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Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences
Kudos: Awards, the Oscar, are presented in up to 25 categories for individual or collective achievements in filmmaking.
Fun fact: There are 74 films that have received 10 or more nominations; “All About Eve” and “Titanic” stand at the top, with 14 each.
Membership: Org counts 6,576 members, repping 14 branches including actors, art directors, cinematographers, directors, film editors, music, producers, public relations, sound, visual effects and writers.
Voters: There are 5,803 voting members. Most categories take up to five nominees. For the most part, members of each Acad-emy branch conduct balloting to determine the nominees – for example, only members of the directors branch nominate people in the directing category. The foreign-language film award and makeup categories are the only two sections not represented by a specific branch. A special committee comprising members drawn from all branches vote for the foreign-language film nominees. Final winners in all categories are voted on by all eligible voting members. All voting members may nominate and vote for best picture.
Key dates: Nominations ballots will be mailed Dec. 27 and must be returned by Jan. 15. Noms will be announced Jan. 25. Fi-nal ballets will be sent Feb. 2 and must be returned by Feb. 22. The 77th Academy Awards will be take place Feb. 27 at the Kodak Theater in Hollywood.
Topper: Frank Pierson, prexy
Contact: Academy Communications Dept. (310) 247-3090
Web site:

American Cinema Editors
Kudo: Eddies given in eight categories including editing for film, television and documentary.
Fun fact: It wasn’t until 2003 that a woman (producer Kathleen Kennedy) nabbed the ACE Golden Eddie award.
Membership: ACE counts 529 members, Active members are those actively employed as editors. Affiliate members are peo-ple in executive or supervisory positions in the industry; life members are those editors who upon retirement are selected by the board of directors to have a lifetime membership. Honorary members are those noneditors whom the board of directors has determined to have distinguished themselves in the industry.
Voters: All members have voting privileges, with affiliated members excluded from TV categories.
Key dates: Submissions for noms began Oct. 1 and conclude Dec. 10. Nomination ballots will be mailed Dec. 17 and are due by Jan. 10. Noms will be announced Jan. 14. Final ballots will be mailed Jan. 21 and are due by Feb. 4. Org’s 55th kudofest is skedded for Feb. 20.
Topper: Alan Heim, prexy
Contact: Jenni McCormick, (818) 777-2900
Web site:

American Society of Cinematographers
Kudo: Org honors distinctions in film and television cinematography in 7 categories. Special awards of recognition are also given.
Fun fact: The ASC noms have been a reliable indicator of cinematography Oscar contenders, with a match of nearly 90%.
Membership: There are 280 active members worldwide; 141 associate and five honorary members.
Voters: All active members are eligible to vote. Special ASC awards are not voted on by the general membership but selected by a 37-person committee and approved by the board of governors.
Key dates: Film nomination ballots will be sent the week of Dec. 13 and are due by Jan. 7. Noms will be announced Jan. 11 or 12. Final ballots will be sent Jan. 21 and are due by Feb. 11. The 19th annual ASC kudo-fest will take place Feb. 20.
Topper: Richard Crudo, prexy
Contact: (800) 448-0145
Web site:

Art Directors Guild & Scenic, Title & Graphic Artists (IATSE Local 800)
Kudos: Org recognizes excellence in production design in seven categories. Special awards of recognition are also given. Nine awards will be handed during the 2005 kudofest.
Fun fact: The guild will launch a hall of fame at its next ceremony.
Membership: There are 1,400 active members. Branches include production designers, art directors and assistant art directors. Governed by a 15-member board and two 12-member crafts councils, one for art directors and one for scenic artists.
Voters: Competitive awards are voted on by the entire ADG active membership. Special honors (including lifetime achieve-ment and outstanding contribution to cinematic imagery) are determined by committee and approved by the exec board.
Key dates: Nomination ballots will be mailed out Dec. 13 and are due back by Jan. 11. Nominees will be announced Jan. 13. Final ballots will be mailed out Jan. 13 and are due back by Feb. 11. Winners will be announced at Feb. 12 kudofest.
Topper: Tom Walsh, president
Contact: Karen Jacobsen, (818) 762-9995
Web site:

British Academy of Film & Television Arts
Kudos: Judging from the 400 or so films screened in Britain during the year, org awards films and actors for cinematic achievement in 19 categories including film, actor, sound, editing and screenplay. Twenty-eight trophies will be handed out at the 2005 Orange British Academy Film Awards.
Fun fact: With less than 30 minutes to go before show time in 2003, a BAFTA trophy got smashed. With the help of glue and a hairdryer from Stephen Fry’s dressing room, Ridley Scott’s audience award for “Gladiator” was saved.
Membership:: There are 4,000 BAFTA members.
Voters: There are 5,000 voting who nominate and select all 19 categories. All members vote in the top five categories. Once narrowed down to five, expert secret juries (who need not be BAFTA members) choose specialty categories.
Topper: Richard Attenborough, president
Contact: Doreen Dean, (310) 652-4121
Web site:

Broadcast Film Critics Assn.
Kudo: Association presents the Critics’ Choice Awards to honor the finest achievements in filmmaking. Awards in 19 catego-ries, including actor, writer, director, made-for-television picture and docu, will be given out during a 2005 ceremony.
Fun fact: For the first few years, the BFCA announced the winners before the ceremony and threw them a boozy lunch at the Beverly Hills Hotel. In 2002, Jack Nicholson, after a few glasses of wine, made an acceptance speech for “About Schmidt” that Robin Williams later translated for the crowd.
Membership: There are 190 BFCA members, made up of TV, radio and online critics in the U.S. and Canada.
Voters: All members have voting rights in all categories.
Key dates: Nominating ballots will be sent Dec. 6 and must be returned by Dec. 12. Noms will be announced Dec. 15. Final ballots will be sent out Jan. 3 and are due back by Jan. 7. Critics’ Choice Awards ceremony will take place Jan. 9.
Topper: Joey Berlin, president
Contact: Joey Berlin, (310) 860-2665
Web site:

Costume Design Guild (IATSE Local 892)
Kudo: Awards will be given in five categories, including excellence in contemporary and period/fantasy costume design in film and television, and for excellence in a commercial. Additionally, numerous honorary kudos, including a Presidents Award to Debbie Reynolds, will be handed out this year. Also, the guild will induct four deceased members into its hall of fame.
Fun fact: 2004 fantasy/period category winner Ngila Dickson wasn’t told which of her projects had garnered her the honor: “The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King” or “The Last Samurai.” Turned out to it was “Return of the King.”
Membership: Org counts 590 members: costume designers from the motion picture, television, commercial, and stage world-wide. There are 500 active members.
Voters: All active members of the guild can nominate and make final decisions for film, television and commercials contend-ers.
Key dates: Nomination ballots will be sent Dec. 1 and must be returned by Dec. 27. Nominations will be announced Dec. 29 (to nominees) and Jan. 3 (to press). Final ballots will be sent Jan. 18 and are due back by Feb. 14. The award ceremony will be held Feb. 19.
Topper: Debra Nadoolman Landis, prexy
Contact: Costume Designers Guild, (818) 905-1557
Web site:

Directors Guild of America
Kudo: The DGA honors outstanding directorial achievement in film, TV, movies for television, documentaries and commer-cials. Nine awards and an additional four to six special laurels will be handed out at the 2005 kudofest.
Fun fact: Only six times since the DGA Awards’ inception has the guild’s film honoree not won the director Oscar.
Membership: There are 12,900 members.
Voters: Entire membership votes for feature film. For eight remaining kudos, a combination of members and blue ribbon pan-els vote.
Key dates: Feature film ballots will be sent Dec. 6 and are due back by Jan. 5; nominations will be announced Jan. 6. Final ballots will be sent out to the general membership Jan. 10 and are due back by Jan. 28. The DGA Awards dinner will be Jan. 29.
Topper: Michael Apted, president
Contact: Laraine Savelle, (310) 289-2038
Web site:

Hollywood Foreign Press Assn.
Kudo: Org gives out Golden Globes to honor outstanding work in the film and TV industries. The org will give out 24 awards in 2005, not including special kudos such as the Cecil B. DeMille Award.
Fun fact: Bathrooms have played a major role in the spontaneity of the show.
Membership: Comprises 83 active and four new/nonactive members who are entertainment journos for foreign publications.
Voters: The org’s active members, who have been in the HFPA for at least a year, select nominees.
Key dates: Ballots will be mailed Dec. 3 and are due by Dec. 10. Nominations will be announced Dec. 13. Final ballots will be sent Dec. 28 and are due back by Jan. 12. The 62nd Golden Globes will be held Jan. 16.
Topper: Lorenzo Soria, prexy
Contact: (310) 657-1731
Email: (media inquiries) Michael Russell Group (310) 939-9024
Web site:

IFP/West Independent Spirit Awards
Kudos: Ceremony honors creative talent in indie features. Seventeen kudos will be handed out in 2005.
Fun fact: Originally called Findies (Friends of Independents) in 1984 and 1985, winners were originally presented with Plexi-glas pyramids containing suspended shoestrings representing the paltry budgets of indie pics.
Membership: There are 9,000 members, including indie filmmakers, industry pros and indie film enthusiasts.
Voters: A 22-member nomination committee made up of actors, directors, producers, writers and other industryites watch submitted films and nominate five finalists per category. The national membership votes for a winner in each arena.
Key dates: Nominations will be announced Nov. 30. Final ballots will be sent out Jan. 3 and are due back by Feb. 16. Spirit Awards will be announced Feb. 26.
Topper: Dawn Hudson, exec director of IFP/LA
Contact: Production office, (310) 432-1200
Web site:

Intl. Documentary Assn.
Kudo: Org honors outstanding accomplishments in nonfiction film and video in five regular categories including docu feature, short, limited series and continuing series. Additionally, eight special honors will be presented during the 2005 kudofest.
Fun fact: Mel Stuart found a large stuffed cat waiting for him when he arrived at last year’s awards gala to receive the pioneer kudo. Turns out Sheila Nevins flew the cat in as a sign of her affection for Stuart.
Membership: There are over 2,700 members in more than 40 countries, including docu producers, directors, researchers and other individuals and orgs involved in documaking.
Voters: Committees appoint panel members, who during summer membership may volunteer for screening committees to select nominees, but a blue-ribbon panel picks the final winners and finalizes recipients of special honors.
Key dates: Nominees were announced Oct. 20; winners will be named during the week of Nov. 29. Kudofest will be held Dec. 11.
Toppers: Richard Propper, president
Contact: Tracie Lewis, (213) 534-3600, ext. 7438
Web site:

Los Angeles Film Critics Assn.
Kudo: Org honors cinematic achievement in 17 categories and occasional special citations are presented.
Fun fact: The absence of cameras and no open bar sets this kudofest apart from the rest.
Membership: There are 46 active members, critics from Los Angeles-area periodicals and TV and radio outlets.
Voters: All awards are voted on by the entire membership; committees for experimental/independent films and documentaries make recommendations to the general assembly.
Key dates: Nominations, voting and announcement of honorees take place in one day, Dec. 18. Awards dinner will be held Jan. 13.
Topper: Henry Sheehan, president
Contact: Jean Oppenheimer, (323) 932-0689
Web site:

Motion Picture Sound Editors
Kudo: Org honors professional sound and music editors in all forms of motion pictures with kudos in all areas of sound editing including dialogue ADR, sound effects, Foley and music. Nineteen Golden Reel kudos will be awarded in 2005.
Fun fact: In 1958, the organization presented Jayne Mansfield with its honorary Sweetheart Award, a bracelet with a heart-shaped charm. Presenting in 1961, she remarked “Since then, everything in my life has been heart-shaped, even my swimming pool.”
Membership: There are over 400 members, from all areas of the sound industry. There are 260 active and 160 nonactive members. Both active and nonactive members can vote on final ballots if they volunteer to be on viewing panels.
Voters: General membership votes on all feature categories. A blue-ribbon panel narrows submissions in other categories to three to eight noms and then selects winners.
Key dates: Feature nomination ballots will be sent Dec. 15 and due by Jan. 18. Final ballots will be sent Feb. 1 and are due by Feb. 23. The 52nd Golden Reel Awards will be held Feb. 26
Topper: David Bondelevitch, prexy
Contact: David Bondelevitch, (818) 506-7731
Web site:

National Board of Review
Kudos: Awards in 22 categories including film, docu, actor, actress and acting ensemble will be handed out during the 2005 awards ceremony.
Fun fact: Although Diane Keaton nabbed NBR’s actress kudo for “Something’s Gotta Give” at the 2004 ceremony, it was the board’s breakthrough thesp honoree, Charlize Theron (“Monster”), who ended up taking the actress Oscar.
Membership: There are 150 NBR members: academics, journalists and other individuals involved with film.
Voting: Awards in the major categories, including an annual top 10 list of pics, are voted on by entire membership. Honorary awards (including career achievement and a Billy Wilder kudo for film direction) are decided by the board of directors based upon recommendations from the exceptional photoplay committee.
Key dates: Awards will be announced Dec. 1 and distributed at the Jan. 11 kudofest.
Topper: Annie Schulhof, president
Contact: Bob Policastro, managing director; (212) 465-9166
Web site:

National Society of Film Critics
Kudo: As many as 12 categories, including achievement in acting, screenwriting, directing and overall film of the year.
Fun fact: The society has agreed with the Academy Awards on best picture only three times in the past 37 years (“Annie Hall,” “Unforgiven,” “Schindler’s List”).
Membership: There are 56 members, elected by committee, consisting of critics from newspapers, magazines and journals throughout the country.
Voting: Org holds its business and voting meeting Jan. 8. Absentees are permitted to vote by proxy on the first ballot. After that, only attending members can join in. Org uses a weighted voting system. Winners must hold plurality and majority of ballot.
Key dates: Awards will be announced Jan. 8 in New York.
Topper: Peter Rainer, chairman; Elizabeth Weiss, executive director

New York Film Critics Circle
Kudo: Org recognizes the best films, filmmakers, actor, screenwriters, etc., of the year. Approximately 13 to be given in 2005.
Fun fact: NYFCC dubbed “Citizen Kane” best pic in 1941, while the Academy gave top honors to “How Green Was My Valley.”
Membership: Currently 35 members including critics for daily and weekly publications based in New York
Voting: All awards are voted on by the entire membership.
Key dates: Voting results will be announced Dec. 13. The awards dinner presentation is Jan. 8.
Topper: Jonathan Foreman, chairman
Contact: Donna Daniels (212) 869-7233
Web site:

Producers Guild of America
Kudo: Org honors the creativity of and protects the economic rights of film, television and new-media producers. Six PGA honors will be given out in 2005, not including special ones like the Vanguard, Visionary and lifetime achievement kudos.
Fun fact: The Producers Guild’s Darryl F. Zanuck Award for best produced motion picture boasts the best track record in the industry for predicting the Oscar for picture – 11 of 15 winners have gone on to the Acad’s top trophy.
Membership: There are approximately 2,200 active members comprising producers, exec producers, associate producers in the film, TV and new-media industries.
Voters: The general active membership’s top five picks in each main category, not including honorary kudos, become the nominees. The entire active membership votes for the winners.
Key dates: Film nomination ballots will be sent out Dec. 8 and are due back by Dec. 31. Nominees will be announced Jan. 5. Final ballots will be sent Jan. 5 and are due back by Jan. 20. PGA Awards will be announced Jan. 22.
Topper: Kathleen Kennedy, president
Contact: Jo-Ann West (310) 358-9020
Web site:

Screen Actors Guild Awards
Kudo: Org honors members for performances in film and TV. Statuettes in 13 categories will be given in 2005, as well as the 41st annual SAG life achievement honor.
Fun facts: The “ER” ensemble has nabbed more actor kudos (37) than any other television series cast.
Membership: There are over 100,000 eligible members nationwide, comprising actors, singers, dancers, stunt performers, voiceover and background performers and puppeteers.
Voters: Each August, 2,100 members are selected at random to serve on the film and television nominating committees. The film committee nominates performers in five film categories and the TV committee nominates performers in the eight television categories. The final ballot is sent to the entire membership to vote upon in January. Life Achievement kudos are selected by the SAG Honors and Tributes Committee, which is made up of board members.
Key dates: Nomination ballots will be sent Dec. 10 and are due back by Jan. 7. Nominations will be announced Jan. 11. Final ballots will be sent Jan. 11 and are due back by Feb. 3. The 11th annual SAG Awards will be held Feb. 5.
Topper: Melissa Gilbert, president
Contact: Rosalind Jarrett, awards publicist, (310) 235-1030
Web site:

Writers Guild of America
Kudo: Org honors outstanding work of writers in film, television and radio.
Fun fact: Networks were shut out during the 2004 kudofest when cable shows took complete control of the long-form nods.
Membership: There are 11,000 eligible voting members.
Voters: Competitive awards are determined by all current members. Noms for honorary awards (including lifetime contribu-tion to film screenwriting) are determined in part by previous recipients. The guild’s board of directors chooses final honorees.
Key dates: Preliminary ballots will be mailed out Dec. 27. The deadline for preliminary ballots is Jan. 10. Nominees for films will be announced Jan. 13. Final ballots will be mailed Jan. 14. The deadline for final screen ballots is Feb. 15. Winners will be announced Feb. 19 at simultaneous shows on the both coasts.
Topper: Daniel Petrie Jr., president
Contact: Public Affairs Dept. (323) 782-4574 or WGAE, Sindy Gordon (212) 767-7800
Web site:

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