Variety editorial

The lessons of the moment are clear: Comedies are working, action pictures are not.

“Bringing Down the House” turned out to be aptly named. “How to Lose a Guy” has crossed the $100 million mark. Meanwhile, movies like “The Core” and “Basic” are struggling, as is “The Hunted.”

One can almost hear the knee-jerk reaction around town. Action movies are being canceled. Films about war are being banished. And therein lies the potential mistake. A year from now, everyone may be looking desperately for that definitive war movie.

The only criterion for entertainment must still be quality. If it’s a good show, it will work.

Hollywood may now be canceling premieres and abandoning the red carpet, but it should not overreact to the anxieties of the moment.

The knee-jerk reactions will only come back to haunt everyone a year from now — when “Bringing Down the House II” and “How to Lose a Guy in 20 Days” both crater.

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