Film one big happy family

In connecting the dots, one finds Gotham’s movie community remarkably close knit, if not interrelated.

1. Robert Altman
Sandcastle 5 Prods.
Location: 545 W. 45th St., Ninth Floor, New York 10036
Alliances: Sony Pictures Classics, Christine Vachon

2. Michael Barker
Tom Bernard

Sony Pictures Classics
Location: 550 Madison Ave., 8th Floor New York 10022
Alliances: Robert Altman, Hal Hartley, Jeff-Levy Hinte, Spike Lee, Ted Hope, John Sayles

3. Bob Berney
Newmarket Films
Location: 596 5th Ave., 7th Fl., New York 10017
Alliances: John Sayles, Hart Sharp

4. Eamonn Bowles
Magnolia Pictures
Location: 115 W. 27th St., 8th Floor, New York 10001
Alliances: Jeffrey Levy-Hinte

5. Robert DeNiro/Jane Rosenthal
Tribeca Prods.
Location: 375 Greenwich St., 8th Floor, New York 10013
Alliances: DreamWorks, MGM, Miramax, Scott Rudin, Universal

6. Ira Deutchman
Emerging Pictures
Location: 245 W. 55th St., 4th Floor, New York 10019

7. Jean Doumanian
Jean Doumanian Productions
Location: 595 Madison Ave., Ste 2200, New York 10022
Alliances: DreamWorks, Miramax, Sony

8. Sue Bodine & Andrew Hurwitz
Epstein Levinsohn Bodine
Hurwitz & Weinstein
Location:1790 Broadway, New York 10019
Alliances: Ted Hope, Larry Meistrich, Ira Deutchman, Christine Vachon

9. John Hart and Jeff Sharp
Hart Sharp Entertainment
Location: 380 Lafayette St. # 304, New York 10003
Alliances: Cappa Productions, IFC, Larry Meistrich, United Artists, Christine Vachon

10. Hal Hartley
True Fiction Pictures
Location: 39 West 14th Street Room, 406 New York 10011
Alliances: Fine Line, Ted Hope, Larry Meistrich

11. HBO
Location: 1100 Avenue of the Americas, New York 10036
Alliances: See other connections

12. Ted Hope
This Is That
Location: 417 Canal St., 4th Floor, New York 10013
Alliances: Focus, HBO, Jason Kliot (Open City), Larry Meistrich, John Penotti (Greenestreet), Universal, Christine Vachon

13. Jim Jarmusch
Location: 208 E 6th St., New York 10003

14. Ross Katz
Elemental Films
Location: 1114 Ave of the Americas, 26th floor, New York 10036
Alliances: Focus, Ted Hope, John Penotti

15. Jason Kliot and Joanne Vicente
Open City Films
Location:145 Avenue of the Americas, 7th Floor, New York 10013
Alliances: Ted Hope, Christine Vachon

#. Spike Lee
40 Acres and a Mule
Location: 124 Dekalb Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11217
Alliances: HBO, Touchstone, Universal

16. Jeffrey Levy-Hinte and Mary Jane Skalski
Antidote International Films
Location: 200 Varick St., Suite 502, New York 10014-4810
Alliances: Content Films, Focus, HBO, Ted Hope, Scott Macaulay,

17. David Linde and James Schamus
Focus Features
Location: 65 Bleecker St., 2nd Floor , New York 10012
Alliances: Ted Hope, Ross Katz, Mary Jane Skalski, Universal, Christine Vachon

18. Scott Macaulay
Forensic Films
Location: 451 Greenwich St., New York 10013
Alliances: HBO, Ted Hope, Jeff Levy-Hinte, John Penotti (GreeneStreet), James Schamus

19. Larry Meistrich
Film Movement
Location: 375 West Broadway 2nd Floor, New York 10012

20. John Penotti
Greenstreet Films, Inc.
Location: 9 Desbrosses St., 2nd Floor, New York 10013
Alliances: Ted Hope, Scott Macaulay, Hart Sharp, Christine Vachon

21. Scott Rudin
Scott Rudin Prods.
Location: 120 W. 45th St., New York 10036
Alliances: Miramax, Paramount, Tribeca

22. John Sayles
Anarchist Convention
Location:130 W. 25th St., New York 10001
Alliances: IFC Films, John Sloss, Sony Pictures Classics

23. John Schmidt
Content Film
Location: 419 Lafayette St., 7th Floor, New York 10003
Alliances: Christine Vachon, John Wells

24. Jonathan Sehring
IFC Films/IFC Prods.
Location:11 Penn Plaza, 15th floor, New York 10001
Alliances: John Sayles, John Sloss, Christine Vachon

25. John Sloss
Cinetic Media 555
Location: W. 25th St., 4th Floor, New York 10001
Alliances: Focus, Fox Searchlight, IFC Films, Miramax, ThinkFilm, United Artists, John Sayles, Hart Sharp, Kevin Smith, Sony Pictures Classics, Whit Stillman, Christine Vachon

26. Kevin Smith*
View Askew Productions
Location: 116 Broad St., Red Bank, NJ 07701
Alliances: Miramax, John Sloss

27. Mark Urman
Location: 155 Avenue of the Americas, 7th floor., New York 10013

28. Christine Vachon and Pam Koffler
Killer Films
Location: 380 Lafayette St., Ste. 302, New York 10003
Alliances: HBO, Ted Hope, Jason Kliot (Open City), MGM, John Penotti (GreeneStreet), James Schamus, Hart Sharp, John Sloss, Universal, Warner Bros.

29. Bart Walker
Location: 40 W. 57th St., New York 10019
Alliances: Fine Line, Focus, Miramax, Sony Pictures Classics

##. Harvey and Bob Weinstein
Location: 375 Greenwich St., New York 10013
Alliances: Also DreamWorks, Fox, New Line, Paramount, Warner Bros.


30. Dreamworks,
650 Madison Ave.,
New York 10022

31. Fine Line Features
888 7th Ave., 20th floor,
New York 10106

32. Samuel Goldwyn/IDP
1133 Broadway, Ste. 926,
New York 10010

33. 20th Century Fox/Fox Searchlight
1211 Avenue of the Americas,
New York 10036

34. Showtime
1633 Broadway,
New York 10019
Sony Pictures Classics, Miramax, Samuel Goldwyn

35. Universal Pictures
825 8th Ave.,
New York 10019

36. United Artists
1350 Avenue of the Americas, 24th Floor,
New York 10019

37. Warner Bros. (John Wells Productions)
1325 Avenue of the Americas,
New York 10019
IFC Productions, Christine Vachon, Robert Altman, Fox Searchlight

#. Not located in Manhattan

##. Same address as #5

* Not pinpointed on map

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