Letter to the editor

To the editor:

What’s in a name? Plenty. You would think Hollywood would learn from its mistakes — specifically in the Department of Terrible Titles. The good films (The Shawshank Redemption), the bad (Gigli) and the ones somewhere in between (The Hudsucker Proxy) suffer from godawful names which may negatively effect their box office. If a title is going to make today’s average Joe feel foolish or fruity because he can’t pronounce it (Gee-glee? Giggly? Jiggly?) or if he can’t bring himself to say it (De-Lovely), why bother? Can you really hear, say, a NASCAR dad or a hip-hop teen going up to the box office and buying, “Two for De-Lovely”? C’mon! Wouldn’t something like Night and Day — although used before — be a catchier title? (This movie may have another strike against it — it’s about witty, sophisticated and classy people of the past which people of the present may very well find hard to relate to in these coarser, dumber, “wardrobe malfunctioning” days.)

Next, coming down the pike is a film whose title really falls trippingly on the tongue — not!: I (Heart) Huckabees. What the hell was Fox Searchlight thinking?! (A friend who is an actor in this film, told me most of the cast hates the name and hopes it will change before release.) Let’s hope so!

Oh, and speaking of terrible names, this one’s for Bob and Harvey Weinstein: Nifty name for your new film distribution company, guys: Fellowship Adventure Group. It sounds like a Christian scout camp — just don’t do an M.G.M. with that one!

Bob Canning

Petaluma, CA

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