Verbinski-helmed pic garners $29.7 mil for a $238 mil cume

“Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl” continued to dominate the B.O. in a slew of territories last weekend, but the pressing problem for exhibs is that few other films are making money.

That’s no surprise when the alternatives were domestic duds “Hollywood Homicide,” “Down With Love” and “The Order.”

The pacesetter for the fifth consecutive weekend, “Pirates” pillaged $29.7 million on 5,139 screens in 43 markets, hoisting cume to $238.5 million. With that kind of wind in its sails, swashbuckler is destined to top $300 million.

Gore Verbinski-helmed adventure stole $3.4 million on 245 prints in Australia, $670,000 on 50 in Denmark (commanding half the territory’s B.O.), and $520,000 on 68 in New Zealand — in all, a BVI live-action record, outgunning “Pearl Harbor.”

Even more impressively, Johnny Depp starrer seized $1.1 million on 95 in Greece, hailed by BVI as the industry’s second-biggest debut of all time behind the first “Lord of the Rings” pic.

Fueled by word of mouth in its soph sessions, “Pirates” minted $6.2 million in Germany (down 29%, repping a market share of nearly 60%) and $20.5 million to date. It made $3.3 million in Italy (off 35%) for $12.5 million and $2.6 million in South Korea (up 24%, buoyed by the Harvest Moon holidays) tallying $6.8 million — No. 1 in all. Progressive tallies include Japan’s $49 million, the U.K.’s $37.1 million and Spain/France’s $20.3 million.

“The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen” was the victor in Mexico (nabbing $1.6 million on 489), Brazil ($649,000 on 219), Thailand ($574,000 on 145), Belgium ($442,000 on 73), India, Argentina and Indonesia. Despite plunging by 55%, the Sean Connery starrer retained the lead in Spain, mustering $1.7 million, for a sturdy $7.5 million. “League” captured $6.6 million on 1,749 screens in 21 territories, sending cume to $23.3 million.

BVI’s comedy “Calendar Girls” was the pin-up in Blighty, fetching $2.7 million on 461, outstripping the bows of “Billy Elliot” and “The Full Monty.” Adding its one-week London platform, it’s pocketed $3 million.

“Bad Boys 11” arrested a beefy $621,000 on 83 in Sweden and $469,000 on 66 in Norway, including sneaks, in both overtaking the lifetime earnings of the original. But the actioner was hurt by an age-18 tag in family-oriented Mexico, drumming up $749,000 on 500. Earlier, restrictive ratings curbed its potential in Malaysia and Singapore. Cume is $20 million in 18 markets, highlighted by South Korea’s $8.2 million.

“Legally Blonde 2: Red, White and Blonde” took a fair $1.3 million on 261 in Oz. Reese Witherspoon starrer has performed poorly in Asia, Mexico and some Euro markets (as did the original), collecting $22.3 million in 18 territories. Brightest spots are the U.K.’s $8.4 million and Germany’s $5.2 million.

“Bruce Almighty” reigned again in France, coining $3.3 million in its second weekend (falling by 43%), upping its total to $9.6 million. Jim Carrey starrer has earned $211.9 million ($192.7 million in BVI’s markets plus $19.2 million in Spyglass’ territories), with Japan ahead.

“Finding Nemo” eased by a modest 35% in its third lap in Australia, catching $2.6 million to lift its total to $13.6 million; cume climbed to $82.3 million with Japan and Europe ahead.

“American Wedding” partied along to $64.7 million in only 11 countries, spurred by Portugal’s $407,000 on 55, Israel’s $210,000 on 30 and Mexico’s $2.3 million in 10 days.

“Hollywood Homicide” was D.O.A. in Germany ($739,000 on 339) and Austria and only fair in Russia and Taiwan after blah runs in Oz, Mexico and the U.K. Cume is a paltry $6.2 million in 22 markets.

“Down With Love” wasn’t totally unloved in Spain, fetching $929,000 on 250, but it flopped in France with $440,000 on 181 and held little appeal in Taiwan and Russia.

“The Order” (aka “The Sin Eater”) failed miserably in the U.K., its first offshore market, managing just $241,000 on 159.

“Turn Left Turn Right,” a romantic comedy co-directed by Johnnie To and co-produced by Warner Bros., triumphed in its native Hong Kong, wooing $808,000 on 38, and took a strapping $280,000 on 26 in Singapore.

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