Swinging ‘Doors’; Mixed Bag For ‘Mall’

Sometimes there’s simply no accounting for taste or, rather, differences in taste. How else to explain the seesaw European business for “The Doors” and “Scenes From A Mall”?

Oliver Stone’s excoriating portrait of Jim Morrison had a thumping first week at its London showcase, and its first three days in Paris with 19 prints racked up an impressive 40,000 admissions.

In Scandinavia, it’s a mixed chorus for “The Doors”: hot in Norway, soft in Sweden.

Paul Mazursky’s “Scenes” opened brightly in Copenhagen but poorly in Sweden and Britain. In Germany, the marital comedy is clocking okay business; but it’s a runaway hit in Italy (grossing $900,000 in three weeks, now on 40 screens).

“Dances With Wolves” accelerated last week to $137.2 million internationally – an incomplete figure as some territories reported late due to the May Day holiday.

Progress scores include France with $28.4 million; Italy, $20.8 million; Germany, $18.2 million; the U.K. $12.2 million; Australia, $9.3 million; the Netherlands, $6.8 million; and Sweden, $6.3 million.

“The Hard Way” began its foreign excursion in Japan, nabbing $1,544,310 in five days on 102 screens. Not bad, considering John Badham’s caper misfired in the U.S.

“Look Who’s Talking Too,” on 1,369 prints overseas, has amassed a strapping $51 million, and Columbia Tri-Star stablemate “Awakenings” has hauled in $39.4 million.

In Germany, the surprise market leader was “Not Without My Daughter,” collaring $3.6 million in the second frame from 279 prints. That should add a few bucks to MGM’s depleted coffers. Replicating its success elsewhere, “Misery” pulled a promising $370,000 in the first four days on 106 screens in Germany.

“The Silence Of The Lambs” continues its successful orbit. So far, it has tallied $4.1 million in Germany, $3.7 million in France and a shade over $1 million in the Netherlands.

Despite the school vacation, French b.o. failed to sustain the momentum of the previous session. Ticket sales declined from 832,000 to 690,000.

Down Under, the top 20 titles were off 10%, garnering about $4.4 million. “Death In Brunswick,” local item toplining Sam Neill and Zoe Carides, was admired by the critics and had a nifty debut.


For week ended April 25; $1=1.97 guilder.

“The Silence Of The Lambs” (Orion/Col). Meaty $63,356 from two slaughter-houses in second feast.

“Dances With Wolves” (Orion/Meteor). Eternal $61,053 from two grounds in 11th hunting.

“Look Who’s Talking Too” (Tri-Star/Col). Stammering $25,913 opening from two nurseries.

“Green Card” (Touchstone/WB). Spiritual $23,826 opening from one greenhouse.

“The Godfather Part III” (Par/UIP). Nice $22,893 from two roadshows in fifth offering.

“Awakenings” (Col). Alert $16,357 from two calls in seventh dawn.

“SleepingWithThe Enemy” (Fox/HFR). Dozing $13,223 from one in fifth nap.

“May Fools” (Concorde). Lovely $11,840 opening in two maisons.

“An Angel At My Table” (Cinemien). Constant $11,310 from two in 10th.

“The Grifters” (Miramax/MPG). Sleazy $8,680 from second gig in one casino.


For week ended April 28; $1=185 drachmas.

“Dances With Wolves” (Orion/Majestic). Late-season smash continued to fascinate the initiates in seventh gathering at 10 camps for $70,496. Cumulative total $762,981.

“Havana” (Universal/UIP). Gamble paid off in second tropical tryst on five islands for $47,422. Cume $137,307.

“Pacific Heights” (Fox). Creepy psychopath attracted attention in first stalking at eight mansions for $36,776.

“Look Who’s TalkingToo” (Col). Talented tot held his own for third domestic strife in 10 roosts for $33,576. Cume $181,996.

“The Bonfire Of The Vanities” (WB). Socialite shenanigans captivated voyeurs in third hit-and-run at six turnoffs for $22,314. Cume $142,960.

“Green Card” (Touchstone). Wasn’t deported in sixth charade at six abodes for $15,095. Cume $346,204.

“The Guardian” (Universal/UIP). Lost its authority in first adoption at five homes for $11,765.

“Edward Scissorhands” (Fox). Smaller audiences were in stitches after third visit for several days at four residences for $l, 799. Cume $99,741.

“Take Care” (Greek Film Center/Spentzos Films). Local Lothario ran out of steam mid-week during seventh tryst at one hideaway for $586. Cume $72,058.

Indies not reported.


For week ended May 1; $A1=78¢.

“Dances With Wolves” (Orion/Hoyts). Marathon terpsichory with $812,205 from 95 in 11th. Cumulative total $9,252,542.

“Sleeping WithThe Enemy” (Fox). Wide-eyed with $535,860 on 103 in fifth. Cume $4,177,807.

“Edward Scissorhands” (Fox). Took a $461,615 slice in sixth at 104. Cume $4,341,358.

“The Russia House” (MGM/UIP). Third revealed $321,347 at 48. Cume $1,156,885

“Misery” (Col/Castle Rock/Roadshow). Incarcerated $289,940 in fifth at 51 mansions. Cume $1,881,913.

“Death In Brunswick” (GUO). Local flick looked lively with $272,020 in first at 23.

“Class Action” (Fox). Argued $203,673 from opening speech in 44 courts.

“Cinderella” (Disney) (reissue). Still belle of the ball with $182,803 on 70 in fifth. Cume $1,296,860.

“King Ralph” (Universal/UIP). Majestic $178,096 at 39 courts in fifth. Cume $674,566.

“Death Warrant” (MGM/UIP). Surprising return to top 10 with $171,909 at 16 in 10th. Cume $740,725.


For week ended April 29; $1=6.4 DK.

“The Silence Of The Lambs” (Orion/Nordisk). Outstandingly scary with $105,408 on three in second. Cumulative total $163,575.

“The Russia House” (MGM/UIP) Thrilled with debut of $23,395 on two.

“Sleeping With The Enemy” (Fox). Escaped with excellent $22,891 on three in eight. Cume $365,690.

“The Godfather Part III” (Par/UIP). Shot ’em up with fine $19,710 on four in sixth. Cume $358,373.

“Marked For Death” (Fox). Kicked away with nice $18,100 in first week.

“Scenes From A Mall” (Touchstone/WB). Nice laughs with $16,457 on two in second. Cume $28,035.

“The Rookie” (WB). Fair action with $15,647 on two in second. Cume $29,733.

“Awakenings” (Col/Tri-Star). Marriage lives on with $12,028 on three in 10th. Cume $288,215.

“The Bonfire Of The Vanities” (WB). Slow humor with $9,467 on two in fourth. Cume $52,498.


For week ended April 24;$l=l.7 DM.

“Not Without My Daughter” (MGM/Senator). Boffo $3,600,970 in second frame on 279 screens. Cumulative total $6,149,722.

“Dances With Wolves” (Orion/Neue Constantin). Improved $2,438,379 in ninth pow-wow at 250 camps. Cume $16,054,565.

“The Silence Of The Lambs” (Orion/Col Tri-Star). Strong $1,627,389 in second week at 233 units. Cume $3,032,717.

“Look Who’s Talking Too” (Tri-Star/Col). Eased to $1,209,414 in fourth at 502 outlets. Cume $9,772,944.

“Papa ante Portas (Tobis). Leggy $788,431 in ninth caper at 260 sites. Cume $17,643,336.

“Sleeping With The Enemy” (Fox). Steady $783,775 in seventh doze in 284 beds. Cume $9,491,054.

“Green Card” (Touchstone/WB). Tidy $740,515 in seventh frolic at 156 locations. Cume $7,667,238.

“Homo Faber” (Voyager Faber). Neat $433,949 in fifth trip at 66 places. Cume $2,255,013.

“Edward Scissorhands” (Fox). Promising 124-print bow fetched $391,403.

“Three Men And A little Lady” (Touchstone/WB). Faded to $230,671 in sixth at 172 spots. Cume $3,983,376.


For week ended May 2; $1=4 FM.

“Dances With Wolves” (Orion/Finnkino). Stampeded with $32,022 on one in 11th. Cumulative total $377,711.

“The Silence Of The Lambs” (Orion/Finnkino). Scary stuff with $26,842 on two in fifth. Cume $276,704.

“Young Guns II” (Fox/Finnkino). Rode with $19,643 on two.

“The Bonfire Of The Vanities” (WB). Slid with $14,964 on two in second. Cume $36,900.

“Sleeping With The Enemy” (Fox/Finnkino). Suspenseful $12,475 on one in fifth. Cume $267,217.

“Green Card” (Touchstone/WB). Strong marriage with $149,211.

“Alice” (Orion/Finnkino). Woody smiles with $10,029.

“The Godfather Part III” (Par/UIP). No more action with $8,865 on one in seventh. Cume $260,757.

“Awakenings” (Col/Tri-Star/Finnkino). Woke them up with $8,605 on one in ninth. Cume $225,575.

“The Grifters” (Miramax/Finnlano). Some action with $7,008 on one in third. Cume $30,237.


For week ended April 28; $1=1,250 lire.

“Dances Willi Wolves” (Orion/Life). Tireless $1,288,338 in 10th hunt at 86. Cumulative total $15,743,404.

“Look Who’s Talking Too” (Tri-Star/Col). Cute $623,288 in fifth romp at 73. Cume $6,516,771.

“Awakenings” (Col). Resilient $599,874 in eighth outing at 56. Cume $5,119,612.

“The Factotum” (Titanus). Tale of Italo political corruption pulled smart $593,121 in fourth meeting at 52. Cume $1,675,741.

“Hamlet” (WB/Penta). Waxed poetic with $466,858 in sixth recital at 43. Cume $1,691,682.

“Scenes From A Mall” (Touchstone/WB Italia). Encouraging $463,626 in third trip at 37. Cume $785,372.

“Kindergarten Cop” (Universal/UIP). Captured $415,051 in fifth bust at 34. Cume $2,043,031.

“Cyrano de Bergerac” (WB Italia). Hearty $401,220 in seventh duel at 48. Cume $2,096,432.

“The Ages Of Lulu” (DARC). Spanish erotica enticed $368,147 in second rendezvous at 42. Cume $542,089.

“Misery” (Col/Penta). Steady $334,380 in fourth round at 40. Cume $1,671,386.


For week ended May 2; £1=$1.73.

“SleepingWithThe Enemy” (Fox). Lofty $301,823 third at seven. Cumulative total $971,141.

“The Doors” (Carolco/Guild). Terrific $173,827 for single-screen openers.

“Dances With Wolves” (Orion/Guild). Great $129,447 12th session on six screens. Cume $2,894,095.

“Highlander II” (Entertainment). Lively $110,104 third at five. Cume $666,817.

“White Palace” (Universal/UIP). Pleasing $100,843 bow at five theaters.

“Hamlet” (WB/Guild). Socko $76,385 second turn at one house. Cume $132,199.

“Life Is Sweet” (Palace). Nice $64,846 sixth at four. Cume $491,556.

“Awakenings” (Col/Tri-Star). Satisfying seventh per $59,599 via six sites. Cume $862,477.

“Scenes From A Mall” (Touchstone/WB). Slack $58,450 preem seven screens.

“Green Card” (Touchstone/WB). Okay $53,725 ninth at five. Cume $1,942,959.


For week ended April 28; $1=106 pesetas.

“Dances With Wolves” (Orion/Iberoamericana/UIP). Still strong at $155,137 at 10 teepees in eighth dance. Cumulative total $1,233,983.

“The Bonfire Of The Vanities” (WB). Warmed to $81,600 at six screens in third week. Cume $309,580.

“Kindergarten Cop” (Universal/UIP). Resurged for $77,688 at four schools in sixth lesson. Cume $734,432.

“Green Card” (Touchstone/WB). Good $70,707 at six in fourth. Cume $360,741.

“Amantes” (Col). Loverly $64,885 at five trysts in third week. Cume $219,517.

“Como Ser Mujer Y No Morir En El Intento” (Iberoamericana/UIP). Okay $51,723 at five in fourth. Cume $324,910.

“Awakenings” (Col). Fairish $36,566 at three clinics in seventh week. Cume $589,782.

“Reversal Of Fortune” (WB/Lauren). Enduring $31,093 at three venues after fifth trial. Cume $208,772.

“Edward Scissorhands” (Fox/M. Salvador). Poor $24,604 at five theaters. No cume available.

“The Godfather Part III” (Par/UIP). Deadly $24,441 at six houses for ninth week. Cume (eight weeks) $705,045.


For week ended May 1; $1=6.7 NK.

“Dances With Wolves” (Orion/Egmont/Europa). Dances on with $50,744 in one teepee in 11th. Cumulative total $822,878.

“The Doors” (Carolco/SF). Music sounds good with $49,551 on one stage in second. Cume $114,673.

“White Palace” (UIP). Fair steam with $25,865 on two in first week.

“Sibling Rivalry” (Europa). Very good business in first week with $18,734 on two.

“The Silence Of The Lambs” (Orion/KF). Fair thrills with $16,747 on two in seventh. Cume $218,699.

“Three Men And A Little Lady” (Touchstone/WB). Parenting doing fine with $16,216 on one in sixth. Cume $156,066.

“Awakenings” (Col/Tri-Star/SF). Fair $15,112 on one in sixth. Cume $194,432.

“Misery” (Egmont/Europa). Scares are very good with $14,026 on one in sixth. Cume $118,347.

“Sleeping With The Enemy” (Fox/KF). Julia pulls them in with $24,187 on two in eighth. Cume $59,762.

“The Rookie” (WB). Not so explosive with $12,985 on one in second. Cume $39,267.


For week ended April 30; $1=5.8 FF.

“The Silence Of The Lambs” (Orion/Col). Upbeat in third for $444,641 on 36 from 85,508.

“Cinderella” (Disney/WB) (reissue). Delightful $345,316 second dance for 66,407 belles in 35 kingdoms.

“Dances With Wolves” (Orion/AMLF). Mighty in 10th for $312,743 from 60,143 riders on 35 plains.

“Delicatessen” (UGC). Boffo second scare with $222,045 from 42,701 tenants in 12 apartments.

“Look Who’s Talking Too” (Tri-Star/Col). Still squawking in fourth for $210,178 in reduced 31 by 40,419 juveniles.

“Pour Sacha” (UGC). Went quiet in third affair in 26 with $207,365 from 39,878 amants.

“Arachnophobia” (Hollywood Pictures/WB). Dipped to $167,445 in second crawl by 32,201 creepies on 32.

“Les Secrets Professionals Du Dr. Apfelgluck” (AMLF). Under sedation in second op for 30,730 patients with $159,796 in 27.

“Madame Bovary” (MK2). Retired gracefully in fourth week for $153,696 from 29,557 on 22 sites.

“L’Annee De L’Eveil” (Bac Films). Slow second for 17,224 reaped $89,564 on 12 screens.


For week ended May 2; $1=6.1SEK.

“Dances With Wolves” (Orion/Egmont/Planborg). The hunt is excellent with $93,114 on three in 11th. Cumulative to tal$l, 198,196.

“The Silence Of The Lambs” (Orion/SF). Outstandingly scary with $85,081 on two in sixth. Cume $603,934.

“Predator 2” (Fox/SF). Action-packed debut with $45,901 on two.

“Sleeping With The Enemy” (Fox/SF). Poor dealings with $29,180 on three in ninth. Cume $512,295.

“Jacob’s Ladder” (Carolco/SF). Fair debut with $24,918 in one.

“Home Alone” (Fox/SF). At Home, but poor, with $20,655 on two in 20th. Cume $1,013,770.

“The Godfather Part III” (Par/UIP). No more Mafia-power with meager $18,360 on one in seventh. Cume $433,934.

“Green Card” (Touchstone/WB). Poor romance with $18,032 on three in 12th. Cume $712,131.

“The Doors” (Carolco/Tri-Star). Played good music with $16,721 on two in third. Cume $69,344.

“Awakenings” (Col/Tri-Star). Doing poor with $15,409 on one in eighth. Cume $260,000.


For week ended April 25; $1=137 yen.

“Sleeping With The Enemy” (Fox). Wide-awake $372,030 in opener at six screens.

“Awakenings” (Col/Tri-Star). Okay $310,610 in third round at four screens. Cumulative total $1,131,374.

“The Godfather Part III” (Par/UIP). Dipped to $274,614 in seventh sesh at six houses. Cume $3,742,177.

“The Sheltering Sky” (WB/Shochiku-Fuji). Bertolucci bagged $246,519 in fourth week at four sites. Cume $1,138,400.

“Goodbye Mama” (Shochiku). Japanese-language drama spelled $216,117 in first round at five situations.

“Tengawadensetsu Satsujinjiken” (Toei). Marquee breaker yielded $170,972 in sixth week at six spots. Cume $1,471,194.

“Pretty Woman” (Touchstone/WB). Nice $135,215 in 20th week at three screens. Cume $10,415,301.

“Havana” (Universal/UIP). Stale $120,898 in fifth week at five screens. Cume $1,007,470.

“Kojika Monogatari” (Toho). Japanese-language drama pulled $90,854 in opener at four spots.

“Project Eagle” (Golden Communications/Toho-Towa). Major Jackie Chan disappointment in Japan with $77,026 in seventh week at two spots. Cume $1,082,762.

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