“American Perfekt” (American Perfekt Prods. Inc.); for grisly violence, strong sexuality/nudity and language.

“Below Utopia” (Cinetel Films); for strong violence, language and some sexuality.

“Bookworm” (20th Century Fox); for language and some adventure gore/violence.

“Crime Story” (Buena Vista Home Video); for martial-arts violence, shootings and a sex scene.

“Cupid” (Live Film and Mediaworks Inc.); for violence and language.

“Different for Girls” (First Look Pictures); for nudity, brief graphic sexuality and strong language.

“Down for the Barrio” (Alexandria Films); for violence and language.

“Erotic Confessions, Volume 7” (Ministry of Film/New City Releasing Joint Venture); for strong sexuality.

“Hostage Train” (Republic Entertainment); for violence, language and a sex scene.

“The Hostile Takeover” (MTI Home Video); for sexuality, language and violence.

“Humanoids From the Deep” (Concorde Pictures); for violence/gore, nudity and language.

“Inferno” (Royal Oaks Entertainment); for strong sexuality, and for action violence.

“Men With Guns” (Norstar Entertainment); for strong violence, sexuality, language and drug content.

“Operation Delta Force” (Nu World); for pervasive combat violence and some language.

“Underworld” (Keystone Pictures/Underworld Films); for pervasive strong language and violence, and for sexuality.


“Mad City” (Warner Bros.); for depiction of a hostage situation, including violence and brief language.

“Rough Magic” (Samuel Goldwyn Co./Orion Pictures Entertainment); for sex-related content and some violence.

“Space Truckers” (Pachyderm Prods.); for sci-fi action violence, sensuality and drug content, and for language.

“The Three Lives of Karen” (Universal Home Entertainment); for violent episodes and a sexual situation.


“By Way of the Stars” (Evergreen Entertainment); for frontier action violence and some mild language.

“The Summer of Ben Tyler” (Hallmark Home Entertainment); for thematic elements and brief language.

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