Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

Regarding Brian Lowry’s Aug. 16 column  “When It Comes to Scribes, Bravo Holds the Applause”:  

Matching talent with opportunity is the hardest thing to do in Hollywood.  

And in this town, where execs are far too closed-minded and afraid to consider writing that can’t be franchised, tentpoled or Must-See-Tv’d, Bravo should be applauded for knocking down a few barriers…even if it’s only for a 13-week run.

Lowry’s choice to equate writers who are not yet  “professionals” with talentless rubes mesmerized by the shinny, candy-like idea of participating in a reality show is simple-minded even by sitcom standards.  Professional writers are not cloned and immediately employed, after all.  And there are actually good writers out there who, due to a lack of contacts and, let’s face it — luck, are paying the bills with something other than their words.

There will be ne’er-do-wells and talentless first-timers entering Bravo’s contest.  But, there will also be talented, undiscovered writers with no access to the kinds of contacts who could actually get a good script from point A to point B.

And if Bravo is willing to sort through the chaff to find some wheat, and upend their parent company’s ineptitude in the process, their choice should be praised and their example followed.

Lowry is correct that reality shows take advantage of their contestants by molding the  “reality” to suit the storytelling.  But, all editing can really do is amplify traits that are already there.  So, if you come off as an idiot or an a**hole on a reality show, odds are you really are one, at least to a certain degree.

As a struggling writer, would I be willing to have my least-favorite character traits magnified on television in exchange for the chance to get ahead at what I love to do?


Because, I don’t care if you think I’m an a**hole — as long as the WRITING gets its fifteen minutes of fame.

Awaiting the indignity,

Geoff Ashley

(Ashley is a talent manager and an aspiring writer.)

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