'Monty,' 'Bean' fight dinos' might

While the French may traditionally have sniffed at all things English, Brit pics “The Full Monty” and “Bean” have put in excellent turns in a busy French frame against the might of UIP’s “The Lost World: Jurassic Park” (cume: $361.7 million), which, after dipping just 14% in its sophomore sesh stomped $20.1 million, while “Cop Land” marshaled a great $1.3 million from 297 sites.

In its second French frame, Fox’s “The Full Monty” rose 28% and has amassed $3.8 million, leaving room for a brilliant bow by Polygram’s “Bean” (cume: $132.5 million), which tickled a strapping $7.2 million from 510 screens, while culling $191,110 from 14 Swiss sites, ahead of stablemate “The Game” (cume: $6.4 million), thrilling $35,436 from two Swiss screens.

In the U.K., Warners’ “L.A. Confidential” bowed third (with $1.8 million from 183 screens) behind “The Full Monty” in top spot for its 10th lap and a sturdy fourth lap for BVI’s “Hercules” (cume: $55.7 million), but ahead of a goodish turn by “An American Werewolf in Paris.” CTSI’s “Fools Rush In” (cume: $12.1 million) had a foolish turn with a mere $90,900 from 69 sites, but that was better than “Smilla’s Sense of Snow,” freezing a measly $53,115 from 60 prints, while Polygram’s “Snow White: A Tale of Terror” mustered an appalling $3,210 from 15 sites.

‘Confidential’ fine in Oz

“L.A. Confidential” (cume: $6.2 million) had a fine Australian bow, helped by a publicity campaign by Oz stars Russell Crowe and Guy Pearce, sleuthing $800,000 from 151 screens. But the thesps kept their clothes on and were unable to shift “The Full Monty” from top spot in its third lap, although it beat a surprisingly good turn for Fox’s “Picture Perfect” (cume: $2.1 million), which smoked $476,555 from 104 sites. UIP pickup “Dust Off the Wings,” a surfie pic, wobbled with $56,354 from 46 cinemas.

“L.A. Confidential” claimed highest per-screen averages in Norway and Denmark, charming $110,055 and $65,709 from 25 and 13 prints respectively, while nabbing $36,239 from six screens in Finland.

DreamWorks debut pic “The Peacemaker” (cume: $9.2 million) spied $1.2 million from 181 Italian screens, behind Gaumont’s “The Fifth Element” (cume: $185.8 million), which futured a great $3.4 million from 153 Italian screens. “Peacemaker” also sleuthed $630,221 from 135 Brazilian prints and nabbed $362,068 from 165 Mexican screens and $156,033 from 34 Portuguese prints.

Fox owes a lot to the dry economic vision of former U.K. prime minister Margaret Thatcher, whose coal mine closures inspired hit Brit comedy “The Full Monty” (11-territory cume: $69 million), which stripped $1.1 million from 242 German screens — ahead of New Line’s “Spawn” (cume: $7.3 million) bubbling $694,402 from 231 theaters — while revealing $82,234 from 26 Austrian screens.

“G.I. Jane” (cume: $13.9 million) surprised everyone by marching into top spot in Spain with $1.3 million from 172 screens, ahead of “Howard Stern’s Private Parts” staggering a lousy $99,223 from 78 prints and Polygram’s “Photographing Fairies” wilting just $14,543 from 18.

CTSI’s “My Best Friend’s Wedding” (cume: $76 million) plotted a Col TriStar record-setting bow in Argentina, romancing $678,758 from 44 prints, while partying $104,000 from 13 screens in Chile and $353,226 from 16 Hong Kong theaters. The Julia Roberts starrer also lured CTSI’s second-biggest bow (behind “Men in Black”) in Greece, smooching $398,470 from 24 sites, while waltzing $68,184 from 14 houses in Slovenia and Yugoslavia.

Passed $1 bil mark

As BVI passed the $1 billion mark in overseas box office receipts for 1997, “Air Force One” (cume: $76.2 million) posted BVI’s second-biggest bow ever in Thailand behind “Con Air,” kidnapping $589,000 from 123 screens, while retaining top spot and dipping only 10% in its sophomore German lap.

CTSI’s “Men in Black” (cume: $273.7 million) spooked $312,328 from 88 prints in India, a CTSI record and that nation’s second-biggest bow ever behind “The Lost World: Jurassic Park.”

BVI’s “Con Air” (cume: $114 million) retained top spot in its second Japanese lap, almost doubling the bow of WB’s “Conspiracy Theory” (cume: $44.2 million), which scuttled an estimated $708,333 from 139 Japanese screens, while moving $126,461 from 48 Indonesian prints.

WB’s “Contact” (cume: $57.7 million) bowed in the top spot in Holland — where Polygram’s “A Life Less Ordinary” (cume: $3.2 million) lured an OK $94,437 from 25 sites — Turkey and South Africa, beaming $253,684, $112,294 and $168,976 from 48, 37 and 24 screens respectively.

UIP’s “Event Horizon” (cume: $10.8 million) terrified a terrific $319,777 from 24 Singapore screens, while spooking a good $119,448 and $100,709 from 25 and 19 sites in the Philippines and Argentina respectively.

BVI’s “Face/Off” (cume: $92.6 million) ripped Israel’s fourth-biggest bow of all time (behind “Independence Day,” “Men In Black” and “Air Force One”) with $239,000 from 29 prints.

Fox’s “Speed 2: Cruise Control” (cume: $102.4 million) zoomed off with $154,790 from 21 Greek sites and $84,072 and $30,510 from three and seven theaters in Egypt and Slovenia respectively, while stablemate “Volcano” (cume: $62.6 million) bubbled $84,973 from 45 Polish prints.

In Ireland, Polygram’s “Wilde” scripted a good $22,835 from five screens, while CTSI’s “Beverly Hills Ninja” (cume: $7.7 million) chopped a measly $1,898 from one Russian cinema.

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