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You’ve probably heard of the Web phenomenon called “weblogging” (creating what’s often called a weblog or blog) which is generally defined as a personality-driven Web site with frequent updates, organized in chronological order, encouraging reader response, linking frequently to other sites, especially other blogs.

Via blogs, ideas, news items and interesting Web sites are quickly shared among a savvy Web community, much like a coral reef is built of many individual organisms. For example, the firestorm over Trent Lott’s recent remarks about Strom Thurmond started with outrage among a sub-group of bloggers. But few people have the time (or I suppose the inclination) to check a fraction of all the blogs out there every day. The solution: Blogdex. It looks at all these sites on a very frequent basis and lists the most popular links. On 12/20, for example, the top link was www.lileks.com/screed/xmas.html a look at news stories about holiday cranks, and the number 4 was the www.apple.com/trailers/wb/t3/ new Terminator 3 trailer on Apple.com. The community of bloggers is growing very quickly. Currently, the lists are weighted toward quirky, off-beat topics, especially anything that has to do with blogs themselves, but as more blogs appear, the influence they will have on pop culture is certainly worth watching. (Daypop does a very similar list of popular links, but also includes a search feature. www.daypop.com/ Check it out here.)

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