Inside Move: Controversy gnaws Mouse

Van de Kamp sez bully Eisner to blame for her removal

A flap continues over the failure of a Disney director to be renominated to the Mouse House board.

Andrea Van de Kamp, the ousted director and head of Sotheby’s West Coast, has accused head Mouseketeer Michael Eisner of “threatening and bullying” tactics, the L.A. Times reported Saturday.

The newspaper quoted from a Jan. 21 letter Van de Kamp sent to the Disney nominating committee, which last month voted 4-0 to remove her. In the letter, she complained that her removal “gives the appearance that rubber-stamping Michael’s decisions is an unwritten prerequisite for continued board membership.”

Van de Kamp wasn’t immediately unavailable to elaborate on the published letter. Disney officials have declined comment on the controversy, noting the decision against renominating Van de Kamp was made by a board committee and not Mouse management.

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