Investigation may bring penalties against producers

IATSE Local 695, a Hollywood union repping 1,400 sound/video technicians and TV engineers, has backed investigating possible penalties against producers that use Canadian subsidies on projects intended for the U.S. market.

About 100 members voted Saturday at a local meeting in Studio City for a motion endorsing efforts by the Film & Television Action Committee seeking federal intervention to halt the Canuck subsidies. The motion also backed California Assembly Bill 2747, which would create more than $400 million in wage-based tax credits.

The local’s action comes a year after delegates to the IATSE international convention — citing concerns about a possible trade war and damage to tax credits legislation — voted overwhelmingly against supporting FTAC efforts. Texas-based IA Local 484 endorsed the FTAC strategy earlier this year while the powerful board of the Cinematographers Guild Local 600 reaffirmed its opposition last month.

FTAC plans to file a 301(a) petition with the U.S. Trade Representative to seek a World Trade Organization investigation of Canadian subsidies. Org withdrew its tariffs petition, backed by SAG, earlier this year but plans to refile it.

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