Letter to the editor

To the Editor:

If you’re a “gaffe-hunter” in motion pictures, as I am, you will appreciate the “lulu” I have discovered in “The Passion of the Christ” (which I have yet to see)!

In the promotional trailers that are being flashed across the television screens the world over, they show a huge spike being hammered through the palm of the hand of Christ, as they nailed him to the cross. However, science and the experience of those who crucify others, tells us that nailing a person on a cross in such a fashion will not work, because the construction of the human palm is fragmented, and will tear away from the spike in a short time. That’s why they always nailed them through the wrist, which is sturdier and more permanent.

So, Mel, baby, your research staffers missed that one, by a country mile!

See you in church!

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