Cyberspacers takes stand against industry ads

BOSTON — It was only a matter of time before cyberspace answered the industry campaign against film piracy. In a short titled “An Independent Filmmaker Talks About Film Piracy,” writer-director Nat Segaloff pricks the execs who say it’s all about protecting hourly wages for grips by suggesting the real pirates are the suits.

The film features a filmmaker hawking videos of his own current release in an alley. He’s been reduced to pirating his work because of the onerous deal he made with the distrib where he’ll be lucky to see another dime regardless of the pic’s B.O.

It ends with the filmmaker urging everyone to illegally copy movies, since the antipiracy campaign is primarily about corporate profits, not helping the little guy in the industry. The satiric short closes with the statement, “Two wrongs don’t make a right. But it’s a start.”

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