award was first given in 1986 under the direction of actress Gretchen Wyler, who initiated the event while serving as vice chair of the Fund for Animals. Genesis moved with her to the Ark Trust when she founded it in 1991. The org will give out approximately 20 awards for 2005.
Membership: There are over 7 million members; anyone can submit a nomination suggestion via the org’s Web site. Membership comprises industryites and animal lovers.
Voters: From the suggestions received, projects that fit the criteria are chosen as candidates. A 17-member committee representing various animal movement orgs selects the winners.
Key dates: The deadlines to submit suggestions are Dec. 1 (for projects released January-November) and Dec. 20 (for projects released in December). Genesis Awards will be announced at the end of February. The Genesis ceremony will take place March 18 at the Beverly Hilton.
Topper: Gretchen Wyler, founder and president
Contact: Beverly Kaskey, (818) 501-2275
Web site: www.hsushollywood.org

Backstory: Founded in 1980, org specializes in giving kudos to above- and below-the-line talent in indie feature films.
Kudo: Findies (Friends of Independents) were given out in 1984 and ’85. The first Independent Spirit Awards ceremony was held in 1986. Seventeen awards will be handed out for 2005.
Membership: There are 9,000 members, including indie filmmakers, industry pros and indie film enthusiasts.
Voters: A 22-member nomination committee made up of actors, directors, producers and other industryites watch submitted films and nominate five finalists per category. The national membership votes for a winner in each arena.
Key dates: Nominations will be announced Nov 29. Spirit Awards will take place March 4 at a Santa Monica ceremony.
Topper: Dawn Hudson, exec director of IFP/L.A.
Contact: Production office, (310) 432-1200
Web site: www.ifp.org

Backstory: Founded in 1982, org honors outstanding accomplishments in nonfiction film and video.
Kudo: First IDA Awards were given in 1984; there will be eight categories presented for 2005.
Membership: There are 2,700 members in 50 countries, including docu producers, directors, researchers and other individuals and organizations involved in docu filmmaking.
Voters: Screening committee chairpersons select committees who nominate
films; a blue-ribbon panel picks the final winners. Additional committee nominates and votes for career achievement recipient, and other special recognition and special achievement honors.
Key dates: Nominees are announced in November, with an awards gala Dec. 9 at the Directors Guild of America.
Toppers: Richard Propper, president; Sandra Ruch, executive director
Contact: Tracie Lewis, awards manager, (213) 534-3600
Email: info@documentary.org
Web site: www.documentary.org

Backstory: Founded in 1975, org honors cinematic achievement.
Kudo: L.A. Film Critics Awards were first handed out in 1975; 16 will be given in 2006.
Membership: There are 46 members comprising critics from Los Angeles-area periodicals, and TV and radio outlets.
Voters: All awards are voted on by entire membership; committees for experimental/independent films and documentaries make recommendations to the general assembly.
Key dates: Voting takes place and award winners are announced Dec. 10. Awards ceremony will be held Jan. 17 at the Hyatt Regency in Century City.
Topper: Henry Sheehan, president
Contact: Sheehan, (818) 508-1475
Email: hsheehan@att.net

Backstory: Founded in 1953, org honors professional sound and music editors in film and TV with kudos in various areas of editing including dialogue, ADR, special effects, Foley and music.
Kudo: The first Golden Reel Award was given in 1953; 19 will be handed out for 2005.
Membership: There are approximately 445 members consisting of people in all facets of the sound industry. Some members serve on special nomination panels.
Voters: General membership votes on all feature categories (sound editing, special effects, etc.); in all other categories, such as TV episodic, a blue-ribbon panel narrows submissions down to eight noms and then selects a winner.
Key dates: TV and feature entry forms are due Dec. 9, while student entry forms are due Jan. 3. All nomination ballots are due Jan. 17. Nominations will be announced Jan. 24. Final ballots are due Feb. 22. Award dinner is March 4 at the Beverly Hilton.
Topper: Bobbi Banks
Contact: Laurie Wrendorf (818) 506-7731
Email: office@mpse.org
Web site: www.mpse.org

Backstory: Founded in 1909, org is committed to fighting social injustice. Awards for performances in film, TV, literary work and music are handed out.
Kudo: First given in 1969, award will be handed out in 35 categories for 2005.
Membership: There are more than 500,000 members internationally.
Voters: After submissions are received, a committee of industry pros and NAACP leaders select five nominees in each category. From there, the national readership of org’s Crisis magazine and the leadership of the org’s 2,000 branches make final selections.
Key dates: Nominations will be announced Jan. 10. Awards show will be taped Feb. 25 at the Shrine Auditorium. The show will air March 3 on Fox.
Toppers: Julian Bond, chairman of the board; Bruce S. Gordon, prexy, CEO and official NAACP spokesman
Contact: John C. White, (410) 580-5125
Web site: www.naacp.org

Backstory: Founded in 1908 as the National Board of Censorship of Motion Pictures (an ancestor of the Motion Picture Assn. of America), New York-based org honors quality in domestic and international cinema.
Kudo: National Board of Review kudos officially launched in 1929; 20 will be given out for 2005.
Membership: There are close to 200 members made up of critics, journalists and other individuals involved with film.
Voting: Awards in the major categories, including an annual top 10 list of pics, are voted on by the entire membership. Honorary honors (including career achievement and the Billy Wilder award for film direction) are decided by the board of directors based upon recommendations from the exceptional photoplay committee.
Key dates: Awards will be announced Dec. 6 and distributed during a gala ceremony Jan. 10 at New York’s Tavern on the Green.
Topper: Annie Schulhof, president
Contact: (212) 465-9166

Backstory: Founded in 1966, national critics org honors greatness in filmmaking.
Kudo: First NSFC Awards were given in 1966, with awards in up to 13 categories to be handed out in 2006.
Membership: There are 57 members, elected by the membership, consisting of critics for newspapers, magazines and journals throughout the country.
Voting: Awards are voted on by the general membership. Committees make recommendations for the experimental and nonfiction kudos.
Key dates: Awards will be announced Jan. 7 after the voting at Sardi’s.
Toppers: David Sterritt, chairman; Liz Weis, executive director
This year: The society has initiated a weekly poll of films recommended by the members at http://nsfc.zap2it.com/nsfc/cda/index.jsp
Contact: Liz Weis, lizfilm@nyc.rr.com; David Sterritt, djsterritt@aol.com.

Backstory: Founded in 1935, org recognizes the best films and filmmakers of the year.
Kudo: First NYFCC Awards were given in 1935, with 13 to be given for 2005, not including special awards.
Membership: There are 30 members including critics for daily and weekly publications based in New York.
Voting: All awards are voted on by the membership.
Key dates: Awards will be announced Dec. 12. and the awards dinner will be Jan. 8.
Toppers: Gene Seymour, chairman
Contact: Donna Daniels, (212) 869-7233
Email: ddaniels@ddanielspr.net

Backstory: Screen Producers Guild was founded in 1950; it merged with the Television Producers Guild in 1966. It then amalgamated with the American Assn. of Producers in March 2001. Org honors the creativity, and protects the economic rights of film and TV producers.
Kudo: The Golden Laurel, first given in ’89, was changed to the PGA Award in 2002. The org will give out six honors for 2005, not including special distinctions like the Vanguard, Visionary and Lifetime Achievement awards.
Membership: There are more than 2,300 members comprising producers, exec producers and associate producers in the film and TV industries.
Voters: The general membership’s top five picks in each main category, not including honorary kudos, become the nominees. The entire membership votes for the winner.
Key dates: Deadline for TV series submissions was Oct. 3. Deadline for long-form TV submissions is Nov. 15. Deadline for theatrical motion picture submissions is Nov. 15. Noms are announced Jan. 4. PGA nominees awards breakfast will take place Jan. 21. PGA Awards will be given out Jan. 22 at the Universal Hilton.
Topper: Kathleen Kennedy, president
Contact: Courtney Cowan, (310) 358-9020
Email: courtney@producersguild.org
Web site: www.producersguild.com

Backstory: Founded in 1933, org honors members for performances in film and TV.
Kudo: The first SAG Life Achievement Award was given in 1962, and the first SAG Awards were given in 1995. The org will hand out laurels Jan. 29 in 13 categories for 2005 and its annual Life Achievement Award will go to Shirley Temple Black.
Membership: There are 120,000 current members comprising actors, singers, dancers, stunt performers, voiceover and background performers, and puppeteers.
Voters: In April, 2,100 members each are selected at random to serve on the film and TV committees. Each committee then nominates performers in each area for the entire active membership to vote upon in January. Life achievement kudos are selected by the SAG honors and tributes committee, which is made up of board members.
Key dates: Submissions close Nov. 8. Nom ballots are mailed Dec. 2 and are due back Jan. 3. Noms will be announced Jan. 5 at the Pacific Design Center. Final ballots will be sent Jan. 6 and are due back Jan. 27. The 12th annual SAG Awards will be held Jan. 29 at the Los Angeles Shrine Exhibition Center.
This year: 2006 marks the first time the SAG Awards will air simultaneously on two networks, TNT and TBS.
Topper: Alan Rosenberg, president
Contact: Kathy Connell, SAG Awards producer (310) 235-1030
Rosalind Jarrett, SAG Awards publicity, (310) 235-1030
Email: awardsinfo@sagawards.org
Web site: www.sagawards.com

Backstory: Authors Guild was formed in 1912 and changed to the WGA in 1933. Org honors outstanding work of writers in the film, TV and multimedia industries.
Kudo: WGA Awards were first handed out in 1947. In 2006, awards will be given in 21 categories, including three new series awards. Honorary kudos will be presented in screen, TV, nonfiction, and animation, among others.
Membership: There are 11,250 West and East members comprising screen, broadcast, cable and interactive writers in entertainment and news.
Voters: Competitive awards in screen and TV categories are selected by all current members in good standing. Nominees for individual TV categories are selected by panels of judges comprising current members in good standing. Previous recipients select WGAW honorary award nominees, with final honorees chosen by its board of directors. The WGA East’s awards committee selects nominees for honorary awards, with final honorees chosen by the WGAE council.
Key dates: Preliminary ballots will be mailed out Dec. 7. TV nominees will be announced Dec. 8. Deadline for preliminary screen ballots is Jan. 2. Screen nominees will be announced Jan. 4. All final ballots will be mailed Jan. 6. Deadline for final ballots is Jan. 30. Winners will be announced Feb. 4. at the Hollywood Palladium in L.A. and the Waldorf-Astoria in N.Y.
Toppers: Patric M. Verrone, WGA West prexy
Chris Albers, WGA East prexy
Contact person: Barbara Ditlow (West), (323) 782-4569
Sindy Gordon (East), (212) 767) 7810
Web site: www.wga.org

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