Ufa-Theatre, with 514 houses Europe’s largest exhibition chain, announced it has earmarked 150 million marks ($ 88 million) by 1995 for renovations, expansion and new builds.

Ufa isn’t in the multiplex game, but chief Volker Riech stressed a broader entertainment concept for the future.

“With cinema centers in urban areas we want to offer visitors a broad spectrum of leisure time activities. We don’t offer only films, but also cafes or bistros and cultural events.”

The company has invested a further $ 88 million since 1989 in the concept. Latest house is Freiburg’s Harmonie, which features five screens, a small theater, a jazz cellar and a restaurant.

Ufa plans new cinemas in Hamburg, Erfurt, Berlin, Dresden and Bamberg. Additionally, houses in major urban areas will be equipped for digital sound.

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