“A River Runs Through It,” Robert Redford’s screen version of Norman Maclean’s memoir of Montana life, pulled in more viewers over the four-day Columbus Day holiday weekend than any other film in exclusive release on both coasts. The movie grossed $ 63,773 in Los Angeles on three screens; in New York, the movie, which received mixed but generally favorable reviews, earned $ 62,540 , also on three screens.

“Johnny Stecchino,” the Italian slapstick comedy about mistaken identity in which Roberto Benigni stars and directs, put on a solid performance in Gotham. It took in a robust $ 18,584 at one theater in New York.

Henry Jaglom’s latest, “Venice, Venice,” a tale of a woman-crazy independent filmmaker who has a romance with a French journalist at the Venice Film Festival , made a so-so debut in Los Angeles. It pulled in $ 5,898 at the box office on two screens in the Friday-through-Monday period.

Angelenos didn’t line up for “Alberto’s Express,” Arthur Joffe’s comedy about a family tradition requiring offspring to repay their parents every cent they’ve spent in rearing them. The film pulled in a mere $ 2,405 on one screen in the Big Orange.

These are the films in exclusive release in Los Angeles and New York for the four-day holiday period.

Los Angeles

“A River Runs Through It” (Columbia) $ 28,992 at the AMC Century 14, $ 17,881 at the AMC Santa Monica 7 and $ 16,900 at the GCC Beverly Connection 6 in the opening homage to religion and fly fishing.

“Blade Runner” (Warner Bros. reissue) $ 9,181 at the Mann Chinese and $ 7,752 at the Mann Plaza, first showing of the director’s cut of the classic film at those venues.

“Of Mice and Men” (MGM) $ 7,631 at the Cineplex Beverly Center, $ 7,082 at the AMC Century 14 and $ 6,990 at the AMC Santa Monica 7, in its second retelling of the tragic Steinbeck tale.

“Howards End” (Sony Pictures Classics) $ 4,584 in its 26th look at social responsibility at the Royal.

“Swoon” (Fine Line) $ 3,141 in its third tale of murder and death at the Cineplex Beverly Center and $ 927 at the Los Feliz.

“Venice, Venice” (Rainbow Releasing) $ 3,022 in its opening gondola ride at the Music Hall and$ 2,876 at the Landmark NuWilshire.

“Alberto Express” (MK2) $ 2,405 in its opening dash at the Goldwyn Pavilion.

“Laws of Gravity” (Island) $ 2,088 at the Landmark NuWilshire in its first crime.

“Resident Alien: Quentin Crisp in America” (Greycat) $ 1,533 at the Sunset 5, first re-examination of the naked civil servant.

New York

“A River Runs Through It”$ 22,522 in the opening casting at the Loew Columbus Circle, $ 20,241 at the Loew New York Twin and $ 19,777 at the Loew Village Sevenplex.

“Johnny Stecchino” (New Line) $ 18,584 in the mob comedy’s opening unspooling at the City 68th Street Playhouse.

“Blade Runner”$ 14,439 in its fifth look at Los Angeles’ future at the Loew Village Sevenplex.

“Howards End”$ 8,545 in its 31st weekend at the Loew Fine Arts.

“A Brief History of Time” (Triton) $ 8,447 at the Lincoln Plaza in its eighth look at the cosmos.

“Danzon” (Sony Pictures Classics) $ 8,315 in its third dance at the Lincoln Plaza.

“Swoon” (Fine Line) $ 5,833 at the fifth murderous telling at the Lincoln Plaza.

“Light Sleeper” (Fine Line) $ 5,724 at the Angelika in its eighth look at a drug runner in dire straits and $ 1,181 at the Cineplex Worldwide, its fourth weekend there.

“Gas Food Lodging” (I.R.S.) $ 4,451 at the City Village East, third female bonding, and $ 2,893 at the Cineplex Cinema 3.

“Laws of Gravity”$ 3,970 at the City Village East in its second showing.

“Alberto Express” (MK2) $ 3,176 at the Angelika in its opening repayment for life and $ 1,031 at the Valu Art East.

“Night on Earth” (Fine Line) $ 3,854 at the Angelika, its 24th drive around the globe.

“The Living End” (October) $ 3,519 at the Angelika, its ninth crime spree at the Angelika.

“Brother’s Keeper” (Creative Thinking Intl.) $ 3,808 in its opening showing of the documentary about farmers in upstate New York at the Quad.

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