On Ted Turner:

He’s extremely supportive of what we do. I think we’re both idiosyncratic guys in our own right, but I have an enormous respect for what he’s built. I feel in many ways quite akin to him because of his background of having built up his company from nothing. Fortunately, wisely, cleverly, he created somethmg that was even more viable than New Line: this whole idea of CNN, etc. I see it as a very amicable power alliance, nothing more and nothing less.

On the Independent Feature Film Market:

For us it’s kind of the East Coast Sundance. Fine Line has been very much involved in scouting material there. It’s a very fertile place and an excellent opportunity for independent filmmakers to get a chance to show their stuff. They don’t have a very rigorous selection process, so anybody who has something that goes 24 frames a second can show it and let the marketplace do what it does.

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