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As if from some mass conversion, the media world woke up in the past year to the unshakable conviction that the Internet is the next great vehicle for delivering entertainment… and growing revenues. Grand ideas are fine, but what about the practicalities of bringing that vision to fruition? We hope Daily Variety’s Showbiz Online Resource Guide will help in that regard.

Daily Variety’s first Showbiz Online Resource Guide covers a wide range of services to the entertainment industry available on the Internet. Showbiz sites are launching every day, but the sites in the Showbiz Online Resource Guide were selected for offering information either only available on the Internet, or packaged in a more usable way. While some companies were included who were in existence long before the Internet, such as ACNielsen or LA411, the emphasis is on content which is richer by being on the Net, such as the virtual product listings offered by Reelplay or Tivix, and not on corporate sites or sites such as which are the Web versions of print publications.Many prominent consumer-oriented sites such as E! Online and provide celebrity and entertainment news; however, the list was oriented toward services targeted specifically to the industry, or sites such as or Ain’t It Cool News that are heavily used by industryites.

Original content producers such as Wirebreak, Pseudo or DEN and Web broadcasters such as are a vast area that will be addressed in future issues. A selection of short-film sites were included as they have become an important area to find new talent. Web design firms, consultants and ad agencies such as KPE, Creative Good, IXL and Razorfish as well as streaming media companies such as Intervu and IBeam are integral to building and maintaining entertainment companies’ Web sites, however that is also a subject for another issue.


Ain’t It Cool News

Headquarters: Austin, Texas

CEO-founder: Harry Jay Knowles

Date launched: February 1996

Principal services: Coverage of the film industry (past, present and future) from script to development to casting to filming to test screening to marketing to final release

Target audience: People who go see movies

Principal revenue streams: Advertising

Principal partners: Advertising firm L90

Rotten Tomatoes

Headquarters: Emeryville, Calif.

CEO/founder: Senh V. Duong, founder-COO; Patrick Y. Lee, CEO

Date launched: Aug. 18, 1998

Principal services: Gathers and organizes movie reviews from the nation’s critics and then compiles a critical consensus of each movie; offers previews of upcoming movies, news and articles on current releases; reviews of recent video releases; and weekly box office receipts

Target audience: Moviegoers 18-40

Principal revenue streams: In development

Headquarters: Oshkosh, Wis.

CEO-founder: Greg Dean Schmitz

Date launched: August 1997 (name changed September 1998)

Principal services: Provides reviews, and release schedule, commentary and information on movies in production and release

Principal investors: Self-proprietary

Target audience: General interest (U.S.); all genres covered, including both wide- and limited-release films

Principal revenue streams: Banner advertising

Principal partners: Advertising firm L90


Film Scouts

Headquarters: New York, Los Angeles

CEO-founder: Mayra Langdon Riesman

Date launched: December 1994

Principal services: Entertainment, broadband and motion picture multimedia information; multicast and live events such as the Cannes and Sundance film fests, and Arthur C. Clarke live

Target audience: Showbiz fans

Principal revenue streams: Ads, sponsorships, syndication

Principal partners: Alliance partners include NBC’s VideoSeeker


Headquarters: New York

Managing members: Brian Clark, Karol Martesko, Ken Tabachnick (Business)

Managing Members: Eugene Hernandez, Mark Rabinowitz (Editorial)

Date launched: As ILine on March 15, 1995, as IndieWire on July 15, 1996

Principal services: Independent film news, e-mail newsletter, contract publishing

Target audience: Indie community, from executive offices of studio specialty divisions to the desktops of filmmakers and filmgoers around the world

Principal revenue streams: Text and banner advertising, special print edition, advertising, content licensing, contract publish-ing, sponsorship

Principal partners:, Webmasters; ILine; Karol Martesko, co-founder-publisher; Ken Tabachnick, manager

Headquarters: Hollywood

CEO-founder: Seamus Brodie

Date launched: Nov. 3

Principal services: Entertainment business news via streaming video

Principal investors: and Mediachase

Target audience: Entertainment professionals

Principal revenue streams: Advertising

Principal partners: Microsoft, IBeam

Headquarters: New York

CEO-founder: Jason Hirschhorn

Date launched: 1998

Principal services: Online entertainment news; links to sources such as Reuters, E! Online and other news sources

Target audience: Showbiz fans 18-34

Principal revenue streams: Advertising

Principal partners: SonicNet, Rolling Stone, E! Online, Wall of Sound, Spin


Headquarters: Sherman Oaks, Calif.

CEO-founder: Bradley P. Sexton

Date launched: Jan. 1, 1999

Principal services: Provides movie information access to streaming and downloadable trailers, and live Web casts of premieres and industry events

Principal investors: Privately held

Target audience: Moviegoing public

Principal revenue streams: Advertising, e-commerce

Principal partners: Sexton


Headquarters: Sussex, U.K.

CEO; founder: Rick Palmer, founder-creative director

Date launched: February 1999

Principal services: Online community for filmmakers, film fans and industry professionals served up with a distinctly British flavor; film creative community and business-to-business service for independent film and production; broadcasts new films; hosts free forums; and offers news, searchable directory, online casting service and industry interviews, among other services

Target audience: Filmmakers, film fans, industry professionals

Principal revenue streams: E-commerce, web development, advertising

Principal partners: Short Film Bureau, David Bowie’s BowieNet ISP, Ministry of Sound, Equity

Co-CEO/Co-founder: Tarrick Wahba, Johnny Wahba

Date launched: Aug. 30

Principal services: Streams film trailers, and short and feature-length films on demand; sells DVDs and videos; and provides promotion to production companies and studios seeking theatrical or video distribution

Principal investors: Seeking investors

Target audience: Film enthusiasts, filmmakers, broadband Internet users.

Principal revenue streams: E-commerce (DVD, videotape sales), advertising

Principal partners: Alphastar Webcasting, Microsoft (Windows Media Player), Real Networks (Real Player)



Headquarters: Hollywood

CEO; founder: Warren K. Parker; Peter Mole

Date launched: June

Principal services: Live online auctions of used lighting, cameras, production equipment and memorabilia

Principal investors: Privately owned (family-owned since 1927)

Target audience: Entertainment production community, film fans

Principal revenue streams: Online sales

Principal partner: American Society of Cinematographers

(See also in Production Resources)


With these sites, it’s not necessary to book a suite at the Carlton Hotel in Cannes to find out what films sellers are offering for worldwide rights. And the sites are just as useful for checking on information during a market — why trek the long halls of NATPE when program avails can be posted online and accessed from a hotel room before face-time appointments are made?

Headquarters: Los Angeles

CEO-founder: Kyle Scrimgeour

Date launched: Jan. 14

Principal services: Provides interactive online forum that assists global entertainment industry execs to find targeted content and film properties, to use “smart” search tools to narrow their focus and manage content and information, and purchase rights to film properties; delivers editorial content entertainment, business and technology news, interviews and commentary from industry insiders in key markets around the world

Principal investors: LGI Ventures, ING Barings, Cinemedia, among others

Target audience: Global entertainment business professionals (film buyers and sellers), international entertainment industry execs and artists, general film enthusiasts.

Principal partners: Luke Bruckner, prexy-chief operating officer; S Co., among others. Partnered with the American Film Market to provide content for the upcoming event

Headquarters: New York

CEO-founder: Julia O’Sullivan

Date launched: August

Principal services: Independent film promotion, will eventually offer online sales and distribution; currently previewing four New York indie films

Principal investors: Private equity

Target audience: Independent film enthusiasts

Principal revenue streams: Sponsorship, advertising, e-commerce, film sales

Headquarters: Hollywood

CEO: Seamus Brodie

Launch date: February 2000 (soft launch at AFM; functional for Cannes 2000)

Principal services: Virtual film market with streaming product reels; offers rights-tracking system, Web site development and other sales services to distributors; will acquire and sell film rights

Principal investors: Owned by InternetStudios, publicly traded.

Target audience: International film buyers and sellers

Principal revenue streams: Seller service fees

Headquarters: Santa Monica, Calif.

CEO-founder: Stephen Liu, Dennis Young, Mark Litwak, David Blake

Date launched: Oct. 11

Principal services: Business-to-business online market for film and TV product

Principal investors: Howard Weitzman, Brandwidth Capital, Carl Bressler, among others

Target audience: Producers, distribs and buyers of film and TV product worldwide

Principal revenue streams: Advertising, premium services, pay-per-download

Principal partners: (formerly, Business of Film, E*Offering

Headquarters: Hollywood

CEO-founder: David Gajda, CEO; Bob Jackovich, president

Launch: Feb. 23, 2000

Principal services: Tool to facilitate the acquisition and distribution of global media rights over the Internet; will operate as a centralized virtual film market where buyers and sellers can list and locate unexploited rights for features, shorts, direct-to-video products, TV movies, episodic series and specials

Principal investors: Owned by Hollywood Software, involved in its first round of financing

Target audience: Content producers and providers of features, shorts, direct-to-video products, TV movies, episodic series and specials for all media

Principal revenue streams: Software licensing, buyer and seller memberships, advertising


Headquarters: Los Angeles

CEO: Eric Rennagel

Date launched: January

Principal services: Online program market for television and film buyers

Target audience: Domestic and international television-film buyers and sellers

Principal revenue streams: Banner advertising, downloadable client service applications

TV France Intl.

Headquarters: Paris

CEO-founder: Jean-Louis Guillaud, president

Date launched: TVFI launched October 1994 and TVFI Web Site launched December 1995

Principal services: Database of French TV producers and distributors to promote French TV programming

Principal investors: TVFI

Target audience: Intl. broadcasters

Principal revenue streams: Public funding

Principal partners: French Dept. State of Foreign Affairs and French Dept. State of Culture



Headquarters: New York

CEO-founder: Mitchell Rubenstein, CEO

Date launched: Dial-up commercial online service launched in 1986; Internet service launched in September 1995

Principal services: Databases provide film and TV credits, box office information, celebrity biographies, agency contacts, etc.

Principal investors:

Target audience: Business-to-business, film and TV industry professionals

Principal revenue streams: Subscription, pay-per-view

Principal partners:

ACNielsen EDI

Headquarters: Hollywood

CEO/founder: Tom Borys

Date launched: Entertainment data reporting service started in 1976

Principal services: Overnight theatrical box office reporting; online research on movie advertising, trailers, concept testing and consumer polling; historical database of film-related information; weekly calendar of advance-release information and historical per-formance data; custom research


Headquarters: Stamford, Conn.

CEO/founder: Bill Pulver, president, ACNielsen

Date launched: September 1999

Principal services: Nielsen/NetRatings, first global service for tracking Internet audiences, advertising and user activity

Principal investors: ACNielsen, NetRatings, Nielsen Media Research

Target audience: Advertising agencies, e-commerce and media companies, Internet providers, financial institutions

Principal partners: ACNielsen, NetRatings, Nielsen Media Research

Internet Movie Database

Headquarters: United Kingdom

Founder: Col Needham

Date launched: 1990 as a text list; incorporated in 1996

Principal services: Extensive database of film and television cast credits; links to reviews, movie and TV news, showtimes, video and DVD info; message boards

Principal investors: Owned by

Target audience: Entertainment buffs

Partnerships:,, Studio Briefing, ACINielsen EDI

ShowBiz Data

Headquarters: Los Angeles

CEO-founder: Oliver Eberle

Date launched: April 1997

Principal services: Box office reports, film credits, financial reports, agency representation lists, production company and studio development slates, film market and festival news, entertainment news and comprehensive company profiles

Principal investors: Zone Venture Group

Target audience: Distributors, studio executives, agents, production personnel, film acquisition executives, film analysts, banks, equity financiers, completion and bond companies

Principal revenue streams: Subscription, advertising

Principal partners: Film Finders, Entertaindom, Price Waterhouse, Lycos, First Use


Producing a show is no streamlined task, and the bevy of thick cast, crew and equipment directories spilling out of the average pro-duction office doesn’t make things any neater. Then there’s the avalanche of trade journals to keep up with, and trying to keep track of projects in development. … The Web has made most of these tasks much more efficient, with e-mail links to potential crew members, a service that will update production credits across a number of databases and a whole new set of Web-only trade journals. Since most of these directories need to be updated on a daily basis anyway, the Web is the ideal way to kill fewer trees while offering search capabili-ties, to boot.

Creative Planet

Headquarters: North Hollywood

CEO/founder: Allen DeBevoise, president- CEO

Co-founders: Philip DeBevoise, Morgan Newman, John Valenti, Matthew Kumin, Michael Zumin

Date launched: October 1998

Principal services: Daily resources for content creation professionals, including news, editorial, jobs, directories and reel-portfolio hosting services.

Principal investors: Chase Entertainment Partners, SunAmerica Ventures, Waterview Partners

Target audience: Media and creative professionals, including directors, cinematographers, editors and special effects profes-sionals

Principal revenue streams: Advertising, e-commerce, subscription services

Headquarters: Beverly Hills

CEO-founder: Lamar Card

Date launched: 1996

Principal services: Portal for film and television professionals containing project listings, news and forums; offers to verify production credits.

Principal investors: Seeking investors

Target audience: Entertainment community

Principal revenue streams: Membership fees, audio and video streaming, advertising, merchandising

Film Biz

Headquarters: Los Angeles

Principal services: Listings of crew members, many with e-mail; listings of industry vendors, Web site development

Target audience: Provides producers with contacts for diverse array of crew members and services

Principal revenue streams: Web site development, partnership fees

Film Undergound

Headquarters: Bellingham, Wash.

CEO-founder: Glen Berry

Date launched: Oct. 17, 1997

Principal services: Information channels and networking resources for filmmakers and digital video makers, from pre- to post-production

Principal investors: None

Target audience: Independent film-, video makers

Principal revenue streams: Advertising, product sales

Principal partners: Mole-Richardson Co.

Hollywood Creative Directory

Headquarters: Santa Monica, Calif.

CEO-founder: Aleks Horvat

Date launched: August 1987

Principal services: Provides online databases and directories of executives in the film and television industry, including catego-ries: producers, studio and network executives; development; creative, business and legal affairs; agents, managers; distributors; public relations; international film buyers; new-media personnel

Target audience: Anyone in film, television industries

Principal revenue streams: Book and disk sales, mailing lists, online subscription database

Hollywood Network

Headquarters: Beverly Hills

CEO-founder: Carlos de Abreu

Date launched: December 1994

Principal services: Entertainment products and services, including searchable directory and online communities

Principal investors: Private investors

Target audience: Business-to-business and business-to-consumers

Principal revenue streams: Advertising, product sales, special events

Principal partners: De Abreu, Janice Pennington


Headquarters: Los Angeles

CEO-founder: Bruce Simon

Date launched: April 1

Principal services: Industry news and information, searchable database of movie and television links, ScreenWriters’ Exchange, WeatherCasts, classifieds, chat rooms, among other services

Principal investors: In negotiation

Target audience: Motion picture-TV industry professionals

Principal revenue streams: Advertising

Headquarters: Hollywood

Date launched: Company started in 1987 with StudioSystem database software.

Principal services: Extensive listings of film projects in development, in production and in release; script sales summary; industry contacts; entertainment news

Principal investors: Owned by

Target audience: Motion picture industry professionals

Principal revenue streams: Subscriptions, software system sales

LA 411 Publishing Co.

CEO/founder: Giles Goodhead, Deborah Goldblatt

Date launched: 1980, database-directory in print; 1996, Web version

Principal services: Searchable directory of vendors and resources for film and video production; covers the West Coast market ( and the East Coast market (; lists 20,000 vendors and crew members; additional services include an online auction for industry equipment and memorabilia (, a database of Hollywood entertainment resources (, and a listing service for upcoming film and TV productions (

Investors: Privately held

Target audience: Production professionals at studios, production companies, advertising agencies; production industry vendors; independent filmmakers; freelancers

Principal revenue streams: Advertising, subscriptions, commissions

Producer’s Source

Headquarters: New York, Hollywood

CEO; founder: Operates as a partnership run by two of its founders: Effie Samios, Sylvia Kahn

Date launched: July 1, 1998

Principal services: Community portal for professional film and video industries providing listings, contacts and direct e-mail to production crew and companies in 15 cities internationally; provides industry event calendars, bulletin boards, job listings, streaming show reels, portfolios, resumes and other resources

Principal investors: Privately held

Target audience: Professional crew, vendors, suppliers working in and providing services to the film and video production industries worldwide

Principal revenue streams: Advertising, linking, e-commerce, Web development

Principal partners: RealMedia, MapQuest


Script-tracking boards seem to be one of those odd niches for which the Internet is intrinsically suited. Hollywood development execs and script trackers have enthusiastically signed on to invitation-only password-protected sites which analyze the buzz and potential behind scripts up for sale. Other sites are less exclusive, providing lists of available projects or offering script commentary by ostensible pros for a fee.

Creative Script Services

Headquarters: Studio City, Calif.

CEO-founder: Kathryn Knowlton

Date launched: September 1998

Principal services: Provides aspiring writers access to Hollywood community, script-doctoring services and representation if screenplay is viable

Target audience: Aspiring writers

Principal revenue streams: Script-reading fees and commissions from sales of material

Principal partners: Knowlton

Done Deal

Headquarters: Los Angeles

CEO; founder: Will Plyler, Jennifer Roskin (co-founders)

Date launched: September 1997

Principal services: Provide news about Hollywood screenplay and pitch sales, interviews, book and software reviews, advice column, contest information, agency and production company addresses, and resource links

Target audience: Aspiring and professional screenwriters and TV writers, in addition to agents, managers, producers

Principal revenue streams: Advertising


Headquarters: Culver City, Calif.

CEO/founder: Judd Payne, Bill Papiarella, Brad Warrington

Date launched: Oct. 11

Principal services: Provides qualified unrepresented screenwriters with direct access to leading producers and leading produc-tion companies with coverage of agency-represented spec screenplays

Principal investors: Steve Tisch, Jon Avnet, Howard Baldwin

Target audience: Writers, production companies

Principal revenue streams: Subscriptions, service fees.

Principal partners: Tisch, Avnet, Baldwin, Payne, Papiarella, Warrington

Headquarters: New York

CEO; founder: Mark Patricof, President, Anthony Jacobson

Date launched: Jan. 28

Principal services: Online literary marketplace with a searchable database with material provided on demand upon approval

Principal investors: KPE

Target audience: Writers, buyers, agents

Principal revenue streams: Writer postings

Principal partners: (advisory board) Variety publisher Gerry Byrne, former Creative Artists Agency exec-KPE CEO Patricof, producer Edward Pressman, Tribeca Films president Jane Rosentha, Endeavor partner and motion picture department head Steve Rabineau, screenwriter Stephen Schiff

Headquarters: Santa Monica, Calif.

CEO-founder: Howard Meibach

Date launched: April 1997

Principal services: Publishes Hollywood Literary Sales Directory online, free script-listing marketplace; listing of writers seeking assignment and producers seeking material, among other services

Principal investors: Steve Tisch Co., Black Blu Entertainment

Target audience: Screenwriters, filmmakers, authors, film industry execs

Principal revenue streams: Advertising, online and offline publications

Principal partners: Steve Tisch Co., Black Blu Entertainment

Headquarters: Beverly Hills

CEO-founder: Warren Zide

Date Launched: Sept. 8

Principal services: Offers tips on script development and technique to screenwriters, as well as a script-review service

Principal investor: Zide

Target audience: Screenwriters, anyone interested in entertainment

Principal revenue streams: Material submitted through InZide, advertising and affiliations

Headquarters: Chicago

Founder-CEO: Gary Mills

Date launched: Oct. 1

Principal services: Listing resource for plays and screenplays; offers script evaluations from professionals, callboard section, among other services

Target audience: Playwrights, screenwriters, producers

Principal revenue streams: Advertising, service fees

Principal partners: Literary Managers and Dramaturgs of the Americas

Headquarters: Los Angeles

CEO; founder: Ed Kashiba; Roy Lee

Date launched: Aug.13

Principal services: Screenplay and manuscript coverage, with “consider” and “recommend” candidates directly submitted to studios, agencies and production companies; Web site database of “consider” and “recommend” coverage for industry buyers on separate ScriptShark SpecMarket site that requires password access

Target audience: Screenwriters, novelists, industry buyers, agents, managers

Principal revenue streams: ScriptShark SpecMarket subscriber fees, submission fees


Web sites showing short films, independent features and classic films spring up every day, leading to a bit of a feeding frenzy to tie up rights to shorts at the Sundance Film Festival. The revenue potential of such sites, like so much else on the Internet, is vastly unclear. What is clear is that these sites are an excellent way to bring new talent to a wider audience, and sometimes, to an influential audience. Only a few filmmakers have been signed to deals on the strength of Internet premieres, but it’s enough to make execs worried they might miss the next Trey Parker and Matt Stone if they don’t check in with the latest online fare. So many screening sites are being launched that sites listed below are a representation of what’s out there, but is by no means comprehensive. Lists of screenings sites can be found in Yahoo’s Virtual Theaters category and on’s Film Sites link.

Always Independent Films

Headquarters: Cincinnati

CEO-founder: Gary Zeidenstein

Date launched: April 2

Principal services: Streams independent feature films, short films, documentaries and animation; Features original made-for-Web content and online film festivals

Principal investors: Privately owned

Target audience: Entertainment seekers

Principal revenue streams: Advertising, sponsorship, e-commerce

Headquarters: Orange and Santa Monica, Calif.

CEO-founder: G. Brent LeVasseur

Date launched: Nov. 11

Principal services: Exhibits and sells work of independent film artists; Provides financial support for indie projects

Principal investors: Cooper & LeVasseur, a merchant banking firm

Target audience: Web surfers between 18-35 who enjoy online entertainment, including movies, music, animated content, live concerts, radio, TV

Principal revenue streams: Advertising, e-commerce, content production and distribution

Principal partners: Moxie!/Santa Monica Film Festival, Interland ISP, Load TV,, IBeam,


Headquarters: Seattle

CEO-founder: Mika Salmi

Date launched: March 1

Principal services: Promotes and distributes short films and animation

Principal investors: Chase Capital Entertainment Partners and Chase Capital Partners, Arts Alliance, Intel, Trans Cosmos USA, Frank J. Biondi

Target audience: 18-40 range

Principal revenue streams: Online sponsorship-syndication and advertising; Offline sales to airlines, cable free-to-air TV, other traditional distribution channels

Principal partners: HBO/Cinemax, Sundance Channel, Independent Film Channel, College Broadcast Network, Air Canada, Air New Zealand, British Airlines, Continental Airlines, United Airlines @Home, AtomicPop, Intel,, Mr. Showbiz, Microsoft, RealNetworks,, UPC/Chello, Warner Bros. Online, among others

Big Film Shorts

Headquarters: Burbank, Calif.

CEO-founder: David Russell

Date launched: December 1997

Principal services: Sales representation and distribution of short films to all markets worldwide, online broadcasting, and developing and producing product with filmmakers for original programming on the site

Principal investors: Joed Adair, Jon Ponder, Russell

Target audience: “Film lovers, general audience to niche, 25 -50 age range”

Principal revenue streams: Broadcast fees, homevideo licensing fees

D.Film Digital Film Festival

Headquarters: Hollywood (originally San Francisco)

CEO-founder: Bart Cheever

Date launched: November 1994

Principal services: Downloadable and streaming movies, which include films shown in a touring world festival and fare created specifically for the Web; Provides information on how to make digital films, resource guides to cities around the world and classified ads, among other services; D.Film MovieMaker, created with Macromedia, allows Web users to create short animated movies online

Principal investors: Privately held

Target audience: 18 to 34, with an emphasis on users learning to make digital films for the first time

Principal revenue streams: Sponsorship of site, festival tour revenue, licensing of proprietary software

Principal partners: (sponsors) include Skyy Spirits, Universal Pictures, Apple Computer; Macromedia strategic partnerships include Excite@Home, Intel, Macromedia, Quicktime, MIT, Stanford U.


Headquarters: San Francisco, Los Angeles

CEO/founder: CEO-co-chairman, Skip Paul; co-chairman-founder, Rodger Raderman

Date launched: February 1999

Principal services: Partners with filmmakers to enable distribution and exhibition of films; Original editorial content includes filmmaker interviews and filmmaking articles; Through, provides private film industry discussion groups and connects film execs to industry resources and filmmakers

Principal investors: Kevin Wendle, co-founder of CNET, among others

Target audience: Filmmakers, film fans, industry execs

Principal revenue streams: Advertising sales, sponsorship

Principal partners: recently purchased Lone Eagle entertainment publishing company

Headquarters: Los Angeles

CEO/Founder(s): Austin Harrison, CEO; Robert Faust, president

Date launched: Oct. 12

Principal services: Entertainment portal with shorts, full-length indie features and music

Principal investors: Privately owned

Target audience: Primary, 18-34; secondary, 35-49

Principal revenue streams: Advertising

Headquarters: Mount Lebanon, Pa.

CEO/founder(s): Scott Sander and Arthur Hair

Date launched: August 1995

Principal services: Distribution of downloadable film and music

Principal investors: Private placements, Intertainment AG

Target audience: broadband internet users

Principal revenue streams: Rentals and sales of movies and music

Headquarters: New York

CEO-founder: Mike Kelly

Date launched: Nov. 1

Principal services: An online community that shows and sells independent film as well as previewing music and listing screenplays

Principal investors: Samsung

Target audience: Film enthusiasts, broadband-enabled consumers, film industry

Principal revenue streams: Syndication, advertising, business-to-business

Principal partners: Samsung, Media100,

Co-CEO/Co-founder: Tarrick Wahba and Johnny Wahba

Date launched: Aug. 30

Principal services: Streams film trailers, and short and feature-length films on demand; sells DVDs and videos; provides promotion to production companies and studios seeking distribution

Principal investors: Seeking investors

Target audience: Film enthusiasts, filmmakers, broadband Internet users

Principal revenue streams: E-commerce (DVD, videotape sales), advertising

Principal partners: Alphastar Webcasting, Microsoft (Windows Media Player), Real Networks (Real Player)


Well, Central Casting, they’re not. (That name is registered to a New Zealand talent agency.) But aspiring cast and crew members would do well to check out these online job boards. Maybe, one day, it won’t be who you know, but whose e-mail address you have.

Broadcast Employment Services

Headquarters: Oceanside, Calif.

CEO-founder: Mark C. Holloway

Date launched: 1995

Principal services: Provides employment information specific to broadcast industry with comprehensive job listings, resume databases, station information, market lists, direct links to employment opportunities on the Web, among other services

Principal investors: Sole proprietorship owned by Holloway

Target audience: Anyone in the broadcast television field from anchors to interns

Principal revenue streams: Subscriptions

Headquarters: Los Angeles

CEO: Michael Jay Solomon; Mohamed Hadid, interim chairman, Entertainment Internet

Date launched: 1996

Principal services: Provides headshots and credits of acting talent to casting agents and producers

Principal investors: Publicly traded

Target audience: Casting agents, producers

Principal revenue streams: Actors’ subscriptions

Crew Net

Headquarters: Marina Del Rey, Calif.

CEO: Dave Bundtzen

Date launched: 1994

Principal services: Online job resource for entertainment crew professionals

Target audience: Entertainment crew professionals

Principal revenue streams: Advertising, online services and membership

Principal partners: John Brackett Jr.

Headquarters: Beverly Hills, New York, Phoenix

CEO-founder: Zane Lamprey

Date launched: September 1997

Principal services: Provides casting directors with talent

Principal investors: Entertainment Industry Services

Target audience: Aspiring actors, professional extras, casting professionals

Principal revenue streams: Talent sign-ups

Principal partners: Entertainment Industry Services

Headquarters: Hollywood

CEO-founder: Paul Buss

Date launched: Dec. 27, 1995

Principal services: Job listings for entertainment industry, resume bank and recruiter services

Principal investors: Privately owned

Target audience: Professionals in search of career opportunities

Principal revenue streams: Job postings from client recruiters, resume listings, advertising, industry affiliations

— Compiled by Anne Bergman and Patricia Saperstein

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