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Living for the City: Doug Liman

Filmmaker seeks time to rebuild

Doug Liman, director and producer of “The Bourne Identity” — like many other New York residents — is still in a state of disbelief about the events of Sept. 11. “You keep expecting to wake up and find out this didn’t happen. On the other hand, I live right there and I work just east of the World Trade Center. The windows to my apartment all look out to this recovery site; I can’t escape it.”

Heroes: “There was such a massive outpouring of support from people from the city who were trying to help, and it was totally inspiring and on the other hand completely depressing because there was nobody to help. There were tons of people, myself included down at ground zero digging, but nobody came out alive.”

Coping: “We had a sense of innocence that is gone. I can’t even believe the things that I cared about a week ago, and the things I was looking forward to and how I was passing the time together with my friends. We grew up, not in a good way — very quickly.”

Moving On: “I bought a postcard of the old New York skyline and its sitting on my desk but it’s sitting faced down, I can’t hang it up. … I just feel like you have to rebuild. Let’s roll up our sleeves and rebuild.”

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