All over ‘The Boy’

Jackman loves the production's outfits, playing around

Warning to actresses who appear onstage with the sexiest man alive: Make sure to arrive at the opening-night party before he shows up. You don’t have an hour to fuss over hair and makeup.

Fifty-five news outlets came to “The Boy From Oz” fete at the Copacabana Thursday night, and about 50 left as soon as Hugh Jackman gave each of them his 90 seconds of Q&A.

Most asked question: “Why did you want to play Peter Allen?”

His answer, times 50: “It’s the outfits!”

Beyond that, why would the star of “X-Men” want to play the star of “Legs Diamond”?

“Peter Allen was a great all-around entertainer,” Jackman said. “He not only sang and danced, he also played the piano. I’m just playing around.” And to prove his point, Jackman started pounding away on an imaginary keyboard.

With the boy from Oz safely ensconced in the Copacabana ballroom, his very coiffed co-stars Stephanie J. Block and Isabel Keating finally made their way down the radically depleted red carpet.

“Thanks for sticking around,” said Block, who had just made her Broadway debut playing Liza Minnelli.

Opening nighters included Julianne Moore, Rod Stewart, Ellen Barkin, Ron Perelman and “X-Men” co-stars Famke Janssen and James Marsden.

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