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Streisand’s plans a matter of interest

Talent prefers life outside the limelight

There was some question as to whether Barbra Streisand was coming back to the press area. First she was, then the word came she wasn’t, but then, arm-in-arm with Shirley MacLaine, she marched into the press room and thousands of flashes were fired.

Streisand even posed for a shot with one past president of the Hollywood Foreign Press, but then declined when another member asked, saying, “If you do one, then you have to do them all.”

After the photogs, Streisand faced the print and television press and gave what might have been her most wide-ranging interview in years.

Hollywood’s most hyphenated talent made it clear she doesn’t want to make public performances or appearances. “I don’t enjoy public anything,” she said. “This is an effort for me. I don’t enjoy these so-called glamorous things. My feet hurt.”

Among the other subjects touched upon:

  • She’d like to do a director’s version of “Yentl.”

  • Her choice for best actress was Hilary Swank.

  • She came close to saying she’d wouldn’t act in front of the cameras again, but added, “I’d like to direct another movie some day, but I don’t have to.”

  • The reason she did her recent concerts was because of her fans, but she says this was the last time she’ll perform live. There may, however, soon be “a couple of concerts in New York and Los Angeles. I’m not sure, but that’s it.”

  • She’d like to write an autobiography to correct misconceptions about herself.

  • She told James Brolin that the “Nuts” section was “pretty good” and “you fell asleep when I tried to show it to you.”

  • What she likes to do is produce for television on “subjects I feel passionate about and that take up social issues.”

  • She said she reads projects to do with Brolin but “it would have to be awfully good.” One thing that keeps her away from acting is “fittings and rehearsals. I’m just enjoying my life now.”

  • The only recent acting part she “would have loved to do” was playing Woody Allen’s wife in his recent film, but her concert created a scheduling conflict.

“I’m really very lazy these days,” said Streisand, who left the stage to great applause.

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