I and my entire company and family want to commend Peter Bart for his Nov. 6 column, “Memo to: The mavens of the multinationals.”

This sums up the entire problem with our once beloved film industry. Are the studios listening? How dare studio execs like Brian Mulligan, with his smug comments, be in the film industry at all. He should be fired for what he said.

His complete indifference to the pending strike and to the people who are terrified (of the effects of a strike) is disgusting!

This is exactly what is wrong with our industry: corporate star-struck bean-counters like him.

I am from a film industry family. We used to help each other in this industry; now look at the state of the industry: it’s a mess. Too many unqualified, ego-driven business degrees!

And to the greedy actors like John Travolta (who is only one of them), shame on you. How much money do you need? Because of your demands for money, the poor grips and cameramen are losing their jobs and their homes.

How much money do you need? Wake up! We’re tired of being beaten down for a couple dollars an hour so you can make your $20 million.

Hopefully the studios will wake up before it’s all gone to Canada.

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