Variety Editorial

This may be an inappropriate time to point this out, but from Hollywood’s standpoint, Iraq is going to be a tricky movie.

For one thing, it’s one-sided. The outcome was never in question. Moreover, the “McGuffin” is still in doubt: Where are those weapons of mass destricution that triggered the war? Operation Iraqi Freedom has a nice ring to it, but thus far, at least, even the Iraqis have not demonstrated much fervor for the operation; perhaps they haven’t had much of a chance.

Besides, war movies have had tough going at the box office lately — witness “Tears of the Sun.” By the time a movie about Iraq comes out, the audience may feel they’ve seen it all on TV. Surely no prior war has had so much advance exposure.

And then there’s the issue of the ending. How exactly will this thing play out, anyway?

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