“Black Day Blue Night”(Republic Entertainment); “violence, sexuality and language.”

“Dangerous Prey” (Monarch Home Video); “strong sexuality, violence, brief language.”

“Electra” (Electra Film Prods.); “for sexuality, violence and some language.”

“Labyrinth of Love” (United States Media Corp.); “for strong sexuality.”

“The Last Good Time” (Hallmark Home Entertainment); “language and some sexuality.”

“Night Eyes 4” (Prism Pictures); “some strong sexuality.”

“Night Hunter” (Amritraj Premier Entertainment); “strong violence and some language.”

“No Exit” (No Exit Prods.); “for continuous strong violence and language.”

“Primal Fear” (Paramount Pictures); “for brief grisly violence, pervasive strong language and a sex scene.”

“The Rainbow Thief” (Warner Home Video); “for some nudity.”

“Solitaire For 2” (New Circle Entertainment); “for some language and a sex scene.”

“Someone To Die For” (Libra Home Entertainment); “for violence, sexuality and some language.”

“Tomcat Angels” (Troma Inc.); “some strong sexuality and some scenes of violence.”

“Best of Pamela Anderson” (Playboy Entertainment); “pervasive nudity and sensuality.”

“Cellblock Sisters: Banished Behind Bars” (P.M. Entertainment Group); “for violence, sexuality and language.”

“Dead Man Walking” (Gramercy Pictures); “for a depiction of a rape and murder.”

“Gentleman’s Bet” (Mystique Films); “for strong sexuality and some language.”

“Georgia” (Miramax Films); “for substance abuse, language and a sex scene.”

“Raw Target” (Trimark Pictures); “for bloody shootings and martial arts violence and a sex scene and language.”

“Seduction of Innocence” (Artist View Entertainment); “for sex scenes and nude dancing, language, drug content and some violence.”

“The Takeover” (Live Home Video); “for gangster violence, sexuality and language.”


“Dangerous Kiss” (Trimark Pictures); “for violence, menacing plot material and several scenes of sensuality.”


“Beastmaster IH: The Eye of Braxus” (MCA Home Entertainment); “fantasy action violence and some mild sensuality.”

“Captain Nuke and the Bomberboys” (Concorde Pictures); “for language and mild violence.”

“Just like Dad” (Leucadia Film Corp.); “for mild violence.”

“Five Weeks In a Balloon” (Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment); “for mild violence and thematic elements.”

“The Undercover Kid” (Leucadia Film Corp.); “for mild violence.”

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