Thesp/scribe touts 'Connie' at gathering

NEW YORK — Drag queens Hedda Lettuce and Sade Pendavis held court at Village lounge Bar d’O last week before a swelling crowd eager to hear that night’s headliner — Nia Vardalos.

Not surprisingly, the April 7 show ran behind sked, but with chins up and boobs out, Lettuce and Pendavis gamely entertained the audience with renditions of “Little Red Corvette” and a deft parody of Shakira‘s “Whenever, Wherever.”

Vardalos, on the scene to promote forthcoming U comedy “Connie and Carla,” treated the crowd to “I’m Just a Girl Who Can’t Say No” from “Oklahoma.”

The scribe/thesp immersed herself in drag culture for the pic, developing a great respect for the world.

“Once you hug someone and have been mashed against their incredibly hard breasts, you’re friends for life,” she explained.

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