Letters to the Editor

[Regarding] your article, “Times Tries to Catch Pop Wave,” (Variety, March 25-31) I’d like to point to one particular element that saddened me. In my quote about the cultural coverage in the New York Times, I was not referring to the report as a whole but merely to the Sunday Arts & Leisure section. Rather than express my own opinion, I tried to recall John Rockwell’s previously published comments about the critical views of the section held among some people at the New York Times.

And I described this critique as one recounted by John Rockwell and not as my own. (Although, to be candid, I didn’t rush to the defense of that section, either.) As the article reads, it sounds as if I personally was lambasting all cultural coverage at the New York Times.

I assure you I was not. I admire and respect the New York Times, and any implication that I felt the Culture Dept. report, which is so often terrific, was somehow esoteric or irrelevant is simply incorrect.

John Montorio is deputy managing editor of the Los Angeles Times
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