“Exit Now,” a teen road comedy that exited United Artists, has come back to life in a big way. The film, scripted by “Coach” veteran Scott Buck, has been picked up by Paramount’s newly formed MTV Prods. The project is being aimed squarely at the MTV generation that flocked to Par’s “Clueless.” It’s a comedy about Chandler, a 19-year-old who, abandoned by his father at birth, decides with two pals to follow in his dad’s dubious footsteps and become a criminal. The budding miscreants go on a crime spree in Arizona, but it’s hardly “Natural Born Killers”: Their crimes range from the theft of a pig to stealing nickels from a laundromat.

The film will be produced by MTV Prods. and Irving Azoff. Sources said the success of “Clueless,” a low-budget pic that proved eminently profitable thanks to the Clearasil clique, has Paramount eyeing “Exit” as another $10 million entrance into that lucrative low-risk arena. And Azoff’s involvement assures there will be a high-energy soundtrack.

MTV Prods., now headed by David Gale, has already filmed the roach-a-rama “Joe’s Apartment,” and is forging ahead with “Beavis and Butt-head,” the film version of the TV hit that has finally emerged from suspended animation.

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