But Amy begins uncovering odd bits suggesting there once was a baby boy.

But Amy begins uncovering odd bits suggesting there once was a baby boy.

Mixed into this is art instructor Eric (Vincent Ventresca), who knows the Quinns and Amy.

Joan snubs her visiting mom Sandy (Polly Bergen) when she hits town, and Stuart keeps trying to keep Joan peaceful.

Of course it all has to do with mysteries from the past, but it takes a long time to get to them. The intricate plotting becomes tiring, the characters tiresome. It’s no surprise that there are some impersonations going around, but it’s not that intriguing. Selleca’s character acts above it all until the truth starts leaking out, when she goes funny. Milano’s Amy, a sweet character, doesn’t know when to say no, and the actress capitalizes on the young woman’s naivete. Dukes is wasted as the concerned husband, but Bergen gives firmness and credibility to a thin role.

Telefilm, under Jan Egelson’s strict direction, is supposed to be a thriller, but it’s too long a reach; the thrill is gone. David Geddes’ lensing creates strong atmosphere, and Ron Yoshida’s editing is exemplary. Michael Nemirsky’s design is suitable, and Nicholas Pike’s score is satisfactory.

The Abc Sunday Night Movie the Surrogate

(Sun. (22), 9-11 p.m., ABC)


Filmed in Vancouver by Moore/Weiss Prods. and Stephen J. Cannell Prods. Exec producers, Karen Moore, Dori Weiss; producer, Hugh Spencer-Phillips; director, Jan Egelson; writers, Raymond Hartung, Elisa Bell; story, Hartung; camera, David Geddes; editor, Ron Yoshida; production designer, Michael Nemirsky; sound, Lars Ekstrom; music, Nicholas Pike. Cast: Connie Selleca, Alyssa Milano, David Dukes, Vincent Ventresca, Polly Bergen, Maxine Miller, Elaine Ross Gibson, Nathaniel Devaux. Just about everyone's in a melodramatic mess of his/her own doing in the script whomped up by Raymond Hartung and Elisa Bell. An improbable tale about a young lady agreeing to bear a baby for an odd, infertile couple demos how important references can be; the intricate story shreds itself as the unlikely characters do their stuff. Art student Amy (Alyssa Milano), 20, is wheedled into moving into a guest house owned by wealthy Joan and Stuart Quinn (Connie Selleca, David Dukes). Joan manipulates Amy into having a baby by Stuart because Joan's unable to have one.
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