AFI announces lineup for 2003 fest

134 pics include 26 world, 24 North American preems

The American Film Institute has announced its lineup for AFI Fest 2003, kicking off Nov. 6 in Los Angeles.

The ten-day event, headquartered at ArcLight Hollywood, boasts 26 world preems, 24 North American preems, and 24 stateside preems in a sked of 134 films with a strong focus on international politics.

Pics were chosen from a pool of over 2,500 submissions, a 25% increase of pics from last year. Competitive categories include international features, docus, and short programs, while the non-competitive arm will screen pics grouped by ethnicity or nationality with a timely inagurual run of “Beyond Conflict: Focus on the Middle East” featuring six films about the political conflict and middle eastern culture.

Beside “Beyond Conflict,” the fest will unspool pics in other non-competing international categories including 10 in American directions, eight in Asian new classics, eight in Latin cinema series, 12 in European showcase, and eight in “Made in Germany”– the 4th fest of German Cinema returning with support from Export-Union of German Cinema.

Highlights will include a tribute to thesp Omar Sharif to be feted with a night of conversation with Variety Editor-in-Chief, Peter Bart in addition to the U.S. preem of Francois Dupeyron’s “Monsieur Ibrahim et fleurs de Coran” starring the honored thesp. The tribute is set to continue with a retrospective at the Skirball Cultural Center.

The ArcLight Cinerama Dome will host the opening, closing and two centerpiece galas screening Nigel Cole’s “Calendar Girls,” Patty Jenkins’ “Monster,” and Vadim Perelman’s “House of Sand and Fog” and Norman Jewison’s “The Statement,” respectively. The special screenings program will unspool eight pics. Of note are Canuck Oscar submission for foreign film, “The Barbarian Invasions,” Robert Altman’s preem of “The Company,” and Jim Sheridan’s (“My Left Foot”) semi-autobiographical pic “In America.”

“The Earth Sings” (Zem Speiva), one of two ethnic docus by helmer Karel Plicka which was awarded the Gold Cup at the Venice fest in 1934 will be honored with in the preservation spotlight showcasing Slovakian culture of the past.


“AILEEN: LIFE AND DEATH OF A SERIAL KILLER” (United Kingdom/USA, 2003, 89 min, DIR Nick Broomfield, Joan Churchill, PROD Jo Human)

“THE BARBARIAN INVASIONS/LES INVASIONS BARBARES” (Canada, 2003, 111 min, DIR/SCR Denys Arcand, PROD Daniel Louis, Denise Robert)

“BRIGHT LEAVES” (USA, 2003, 107 min, DIR/PROD/DP Ross McElwee)

“THE COMPANY”–US Premiere (USA/Germany, 2003, 112 min, DIR Robert Altman, SCR Barbara Turner, PROD David Ley)

“THE FOG OF WAR” (USA, 2003, 106 min, DIR Errol Morris, PROD Errol Morris, Michael Williams, Julie Ahlberg)

“IN AMERICA” (Ireland/UK, 2002, 103 min, DIR Jim Sheridan, SCR Jim Sheridan, Naomi Sheridan, Kirsten Sheridan)

“JAPANESE STORY” (Australia, 2003, 107 min, DIR Sue Brooks, SCR Alison Tilson, PROD Sue Maslin)

“THE TRIPLETS OF BELLEVILLE/LES TRIPLETTES DE BELLEVILLE (BELLEVILLE RENDEZ-VOUS)” (France/Canada/Belgium, 2003, 80 min, DIR/SCR/ANIM Sylvain Chomet, PROD Didier Brunner, Paul Cadieux)



(All US or North American Premieres)

“AFTERLIFE” (Scotland, 2003, 104 min, DIR Alison Peebles, SCR Andrea Gibb, PROD Catherine Aitken)

“AN ALMOST ORDINARY STORY/SKORO SASVIM OBICNA PRICA” –North American Premiere (Serbia/Montenegro, 2003, 80 min, DIR Milos Petricic, SCR Dusan Ristic, PROD Predrag Maksimovic)

“BUDDY”–US Premiere (Norway, 2003, 104 min, DIR Morten Tyldum, SCR Lars Gudmestad, PROD Gudny Hummelvoll, Knut Jensen, Bjorn Jensen)

“CONSPIRACY OF SILENCE”–North American Premiere (Ireland, 2003, 87 min, DIR/SCR John Deery PROD Davina Stanley EXEC PROD Robert Bevan, Keith Hayley, Charlie Savill, Stephen Margolis, Amit Barooah)

“THE FOREST/LE SILENCE DE LA FORET”–US Premiere (Central African Republic/Cameroon/Gabon, 2003, 93 min, DIR/SCR Didier Ouenangare, Bassek ba Kobhio, PROD Charles Mensah, Annie Izoungou, Abderrahmane Sissako, Guillaume de Seille)

“THE GREEN BUTCHERS/DE GRONNE SLAGTERE”–US Premiere (Denmark, 2003, 100 min, DIR/SCR Anders Thomas Jensen, PROD Kim Magnusson)

“HOW MY MOTHER GAVE BIRTH TO ME DURING HER MENOPAUSE/COMMENT MA MERE ACCOUCHA DE MOI DURANT SA MENOPAUSE”–North American Premiere (Canada, 2003, 114 min, DIR/SCR Sebastien Rose, PROD Roger Frappier, Luc Vandal)

“NICOTINA”–US Premiere (Mexico/Argentina/Spain, 2003, 93 min, DIR Hugo Rodríguez, SCR Martín Salinas, PROD Laura Imperiale, Martha Sosa)

“NOBODY NEEDS TO KNOW”–North American Premiere (USA, 2003, 95 min, DIR Azazel Jacobs, SCR Azazel Jacobs, Curtis Winter, PROD Azazel Jacobs, Tricia Vessey, Peggy Weix)

“OLD, NEW, BORROWED AND BLUE/SE TIL VENSTRE, DER ER EN SVENSKER”–US Premiere (Denmark, 2003, 89 min, DIR Natasha Arthy, SCR Kim Fupz Aakeson, PROD Birgitte Hald, Birgitte Skov)

“THE RAGE IN PLACID LAKE”–North American Premiere (Australia, 2003, 90 min, DIR/SCR Tony McNamara, PROD Marian Macgowan)

“SANSA”–US Premiere (France, 2003, 115 min, DIR/SCR Siegfried)

“TWINNI”–North American Premiere (Austria, 2003, 90 min, DIR Ulrike Schweiger, SCR Michael Tanczos, Ulrike Schweiger, PROD Helmut Grasser)

“TWO FRIENDS/DUE AMICI”–US Premiere (Italy, 2002, 86 min, DIR Spiro Scimone, Francesco Sframeli, SCR Spiro Scimone,EXEC PROD Francesco Tornatore)

Presented by SILVERDOCS: AFI Discovery Channel Documentary Festival and The Discovery Channel

“BEAH: A BLACK WOMAN SPEAKS”–World Premiere (USA, 2003, 90 min, DIR/SCR Lisa Gay Hamilton, PROD Neda Armian, Jonathan Demme, Lisa Gay Hamilton)

“BODYSONG”–North American Premiere (United Kingdom, 83 min, DIR/SCR/ED Simon Pummell, PROD Janine Marmont, EXEC PROD Robin Gutch, Paul Trijbits)

“FIVE SIDES OF A COIN”–World Premiere (Canada, 2003, 60 min, DIR/DP/ED Paul Kell, PROD Paul Kell, Jana Ritter, MUS Manifest)

“GIRLHOOD” (USA, 2002, 80 min, DIR Liz Garbus, PROD Liz Garbus, Rory Kennedy, EXEC PROD Mary Ellen Iwata)

“GO FURTHER” (Canada, 2003, 90 min, DIR Ron Mann, SCR Solomon Vesta, PROD Ron Mann, Sharon Brooks)

“JOY OF MADNESS” (Iran, 2003, 73 min, DIR Hana Makhmalbaf, PROD Mohsen Makhmalbaf)

“THE LETTER”–World Premiere (USA, 2003, 85 min, DIR/PROD Ziad H. Hamzeh, SCR Joe Chabot PROD Bert Brown)

“LIVE FOREVER”–US Premiere (United Kingdom, 2002, 84 min, DIR John Dower, PROD John Battsek, EXEC PROD Andrew Ruhemann)

“THE PURIFIED/DE LUTREDE” (Denmark, 2002, 72 min, DIR/SCR Jesper Jargil, PROD Helle Ulsteen)

“THE SAME RIVER TWICE” (USA, 2003, 78 min, DIR/PROD Rob Moss, ASSOC PROD Linda Morgenstern)

“SHE GOT GAME” (Canada, 2003, 78 min, DIR/DP Bobbi Jo Krals, Abbey Jack Neidik, PROD Bobbi Jo Krals, Abbey Jack Neidik, Irene Angelico)

“WHAT I WANT MY WORDS TO DO TO YOU” (USA, 2003, 78 min, DIR Judith Katz, Madeleine Gavin, Gary Sunshine, SCR Gary Sunshine, PROD Judith Katz)

Presented by DELL



“DOUBLE FIESTA”–World Premiere–USA, DIR/PROD/DP/ED Anney Bonney

“EDDIE LOVES MARY”–US Premiere–United Kingdom, DIR/SCR Hannah Rothschild


“SHUI HEN”–USA, DIR Maximilian Jezo-Parovsky


“THE THREE OF US”–World Premiere–USA, DIR/PROD/ANIM Benjamin Goldman


“THE VEGGIE VAN VOYAGE”–World Premiere–USA, DIR/SCR/PROD Joshua Tickell


“A WAY OUT/ENTRE DOS”–World Premiere–Mexico, DIR/SCR Michel Franco

“AT THAT POINT…. REBECA”–North American Premiere–Mexico, DIR/SCR Luciana Jauffred Gorostiza

“BUSH BIKES”–Australia, DIR/SCR/PROD David S. Vadiveloo

“CRACKER INGENUITY”–World Premiere–USA, DIR Noaz Deshe, Priscilla Elliot

“DESTINO”–France/USA, DIR Dominque Monfery

“E PUR SI MUOVE”–North American Premiere–Mexico, DIR/SCR Agustin Calderon

“EL ELEGANTE”–World Premiere–USA, DIR/SCR/ED Vince DiMeglio


“UNDERDOG”–World Premiere–USA, DIR/SCR Scott Leberecht


“FISHY”–North American Premiere–United Kingdom, DIR/SCR Deva Palmier

“FRAGILE”–North American Premiere–Germany, DIR/SCR Sikander Goldau

“KISS AND TELL”–USA, DIR Michaline Babich

“KNIGHT GAMES/RITTERSCHLAG”–North American Premiere–Germany, DIR/ED Sven Martin


“THE SUNDAY MORNING STRIPPER”–World Premiere–USA, DIR Sheldon Collins


“WALKENTALK”–World Premiere–USA, DIR/ SCR Philip Zlotorynski



“AUNT LUISA”–USA, DIR Tim Miller, Paul Taylor


“THE CALL”–United Kingdom, DIR Theo Delaney



“THE M WORD”–World Premiere–USA/United Kingdom, DIR Rocky Morton

“THE OLD WOMAN/LA VIEJA DE LA BOLSA”–World Premiere–Argentina, DIR/SCR Ricardo Juri Oliva

“A SINGLE ROSE”–USA, DIR/SCR Hanelle M. Culpepper

“SPRING”–North American Premiere–Germany, DIR/SCR/PROD/ED Oliver Held

Presented by Chrysler Million Dollar Film Festival

“THE BIG EMPTY”–World Premiere (USA, 2003, 94 min, DIR/SCR Steve Anderson, PROD Doug Mankoff, Gregg L. Daniel, Andew Spaulding, Keith Resnick)

“THE COMMISSION”–World Premiere (USA, 2003, 105 min, DIR/SCR/PROD Mark Sobel)

“DOUBLE DARE”–World Premiere (USA, 2003, 81 min, DIR/DP Amanda Micheli, PROD Karen Johnson, Danielle Renfrew)

“FRANKIE AND JOHNNY ARE MARRIED”–US Premiere (USA, 2003, 98 min, DIR/SCR/PROD Michael Pressman, PROD Alice West, Daniel Irom)

“HAPPY HOUR” (USA, 2003, 93 min, DIR Mike Bencivenga, SCR Richard Levine, Mike Bencivenga, PROD J. Todd Harris, Eric M. Klein, Kimberly Shane O’Hara)

“RED ROSES AND PETROL”–World Premiere (USA, 2003, 97 min, DIR Tamar Simon Hoffs, SCR Tamar Simon Hoffs, Gail Wager Stayden, PROD Tamar Simon Hoffs, Gail Wager Stayden, Georganne Aldrich Heller, Alfred Sapse, Josh Hoffs, Susanna Hoffs)

“SIXTY SPINS AROUND THE SUN” (USA, 2003, 60 min, DIR Laura Kightlinger, PROD Jack Black, Judith Cohen, Laura Kightlinger)

“SPIN” (USA, 2003, 120 min, DIR/SCR James Redford, PROD Donald Everett Axinn, Elaine Rogers)

“SUNSET JUNCTION”–World Premiere (USA, 2002, 100 min, DIR/PROD Peter Jones, CO-DIR/ED Mark Catalena, CO-PROD Vivian Lee)

“TWO DAYS”–North American Premiere (USA, 2002, 91 min, DIR/SCR Sean McGinley, EXEC PROD James R. Zatolokin, M. Jonathan Roberts, Marvin V. Acuna, Fabrizio Guarducci)


“THE BLESSING BELL/KOUFUKU NO KANE”– (Japan, 2002, 87 min, DIR Sabu, PROD Taro Nagmatsuya, Hiro Fujisaki, Satoru Ogura, Osamu Kubota, Takahito Kashino, Yoshiro Yasunaga, Yoshinori Kumazawa)

“BLIND SHAFT/MANG JING” (China/Germany, 2003, 100 min, DIR/SCR/PROD Li Yang)

“BLUE GATE CROSSING/LANSE DA MEN” (Taiwan/France, 2002, 82 min, DIR Yee Chih-Yen, PROD Peggy Chiao, Hsu Hsia-ming)

“CHINESE ODYSSEY 2002/TIANXIE WUSHUANG” (Hong Kong, 2002, 105 min, DIR Jeff Lau, SCR Ji An, PROD Wong Kar-Wai, Jacky Pang, Zhuo Wu)

“THE COAST GUARD”–North American Premiere (Korea, 2002, 95 min DIR/SCR Kim Ki-duk, PROD, Lee Seung-jae, Kim Sang-geun)

“DOLLS”–US Premiere (Japan, 2002, 113 min, DIR/SCR/ED Takeshi Kitano, PROD Mori Masayuki)

“DOUBLE AGENT/YI JOONG GAN CHEOP” (Korea, 2003, 120 min, DIR Kim Hyun-jung, SCR Shim Hye-won, Kim Hyun-jung, PROD Koo Bon-han, Park Moo-seung)

“DRIFTERS”–US Premiere (China/Taiwan, 2003, 120 min DIR/SCR Wang Xiaoshuai, EXEC PROD Zhou Zhihao)


“AT FIVE IN THE AFTERNOON/PANJ E ASR” (Iran, 2003, 106 min, DIR/SCR Samira Makhmalbaf SCR/PROD/ED Mohsen Makhmalbaf)

“BEAUTY WILL SAVE THE WORLD”–World Premiere (New Zealand/United Kingdom, 2003, 62 min, DIR/SCR/PROD Pietra Brettkelly, EXEC PROD Jorg Roth)

“FIRE WITHIN”–World Premiere (USA, 87 min, DIR/PROD/DP Richard Berman, EXEC PROD Gary Jacobs, Lon Bender, Richard Berman)

“JAMES’ JOURNEY TO JERUSALEM/MASSAOT JAMES BE’ERETZ HAKODE” (Israel, 2003, 87 min, DIR/SCR Ra’anan Alexandrowicz, PROD Amir Harel)

“THE OLIVE HARVEST” (Palestinian Territories/USA, 2003, 92 min, DIR/SCR Hanna Elias, PROD Kamran Elahian)

“OSAMA” (Afghanistan, 2003, 82 min, DIR/SCR/ED Siddiq Barmak, PROD Barmak Film)


“BON VOYAGE”–US Premiere (France, 2003, 114 min, DIR Jean-Paul Rappeneau, SCR Jean-Paul Rappeneau, Patrick Modiano, PROD Laurent Petin, Michele Petin)

“EVIL/ONSKAN” (Sweden, 2003, 109 min, DIR Mikael Hafstrom, SCR Hans Gunnarsson, Mikael Hafstrom, PROD Ingemar Leijonberg, Hans Lonnerheden)

“FUSE/GORI VATRA” (Bosnia and Herzegovina/Austria/Turkey/France, 2003, 105 min, DIR/SCR Pjer Zalica PROD Ademir Kenovic)

“I’M NOT SCARED/IO NON HO PAURA” (Italy/Spain/UK, 2002, 110 min, DIR Gabriele Salvatores, SCR Niccolo Ammaniti, Francesca Marciano, PROD Riccardo Tozzi, Maurizio Totti, Marco Chimenz, Giovanni Stabilini)

“INHERITANCE/ARVEN”–North American Premiere (Denmark, 2003, 107min, DIR Per Fly, SCR Per Fly, Kim Leona, Dorte Høgh, Mogens Rukov, PROD Ib Tardini)

“KITCHEN STORIES/SALMER FRA KJOKKENET”–US Premiere (Norway, 2003, 95 min, DIR/SCR/PROD Bent Hamer)

“KOPS/KOPPS” (Sweden/Denmark, 2003, 90 min, DIR Josef Fares, SCR Josef Fares, Mikael Harstrom, Vasa, PROD Anna Anthony)

“NOI THE ALBINO/NOI ALBINOI” (Iceland/Germany/UK/Denmark, 2003, 93 min, DIR/SCR Dagur Kari, PROD Philippe Bober, Kim Magnusson, Skuli Fr. Malmquist, Thorir Snzer Sigurjonsson)

“PORNOGRAPHY/PORNOGRAFIA” (Poland, 2003, 117 min, DIR Jan Jakub Kolski, SCR Jan Jakub Kolski, Gerard Brach, Luc Bondy, PROD Lew Rywin, Antoine de Cleremont-Tonnerre)

“PUPENDO”–US Premiere (Czech Republic, 2003, 122 min, DIR an Hrebejk, SCR Petr Jarchovsky, PROD Ondrej Trojan)

“SONG FOR A RAGGY BOY” (Ireland/UK/Denmark/Spain, 2002, 93 min, DIR Aisling Walsh, SCR Patrick Galvin, Aisling Walsh, Kevin Byron-Murphy, PROD Dominic Wright, Tristan Orpen Lynch, John McDonnell, Andres Vicente Gomez)

“UPSWING/NOUSUKAUSI”–North American Premiere (Finland, 2003, 98 min, DIR Johanna Vuoksenmaa, SCR Mika Regatta, PROD Lasses Sardine)

Sponsored by La Opinion and Latino Weekly

“CONDOR: AXIS OF EVIL/CONDOR: LEX AXES DU MAL”–US Premiere (France, 2003, 90 min, DIR/SCR Rodrigo Vazquez, PROD Patrice Barrat)

“EXTRAÑO” (Argentina, 2003, 87 min, DIR/SCR Santiago Loza, PROD Francesca Feder)

“IN THE CITY/EN LA CIUDAD”–US Premiere (Spain, 2003, 110 min, DIR/SCR Cesc Gay, PROD Marta Esteban, Gerardo Herrera)

“KAMCHATKA” (Argentina/Spain, 2002, 103 min, DIR/SCR Marcelo Piñeyro, PROD Oscar Kramer, Pablo Bossi, Francisco Ramos)

“KILL ME TENDER/HAZ CON MIGO LO QUE QUIERAS”–World Premiere (Spain, 2003, 98 min, DIR/SCR Ramon de Espana, PROD Juan Alexander)

“THE MAN OF THE YEAR/O HOMEN DO ANO” (Brazil, 2002, 116 min, DIR Cesc Gay SCR Rubem Fonseca, PROD Flãvio R. Tambellini, Leonardo Monteiro de Barros)

“SEXUAL DEPENDENCY/DEPENDENCIA SEXUAL” (Bolivia/USA, 104 min, DIR Rodrigo Bellott, SCR Lenelle N. Moise, PROD Ara Katz)

“WHAT THE EYE DOESN’T SEE/OJOS QUE NO VEN”–US Premiere (Peru, 2003, 149 min, DIR Francisco J. Lombardi, SCR Giovanna Pollarolo, PROD Gustavo Sánchez)

Presented in cooperation with the Export-Union of German Cinema

“ADAM & EVA”–North American Premiere (Germany, 2003, 99 min, DIR Paul Harather, SCR Ivo Schneider, Manfred Beger, Saskia Kuipers, PROD Andreas Eicher, Philip Homberg)

“ANGST/DER ALTE AFFE ANGST”–North American Premiere (Germany, 2003, 87 min, DIR/SCR Oskar Roehler, PROD Eberhard Junkersdorf, Dietmar Guentsche, Bernd Burgemeister)

“DISTANT LIGHTS/LICHTER” (Germany, 2002, 105 min, DIR Hans-Christian Schmid, SCR Hans-Christian Schmid, Michael Gutmann, PROD Jakob Claussen, Thomas Wobke)

“FASSBINDER IN HOLLYWOOD” (Germany/USA, 2002, 60 min, DIR Robert Fischer, SCR/PROD Robert Fischer and Ulli Lommel)

“THE FLYING CLASSROOM”–North American Premiere (Germany, 2002, 114 min, DIR Tomy Wigand, SCR Franziska Buch, Henriette Piper, Uschi Reich, PROD Uschi Reich, Peter Zenk)

“A LITTLE BIT OF FREEDOM/KLEINE FREIHEIT”–North American Premiere (Germany, 2003, 98 min, DIR/SCR Yueksel Yavuz, PROD Ralph E. Cotta, Peter Stockhaus)

“THE MIRACLE OF BERN/DAS WUNDER VON BERN” (Germany, 2003, 117 min, DIR Sonke Wortmann, SCR Sonke Wortmann, Rochus Hahn, PROD Tom Spieb, Sonke Wortmann, Hanno Huth)

“POEM–I SET MY FOOT UPON THE AIR AND IT CARRIED ME/POEM – ICHE SETZLE DEN FUSS IN DIE LUFT UND SIE TRUG”–North American Premiere (Germany, 2003, 90 min DIR Ralf Schmerberg, SCR Antonia Keinz, Ralf Schmerberg, PROD Eva Meier-Schönung, Ralf Schmerberg)

“ROSENSTRASSE”–US Premiere (Germany/The Netherlands, 2003, 136 min, DIR Margarethe von Trotta, SCR Margarethe von Trotta, Pamela Katz, PROD Richard Schöps, Henrik Meyer, Markus Zimmer)

“WOLFSBURG”–US Premiere (Germany, 2002, 93 min, DIR/SCR Christian Petzold, PROD Bettina Reitz, Caroline von Senden)

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