KCBS paging KW newsmags from KCAL

KCBS has confirmed that the King World magazine hour of “American Journal” and “Inside Edition” will jump from KCAL to the CBS O&O this year, possibly as soon as March or April, and by fall at the latest.

The KCAL plan to dump the mags came to light last month in a research report from the New York stock brokerage firm Bear, Stearns & Co. to its client shareholders. It detailed the Young Broadcasting station’s intent to add a fourth weeknight hour of news in the 7-8 p.m. slot in which the shows now air (Daily Variety, Dec. 24).

A spokesman for KCAL said Tuesday that no final decision has been made for the access hour, but that an additional hour of news remains one of the possibilities. The station will apparently decide after conducting audience research into a 7 p.m. newscast and gauging viewer reaction. It would create a 7-11 p.m. news block.

KCAL is also reportedly pondering such syndie strips as “Judge Judy” (presently showing on KCOP in Los Angeles) and the forthcoming new edition of “The People’s Court” for 7 p.m. next fall, along with the new reality series “This Is Amazing,” which is presently in development.

KCBS will reportedly shell out about $ 50,000 per week for the “American Journal”/”Inside Edition” hour that it has tentatively scheduled for 4 p.m (leading into its “Action News” block). “Geraldo” recently replaced the axed “Day & Date” in that time period.

According to industry sources, KCBS is hoping to snare the shows by early spring to have them in place for May sweeps, and KCAL is reportedly more than willing to accommodate.

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